How To Check How Much You Have Spent on League of Legends?
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How To Check How Much You Have Spent on League of Legends?

Discovering the total amount of money you've invested in League of Legends is simpler than you might think. With a history of purchases ranging from champions and skins to boosts, it's natural to be curious about your total expenditure. This guide outlines an easy process to unveil your spending history in League of Legends through the game's support system.

How to See Your Spending on League of Legends

To uncover how much you've spent on League of Legends, follow these streamlined steps via the LoL support platform:

Accessing Purchase History via LoL Support

  • Authenticate Your Account:
    • Log in using your League of Legends account credentials to ensure secure access to your personal information.
  • Initiate a Support Ticket:
    • Click on the "Submit a Ticket" button, located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Select the Appropriate Request Type:
    • From the "Choose a Request Type" dropdown, opt for "Account Management, Data Requests, or Deletion" to proceed with your inquiry.
  • Complete the Form with Necessary Details:
    • Fill in the form with all the required information to help Riot Games assist you effectively.
  • Specify Your Inquiry:
    • In the Inquiry section, select "Formal Personal Data Request," and then choose the option "I want to know how much money I've spent with Riot Games."
  • Review and Submit Your Request:
    • Double-check the details of your ticket for accuracy, then submit it to send your request to Riot Games.
  • Await Riot Games' Response:
    • Riot Games support will review your request and respond with a detailed purchase history and the total amount you've spent.

By following these steps, you can easily access a comprehensive view of your financial engagement with League of Legends. This process not only provides transparency but also helps you manage your spending on the game more effectively. Whether you're curious about your investment or planning your future purchases, this straightforward method ensures you have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

How to Check Your Transaction History

If direct access to your League of Legends purchase history is unavailable, there's an alternative route to ascertain your spending through your financial transaction records. Here's a refined approach to navigate this:

Discover Your League of Legends Expenditure through Transaction Records

  • Securely Log Into Your Payment Platform:
    • Access the banking account, online payment service, or digital wallet you've used for League of Legends transactions. This could range from PayPal to credit/debit card accounts, among others.
  • Navigate to Your Spending Overview:
    • Locate the section for transaction history or account statements within your payment platform. This area documents all your financial activities, including deposits, withdrawals, and payments.
  • Customize Your Transaction Search:
    • Utilize filters for dates, merchants, or transaction amounts available in your account's features to streamline the search process. This will help you swiftly identify League of Legends-related expenditures.
  • Identify League of Legends Transactions:
    • Scan your transaction list for entries made to Riot Games or League of Legends. Each listed amount represents the money spent during that transaction. Sum these figures to compute your total expenditure on the game.
  • Consolidate Spending from Various Sources:
    • If your League of Legends purchases were made using multiple accounts or payment methods, replicate the above steps for each to achieve a cumulative spending total.

This method provides a thorough insight into your financial commitments towards League of Legends, encompassing every transaction made in relation to the game. It's a practical solution for gaining clarity on your spending patterns, especially if you utilize diverse payment methods or have encountered difficulties accessing your purchase history directly through the game's support system. By reviewing your transaction records, you not only gauge your investment in League of Legends but also gain valuable insights into your overall spending behavior on digital entertainment.

Try to Guess Based on Your Activity

If obtaining exact figures from transaction histories or League of Legends purchase records proves challenging, crafting an informed estimate based on your gaming activities and purchasing patterns can serve as a viable alternative. Here’s how to approach this method for a more nuanced understanding of your spending on League of Legends:

Crafting an Informed Spending Estimate

  • Reflect on Your League of Legends Journey:
    • Start by recalling when you began your adventure in League of Legends. Assess how frequently you engage with the game, considering both your past and current playing habits. Reflect on whether your spending was more pronounced during your initial phases of gameplay or has it escalated over time?
  • Inventory Your In-Game Purchases:
    • Take stock of the in-game items you've acquired using RP, such as skins, champions, ward skins, and summoner icons. This inventory can help you visualize the extent of your purchases.
  • Analyze Your RP Bundle Purchases:
    • Consider the typical RP bundle sizes you opt for and their associated costs. Evaluate whether your tendency leans towards frequent smaller transactions or occasional larger investments.
  • Temporal Breakdown of Purchases:
    • Attempt to categorize your spending into distinct periods, like allocating a monthly or yearly budget to your League of Legends activities. This temporal breakdown helps in mapping out your spending trajectory over time.
  • Leverage Social Comparisons:
    • Engage in conversations with your League of Legends peers about their own spending patterns. These discussions can offer a comparative perspective, helping you gauge if your spending is on the higher or lower end relative to your circle.
  • Contextualize Your Entertainment Spending:
    • Place your League of Legends expenditure in the context of your overall entertainment budget. Assess how significant a role League of Legends plays in your leisure spending.

