How to Earn Skin Shards in League of Legends
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How to Earn Skin Shards in League of Legends

Skin shards in League of Legends offer players the exciting opportunity to unlock champion skins without dipping into their wallets. These valuable items can be a bit tricky to acquire, particularly for newcomers to the game.

This guide will walk you through various methods to earn skin shards, allowing you to enhance your champions' aesthetics at no extra cost. From strategic play to understanding the reward system, we'll cover essential tips to help you accumulate these shards.

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Hextech chests

Earning skin shards in League of Legends primarily involves collecting Hextech chests, a popular method that leverages your in-game performance. To unlock these chests, players must achieve an S-grade in their matches, highlighting exceptional gameplay.

While Hextech chests are free to acquire, they do have a lower probability of dropping skin shards compared to premium options, with a 50% chance of yielding a skin shard per chest. Other potential contents include champion shards, ward skins, and summoner icons, which might not be as coveted.

However, the allure of Hextech chests isn't just in the skin shards—they also offer mythic essence and a 10% likelihood of dropping an additional chest and key combo, enhancing their overall value.

Masterwork chests

Masterwork chests in League of Legends are prized for their higher likelihood of dropping skin shards, with a robust 70% chance. These chests stand out because they exclusively contain skin shards, eliminating the possibility of finding champion shards, which often disappoints players expecting cosmetic upgrades.

Furthermore, Masterwork chests offer additional incentives through milestone rewards. As you open a certain number of these chests, you unlock progressively valuable rewards, including mythic essence and high-value skin shards. Notably, one of these rewards is always a skin shard valued at 1350RP or more, making these chests highly sought after for their potential to enhance a player's collection significantly.

Mythic essence

Mythic essence is a valuable currency in League of Legends, used primarily in hextech crafting to acquire some of the game's most exclusive skins, including Mythic and Prestige editions. These skins are among the rarest and most sought after, making them a substantial asset to any player's collection and enhancing the overall worth of their LoL account.

For players not targeting the highest-tier skins, Mythic essence still offers great value. Even in smaller quantities, it can be exchanged for guaranteed skin shards, allowing players to expand their cosmetic repertoire and customize their champions' appearances without needing to collect the largest amounts of essence.

Event orbs

Event orbs are an excellent method for consistently acquiring skin shards in League of Legends, with each orb guaranteeing a skin shard. Additionally, these orbs have a chance to include other valuable items, such as the highly sought-after grab bags which contain an array of skins.

The primary way to obtain event orbs is through the redemption of event tokens. These tokens are collected by participating in event-related activities and completing missions.

Grab bags, considered the crown jewels of the hextech crafting system, typically include multiple skin shards. Each grab bag guarantees at least two skin shards valued at 975 RP or higher, and one shard that is worth at least 1350 RP, making them a prized catch for players looking to enhance their champion’s appearance.

Watching live esports

If you're a fan of LoL esports, you'll be thrilled to know that you can earn hextech crafting items simply by tuning into live matches. This is a great way for viewers to engage with the esports scene while potentially enhancing their in-game experience with new skins and items.

For those who aren't particularly interested in esports, there's still an opportunity to reap the benefits without actively watching. You can open live game streams in the background and passively accumulate rewards as you play your own League of Legends matches or engage in other activities. This method ensures you don't miss out on valuable rewards while doing what you enjoy most.


Clash represents the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends, offering players a structured tournament experience alongside their friends against other organized teams.

What truly sets Clash apart is its reward system. Participants can earn capsules and orbs, with the quality of the loot directly tied to their performance in the tournament and the type of ticket they purchase. This system not only incentivizes competitive play but also rewards teamwork and strategic planning, enhancing the overall Clash experience.

Event pass

Purchasing a premium event pass is among the quickest ways to accumulate skin shards in League of Legends. These passes significantly enhance your collection by offering an initial bundle of orbs and event tokens right after purchase. Furthermore, progressing through various event tiers with the pass unlocks additional rewards, including chests, keys, and notably, a guaranteed grab bag upon completing the pass objectives. This method not only accelerates your ability to gather skins but also enriches your overall gaming experience with valuable crafting items.

Ranked milestones and missions

Riot Games encourages ranked play in League of Legends by offering milestone rewards, which are earned by accumulating ranked Split Points (SP). As players engage more in ranked matches, they'll naturally hit these milestones, unlocking rewards such as hextech and masterwork chests, which frequently contain skin shards.
Additionally, League of Legends often features limited-time passes and thematic events that come with special missions accessible to all players. These missions can yield valuable prizes, including hextech loot boxes. However, the rewards from these missions can vary in quality; players with a premium event pass typically have access to higher-quality missions, providing richer rewards compared to those available to non-pass holders.


Acquiring skin shards in League of Legends can be achieved through a variety of methods, each offering its unique approach to enhancing your champion's appearance. Whether through Hextech and Masterwork chests, the excitement of event orbs, or watching live esports for passive rewards, players have numerous ways to collect these coveted items. Participating in competitive modes like Clash or investing in event passes further increases your chances of obtaining skin shards. With a little effort and strategic participation in these activities, you can expand your skin collection and enjoy a richer, more personalized League of Legends experience. Remember to stay engaged with the game's events and updates to make the most of the opportunities presented for earning these rewards.

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