League of legends: How to Double Rank Up in Ranked
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League of legends: How to Double Rank Up in Ranked

League of Legends stands as a titan in the MOBA genre, consistently evolving to refine and redefine its gameplay experience. A notable change that has sparked discussion among its community is the elimination of promotion series in the game's ranking system, leading players to speculate about the potential for skipping ranks or "double ranking up."

Contrary to what some might expect, the removal of promotion matches does not introduce the possibility of double rank advancements within League of Legends. This analysis will delve into the nuances of the double rank up phenomenon, exploring its implications and the reasons behind its absence in League of Legends, in contrast to games like Valorant where exceptional performance can lead to skipping ranks.

For those intrigued by the prospect of rapidly advancing through the ranks, the concept of double ranking up remains a tantalizing "what if." Should Riot Games ever decide to incorporate this feature into League, seeking the guidance of a professional coach could become an invaluable strategy for those aiming to maximize their ranking potential. Utilizing the promo code "1v9er" could also afford players a 20% discount on such coaching services, preparing them for a future where double rank advancements become a reality.

What is Double Rank Up?

In competitive gaming realms such as Valorant, the concept of "double rank up" signifies a rapid ascent through two skill levels almost simultaneously. This phenomenon is akin to leapfrogging over a rank directly to the next, bypassing the traditional step-by-step progression. Achieving a double rank up is typically contingent upon securing victories in matches, but exceptional individual performance can trigger this accelerated promotion.

This occurrence is relatively rare and can be likened to encountering a shiny Pokémon in the wild—a delightful surprise that underscores your exceptional performance compared to peers. Imagine being so advanced in your studies that you're moved up not just one grade, but two, due to your outstanding intellect. Similarly, in gaming, this rapid progression serves as a testament to a player's skill level significantly surpassing that of their current ranking.

The thrill of double ranking up is not just in its rarity but in its recognition of a player's swift improvement and superior skill, marking them as a standout competitor. It's a distinctive accolade, indicative of a player's readiness to face tougher challenges and higher-caliber opponents. Essentially, Riot Games, through this mechanism, acknowledges that a player's skill set surpasses the expectations of their current division, warranting an expedited elevation to a rank more befitting their abilities.

Does League of Legends Have Double Rank Up?

Addressing the intriguing query of whether League of Legends offers the possibility of a double rank up, the answer is nuanced. While not as common as in Valorant, the phenomenon does exist within League, albeit under specific conditions linked to a player's Matchmaking Rating (MMR). MMR, a hidden metric, essentially reflects a player's skill level, though its exact value remains undisclosed.

In theory, a player whose rank is notably lower than what their MMR suggests they deserve could experience an unusually large leap in League Points (LP) after a victory, enabling them to bypass a division. This is more frequently observed in lower tiers, such as moving directly from Bronze 4 to Bronze 2 in a single bound, based on anecdotal evidence from the community.

Achieving such a feat at higher levels of play, however, becomes increasingly challenging due to the escalating MMR thresholds required for each successive division. Thus, a double rank up in the upper echelons of League's competitive ladder is exceedingly rare. If you manage to accomplish this, it's a sign of extraordinary fortune and a testament to a significant disparity between your demonstrated skill level and your current rank.

Does High MMR Can Make You Double Rank Up?

The significance of Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in the context of ranking up swiftly in League of Legends cannot be overstated. MMR acts as the backbone of the game's competitive matchmaking system, determining not only with whom you are matched but also the speed at which you can ascend through the ranks. Here's why MMR is pivotal for rapid ranking up and why fresh accounts are particularly advantageous in this process:

Central Role of MMR

  • Direct Influence on LP Gains and Losses: MMR directly affects the amount of League Points (LP) you gain or lose after each match. A higher MMR compared to the average for your current rank means you'll gain more LP for wins and lose less for defeats, propelling you up the ranks more quickly.
  • Better Reflection of Skill: MMR is designed to be a more accurate measure of a player's skill level than their visible rank. It adjusts more quickly to reflect your current performance level, meaning if you consistently outperform your peers, your MMR will rise, and you'll be placed in matches that can challenge you and offer greater rewards.
  • Efficiency in Climbing: Players with high MMR find themselves in a favorable position when climbing the ladder, as the system recognizes their skill level as being above their current rank. This efficiency is crucial for rapid advancement, as it reduces the grind required to reach higher tiers.

Advantages of Fresh Accounts

  • Reset MMR: Fresh accounts start with a baseline MMR, which can be an advantage for experienced players. Winning a significant portion of the initial matches can catapult the MMR much higher than the starting point, leading to quicker rank advancements when starting the ranked journey.
  • Potential for Higher Initial Placement: Since MMR gains can be substantial in the early stages of playing on a fresh account, players have the opportunity to place in a higher tier after completing their placement matches. This skips the often tedious process of climbing through the lower ranks.
  • Avoidance of MMR Stagnation: Older accounts can sometimes suffer from stagnated MMR, especially if the player has hit a plateau or experienced a losing streak. Fresh accounts are free from such historical baggage, allowing for a more straightforward path to achieving a high MMR and, consequently, a higher rank.


How can I achieve a double rank up in League of Legends?

While the possibility of a double rank up in League of Legends can't be guaranteed, players aiming to enhance their chances may consider enlisting the expertise of a seasoned player. Utilizing services like 1v9 can significantly boost both your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and your overall rank, potentially setting the stage for a double rank up. For those looking to take this path, employing the promo code "1v9er" could secure you a notable 20% discount on such specialized services. This approach, while not assured, is one of the most effective strategies for those striving for rapid advancement in the competitive ladder.

What does double rank up mean for the average player?

Achieving a double rank up serves as a powerful testament to a player's accelerated progression and skill enhancement within the game. It signifies that the player is not only advancing through the ranks at an exceptional pace but also outperforming the majority of their peers in their current tier. This milestone highlights the player's ability to excel beyond the expected performance standards, showcasing their growing prowess and adaptability in the competitive landscape.


the journey through League of Legends' ranked ladder is marked by challenges and milestones, with the concept of a double rank up standing as a pinnacle achievement for players. While not a common occurrence, it embodies a significant leap in skill, strategy, and game understanding. Achieving such a feat is a clear indicator of a player's dedication to improvement and mastery of the game. Whether through personal development, strategic collaboration, or seeking external expertise, the path to rapid advancement requires commitment and a deep understanding of both individual and team dynamics.

The discussion around MMR's pivotal role in climbing ranks, the potential benefits of fresh accounts, and strategies for maximizing rank advancements underscores the complex yet rewarding nature of competitive play in League of Legends. Players who navigate these aspects effectively can achieve remarkable progress, turning the ambition of a double rank up from a rare occurrence into a tangible goal. As the game continues to evolve, so too do the strategies for success within its ranks, promising ongoing challenges and rewards for those committed to their climb.

Posted On: February 10th, 2024

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