Fastest Way to Unlock Champions in League of Legends
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Fastest Way to Unlock Champions in League of Legends

In the sprawling universe of League of Legends, where the roster of champions continues to expand, every player's journey begins with selecting their champions. Unlike some games where all characters are available from the start, League of Legends requires players to unlock each champion, presenting a unique challenge.

Navigating through the diverse pool of champions is crucial as each brings a distinctive playstyle. Fortunately, Riot Games has streamlined several methods to accelerate the champion unlocking process, ensuring that players can access their preferred characters more swiftly.

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Method #1: Purchasing Champions with Riot Points

Although not everyone prefers to spend real money on in-game items, purchasing champions using Riot Points (RP) is undeniably the quickest method available in League of Legends. RP is the game's premium currency and can be applied towards various purchases, including the immediate unlocking of champions.

This method allows players to bypass the grind and enjoy immediate access to any champion of their choice. The cost in RP varies: more established champions may be as low as 585 RP, while the newest additions to the roster could cost up to 975 RP. This option is perfect for those who wish to quickly expand their champion pool and dive right into the action.

Method #2: Integrating Xbox Game Pass with Your LoL Account

A lesser-known yet highly effective method to unlock champions in League of Legends involves linking your Riot account with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. By doing this, you gain access to all existing and future champions at no additional charge beyond your Game Pass subscription fee.

It’s important to note, however, that this access is more of a temporary unlock rather than true ownership. While you can play any champion, you won’t be able to buy skins for them, as the game doesn’t recognize you as the owner. This arrangement remains valid as long as the partnership between Riot Games and Microsoft continues. Should this agreement end, access to these champions would be revoked.

This method is perfect for players who desire the flexibility to play any champion without the significant financial investment typically required to unlock the full roster. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to experiment with different champions while saving potentially thousands of dollars.

Method #3: Acquiring Champions with Blue Essence

Blue Essence, the non-premium currency in League of Legends, offers an accessible way to unlock champions without spending real money. This currency can be accumulated through various in-game activities, making it a popular choice among players.

Every time you level up, complete daily missions, or secure your first victory of the day, you're rewarded with Blue Essence. This steady influx allows players to steadily build up enough currency to acquire new champions directly from the game’s store.

While Blue Essence is readily available, the cost of champions varies significantly. The most affordable champions start at 1360 Blue Essence, but prices can climb to 6300 Blue Essence for the newest or most popular champions. This method balances accessibility with a commitment to regular play, providing a straightforward path to expanding your champion roster.

Method #4: Utilizing Champion Shards

Champion shards provide a versatile method for players to access new champions in League of Legends. These shards can be used in several beneficial ways:

Permanent Unlock

Spend a bit of Blue Essence to unlock the champion permanently, integrating them into your collection for continuous play.

Temporary Access

Activate the shard for a free seven-day trial of the champion. Note that using this option will consume the shard.

Disenchant for Blue Essence

If the champion doesn't suit your style or you already own them, you can disenchant the shard to gain Blue Essence, which you can use to unlock other champions.

Champion shards can also be obtained through these ways:

Hextech Chests

Hextech chests are a treasure trove in League of Legends, offering players a mix of skin shards, Blue Essence, and champion shards. While you can buy these chests directly from the in-game store using Riot Points, there are free methods to earn them that hinge on your gameplay performance.

To earn a Hextech chest for free, achieve a champion grade of S-, S, or S+ in a match while playing a champion that you own and haven't already earned a chest with this season. This rewards both you and your participating teammates with a chest, provided they haven’t maxed out their available chest slots.

However, opening a Hextech chest isn’t immediate; it requires a Hextech key, which can be assembled from three key fragments. These fragments are typically earned through the Honor system, recognizing commendable behavior and exceptional gameplay, or they can be collected via certain event missions. Keep an eye on your mission rewards and play honorably to maximize your chances of unlocking these valuable chests.

Champion Capsules

Champion capsules are a primary method for players to acquire champion shards in League of Legends. As the name suggests, these capsules frequently contain champion shards, making them a reliable source for expanding your champion roster.

Upon reaching summoner level 30, you begin receiving a champion capsule every time you level up. These capsules grant you several champion shards, which can be used to unlock new champions or convert into Blue Essence if you already own the champions. Additionally, milestone levels that end in zero—such as 40, 50, etc.—reward you with a Glorious Champion Capsule, which contains a significantly higher value of shards, often totaling around 2000 Blue Essence.

These Glorious Champion Capsules not only offer a greater quantity of shards but also provide higher-tier champion shards, enhancing your ability to unlock or upgrade your favorite champions more efficiently. Whether you're leveling up through normal gameplay or pushing for those extra levels during special events, each capsule brings you closer to mastering the expansive League of Legends champion lineup.

Honor System

In League of Legends, the Honor System rewards players for sportsmanship and teamwork. As players accumulate honors from teammates post-match, they progress through various Honor levels and checkpoints, starting from level 2. Beginning at level 3, each new Honor level or checkpoint rewards players with Honor Capsules and Honor Orbs.

These rewards contain a range of items, including champion shards. By maintaining positive interactions in games and consistently receiving honors, players can unlock these capsules and orbs, which frequently include valuable champion shards. This method not only incentivizes good behavior but also aids players in expanding their champion pool by providing a steady stream of new champions to unlock or essential Blue Essence through disenchanting duplicates.


Unlocking champions in League of Legends can be achieved through several fast and effective methods. Whether you choose to invest in Riot Points for instant access, utilize your Xbox Gamepass for temporary unlocks, spend accumulated Blue Essence, or strategically use champion shards from various sources like Hextech chests, Champion Capsules, and the Honor System, each approach offers its own advantages. Remember, the key to quickly expanding your champion roster lies in choosing the method that best aligns with your gaming habits and resource availability. If you're looking to boost your champion count rapidly, engaging with special event missions can also provide substantial rewards that help you acquire new champions efficiently. Keep these strategies in mind as you aim to diversify your gameplay with a broader array of champions in League of Legends.

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