While this method may not yield precise figures, it enables a comprehensive analysis of your spending habits over the course of your engagement with League of Legends. This reflective approach, grounded in your gameplay history and purchasing behavior, provides a well-rounded estimation of your financial investment in the game. Remember, the key lies in piecing together these insights to form a coherent picture of your expenditure, offering a meaningful approximation to guide your future spending decisions.

Tips for Tracking Your LoL Spending Moving Forward

To maintain a clear overview of your financial engagement with League of Legends going forward, adopting a structured approach to tracking your spending can be invaluable. Here are some refined strategies to ensure your LoL expenditures remain transparent and manageable:

Strategic Spending and Tracking Approaches

  • Immediate Recording of RP Transactions:
    • Commit to documenting each RP purchase as soon as it's made. This habit forms a comprehensive log, simplifying the process of summing up expenditures over time.
  • Regularly Update Your Spending Diary:
    • Make it a routine to capture snapshots of your purchase history at set intervals, such as bi-monthly or quarterly. This creates a time-stamped record of your spending patterns.
  • Consolidate Transaction Receipts:
    • Designate a specific folder—digital or physical—to store all your League of Legends transaction receipts. A centralized location for receipts ensures nothing is overlooked.
  • Simplify with a Singular Payment Method:
    • Using one payment channel for all Riot Games transactions can significantly ease the tracking process, providing a unified view of your spending.
  • Adopt a Monthly Budget for Gaming Expenses:
    • Establish a fixed budget for your League of Legends purchases each month. This preemptive measure aids in curbing excessive spending and encourages financial discipline.
  • Purchase RP During Promotional Periods:
    • Aim to buy RP only during sales or when special promotions are offered. This strategy enhances the value of your spending, allowing you to get more for less.
  • Prioritize Value-Adding Investments:
    • Focus your resources on acquisitions that offer lasting value, such as unlocking champions, rather than ephemeral items. This ensures your spending contributes to sustained enjoyment and progress in the game.
  • Reflect Before Each Purchase:
    • Practice thoughtful consideration before completing a purchase to avoid regrettable impulse buys. This moment of reflection can help discern genuine interest from fleeting desire.

Evaluating if You Should Cut Back on LoL Spending

Realizing the cumulative financial impact of your League of Legends expenditures can prompt a reassessment of your spending habits. To decide whether it's time to curtail your investment in the game, consider the following reflective inquiries:

  • Assess Financial Prioritization:
    • Are you postponing essential payments, such as bills, to afford League of Legends purchases?
  • Reflect on Post-Purchase Satisfaction:
    • Do you often experience buyer's remorse after acquiring expensive LoL items?
  • Evaluate Social Pressure and Spending Motives:
    • Is your spending driven by a perceived need to keep up with the latest skins and game content?
  • Consider Feedback from Your Social Circle:
    • Have relatives or friends voiced concerns regarding the amount you allocate to LoL?
  • Contemplate Financial Goals:
    • Could the funds spent on LoL contribute more significantly towards eliminating debt or enhancing your savings?
  • Examine Impact on Lifestyle Choices:
    • Has your LoL spending restricted your ability to engage in other leisure activities or hobbies?
  • Analyze Previous Attempts to Reduce Spending:
    • Have you tried to limit your LoL expenditures before, only to revert back to habitual buying?
  • Inspect Emotional Consequences of Spending:
    • Does making purchases in LoL frequently lead to feelings of guilt or remorse?
  • Gauge Comfort Level in Sharing Spending Details:
    • Would you feel at ease disclosing the exact sum of your LoL spending to someone else?

If you find yourself affirming several of these questions, it might indicate that your spending on League of Legends could benefit from a more mindful approach. Implementing strategies for deliberate purchasing and establishing clear financial boundaries can help manage your expenditure more effectively, ensuring that your gaming habits align with your broader financial and personal wellbeing goals.


understanding and managing your spending on League of Legends is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance between your gaming enthusiasm and financial well-being. By evaluating your purchasing habits through direct methods like checking your purchase history, or indirect approaches such as assessing your transaction records and making educated guesses, you can gain valuable insights into your expenditure patterns. Implementing strategies for tracking and potentially reducing your spending—such as documenting transactions, setting budgets, and reflecting on the value and impact of your purchases—can lead to more mindful and satisfying gaming experiences. Moreover, by critically examining your spending motivations and their implications on your life, you can make informed decisions about your financial priorities. Whether you choose to maintain, reduce, or modify your spending, the key is to ensure that your engagement with League of Legends remains a source of enjoyment rather than financial stress. Embracing a conscious approach to spending within the game not only enhances your personal financial health but also ensures that your passion for League of Legends enriches your life in a positive and sustainable way.

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