League of Legends season 14: Fastest Way to Level Up Account to lvl 30
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League of Legends season 14: Fastest Way to Level Up Account to lvl 30

Are you deeply invested in the sprawling world of "League of Legends" yet find your summoner level lagging behind? It's possible that your approach to accruing XP needs a tweak, and that's exactly what we're here to address.

How to Level Up Quick in LoL

The quickest route to level up in League of Legends primarily hinges on one key activity: winning games. Remember, the lengthier the match, the more XP you stand to gain. To complement this, embrace additional strategies like taking advantage of the 'First Win of the Day' bonus and engaging in matches against beginner bots for more assured victories. These methods, when combined, can propel you to your desired level more swiftly than you might expect.
In the following sections, we'll dive deeper into these strategies, ensuring you're equipped with all the necessary insights for rapid leveling in League of Legends, along with vital information on XP accumulation

Accelerating your progress in "League of Legends" involves more than a singular tactic; it's about a combination of strategies that, when implemented together, significantly boost your XP gains. Follow these steps to level up faster:

1. Prioritize Winning Matches

Winning games is the most direct way to earn more XP. You receive considerably more XP for a win than for a loss. Hence, it's crucial to focus on playing competitively rather than just casually.
To increase your win rate, focus on key strategies such as securing objectives like the dragon in Summoner's Rift. Additionally, team up with skilled players. Playing with a reliable team reduces the unpredictability of teaming with unknown players whose skill levels may vary.
If you're struggling to win consistently, consider engaging a professional 1v9er coach for tailored advice and strategies to enhance your gameplay.
For players below level 30 aiming to rapidly accumulate XP, repeatedly playing against beginner-level bots is a highly effective method. Keep in mind that post-level 30, the XP gains from this method are reduced by 25%, but until then, it's an excellent way to swiftly reach the level threshold for unlocking ranked mode.

2. Extend Match Duration When Possible

A lesser-known yet effective strategy is that longer matches typically yield more XP. Naturally, deliberately prolonging every game could increase the risk of losing, which might counteract the benefits of extended playtime.
However, it's advisable to consider lengthening the match when you're clearly dominating against less skilled opponents, and victory seems almost certain. If you find yourself in a winning position, and the game hasn't yet reached the 30-minute mark, strategically extending the gameplay can be a clever way to maximize your XP gains. This tactic should be employed judiciously, balancing the potential for higher XP against the risk of a turnaround by the opposing team.

3. Maximize the 'First Win of the Day' Bonus

In "League of Legends," a daily quest rewards players for their first victory of the day. This feature, aptly named 'First Win of the Day,' is an excellent tool for consistent XP gains.
Even if your playing time is limited, prioritizing a win each day can significantly impact your leveling speed. By completing this quest, you receive an additional 400 XP, making it a strategy not to be overlooked. For players unable to dedicate hours daily, this approach ensures a steady, efficient XP gain, contributing significantly to your overall progress.


We recognize that players often have specific questions related to XP in "League of Legends." To provide clarity and assistance, we've compiled and answered some of the most common inquiries we encounter. This section aims to address your concerns and offer valuable insights into XP accumulation in the game.

XP Gains in Summoner's Rift

Determining a fixed amount of XP earned from a game in Summoner's Rift isn't straightforward, as it depends on various factors, including the game's duration and whether you win or lose.
Typically, a 30-minute victory can net you around 204 XP, while a loss of the same duration might yield about 167 XP. Remember, the longer the game lasts, the more XP you gain, and conversely, shorter games result in less XP. This variance ensures that every match contributes differently to your XP pool.

XP Rewards in ARAM/URF Modes

ARAM and URF modes in "League of Legends" are known for their relatively shorter match durations compared to traditional Summoner's Rift games. Despite the brevity, these modes are quite rewarding in terms of XP. On average, a win in either ARAM or URF can grant you approximately 175 XP, and this can increase up to 300 XP for longer matches.
Thus, engaging in multiple quick sessions of ARAM or URF can be an effective strategy for accumulating XP, especially if your schedule doesn't accommodate the longer, often 45-minute matches of Summoner's Rift.

Timeframe for Leveling from 0 to 30 in League of Legends

The duration to progress from level 0 to 30 in "League of Legends" varies based on several factors. Utilizing an XP boost can expedite this process: you might need to win between 40 and 60 games, translating to approximately 7 to 10 days of dedicated play, accounting for potential losses.
Without XP boosts, the journey lengthens. Expect to play around 130 to 150 games, which could take about 18 to 20 days. However, this time can be significantly reduced by strategically winning your first game each day for the XP bonus and playing against beginner-level bots to secure consistent victories.
Many players, valuing their time, opt for a different route by purchasing a smurf account. This allows them to bypass the leveling grind and immediately engage in the gameplay experience they prefer, especially when looking to play in different regions or wanting a fresh start without impacting their main account.


leveling up in "League of Legends" from 0 to 30 is a journey that can be tailored to fit individual preferences and schedules. Whether through strategic gameplay, such as utilizing XP boosts, focusing on daily wins, and engaging in beginner bot matches, or by choosing to purchase a smurf account for immediate access to higher levels, players have multiple paths to reach their desired level. Each method comes with its own set of advantages, and the choice largely depends on how much time a player is willing to invest. Ultimately, the journey to level 30 is as varied as the players themselves, each finding their unique way to enjoy and progress through the rich and competitive world of "League of Legends.

Posted On: January 21st, 2024

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