How To Check If League of Legends Servers Are Down
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How To Check If League of Legends Servers Are Down

Experiencing server outages and latency problems is a common issue in online gaming, and League of Legends (LoL) is no exception. When faced with difficulties logging in or connecting to matches, the dilemma often arises: is the issue stemming from your own internet connection, or is it a problem with Riot Games' servers?

The query "Is LoL down?" frequently surfaces among players seeking clarity on server status. This guide delves into the most reliable methods to verify the operational status of LoL servers and pinpoint whether disruptions are due to issues on Riot's end. Armed with this knowledge, you can swiftly ascertain server downtimes and resume your gaming endeavors without delay.

1. Check Riot Games' Server Status Page

The foremost method to ascertain the status of LoL servers is by navigating to Riot Games' official server status website at This platform offers up-to-the-minute information on server health and announcements regarding LoL, alongside all other titles under the Riot Games umbrella. Any current maintenance activities or identified issues with the LoL servers will be prominently displayed on this page. Additionally, it segments the server status by region, enabling you to discern whether the difficulties are region-specific or impacting players globally.

2. Use Third-Party Sites Like Downdetector

Another practical approach is to leverage third-party services such as, renowned for tracking the operational status of a wide array of applications, websites, and games in real-time. By searching for "League of Legends" on Downdetector, you can quickly determine if there's a notable increase in user-reported issues. The platform presents an easily interpretable graph illustrating whether the complaints predominantly concern login troubles, server connectivity, or latency problems. Moreover, Downdetector offers insights into the geographical distribution of these reports, aiding in the identification of potentially problematic servers.

3. Check LoL Forums and Subreddits

Exploring LoL's vibrant community forums and dedicated subreddits, such as r/leagueoflegends, provides another effective means of assessing server status. In instances of significant connectivity disruptions or game downtimes, these platforms quickly become hotbeds of discussion, with numerous threads cropping up from users voicing their concerns or seeking assistance. Observations and complaints shared on Reddit concerning login queues, server conditions, and gameplay lag serve as potent indicators of the issue's scope. Thus, these community-driven sites stand as valuable real-time barometers for gauging the health of LoL servers.

4. Check social media

Consulting social media platforms offers an additional avenue for server status information. Although Riot Games no longer maintains a distinct Twitter account exclusively for server updates, pertinent announcements can still be found on the official @LeagueOfLegends and @RiotGames Twitter handles. These accounts frequently post about ongoing connectivity issues, latency, or other disruptions, especially when such matters are anticipated to affect a considerable portion of the user base. Keeping an eye on these tweets can yield timely updates regarding any recognized challenges and scheduled maintenance activities.

5. Ask Your Friends

Tapping into your personal network presents a swift method to gauge the extent of server issues. Inquire among your friends who are fellow LoL enthusiasts or your gaming squad on Discord to see if they're encountering similar hurdles in logging in or establishing a connection to the game. A collective inability to access LoL among your contacts usually signals broader server difficulties rather than an isolated problem with your own internet connection. This grassroots approach can quickly clarify whether the disruption is widespread or limited to individual cases.


These are the most effective strategies for keeping tabs on the server status of League of Legends and detecting broader outages or latency problems. Staying informed about the server health of LoL enables you to bypass unnecessary efforts in troubleshooting your personal network when the root cause lies with Riot's infrastructure. Moreover, this knowledge assists in strategically scheduling your gaming sessions to accommodate anticipated downtimes. Hence, whenever you encounter difficulties with LoL, swiftly employing these methods can help determine whether the issue stems from Riot's servers, ensuring you're always one step ahead in managing your gaming experience.

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