FACEIT VS ESEA: Which one is Better for CS2
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FACEIT VS ESEA: Which one is Better for CS2

If you're a seasoned player of CS2, you've likely encountered discussions about Faceit and ESEA. These platforms are the top choices for players looking to elevate their game beyond what Valve's standard matchmaking offers.

Both Faceit and ESEA boast excellent matchmaking servers, along with vibrant, dedicated community servers. While they might seem similar at first glance, each has unique features that might sway your preference depending on your needs and gaming style.

In this article, we'll explore the key differences between Faceit and ESEA to help you determine which platform is the best fit for your competitive CS2 ambitions.


When discussing matchmaking quality and fairness, FACEIT often edges out ESEA, primarily due to its larger player base. The diverse range of skill levels within FACEIT's community typically means a better chance of being matched with players around your skill level compared to ESEA, which tends to have a smaller, less varied pool of players.

This disparity in player numbers not only affects the fairness of matchups in ESEA, where players often face opponents significantly above or below their skill level, but also impacts wait times. Matches are generally found more swiftly on FACEIT, making it a more efficient choice, particularly for players in regions like Europe where ESEA's activity is notably lower.

Due to these factors, FACEIT takes a clear lead in matchmaking efficiency and balance, offering a more consistent and enjoyable experience for competitive CS2 players.


Connectivity and server ping play crucial roles in choosing between FACEIT and ESEA, largely depending on your geographic location. FACEIT boasts a robust server infrastructure in Europe, catering to its dense player population there, ensuring low latency and optimal playing conditions for European gamers.

On the other hand, FACEIT’s server presence in North America is less extensive, which might not suit North American players as well. ESEA fills this gap with a stronger network of servers across North America, providing a more reliable and faster connection for players in this region.

For most casual players, the difference in ping might not significantly impact gameplay, but for those playing at a competitive or professional level, every millisecond counts. Thus, European players may find FACEIT more advantageous, whereas North American players might prefer ESEA for the best possible connectivity.


While both ESEA and FACEIT offer a more secure gaming environment compared to Valve's matchmaking servers, which are notoriously plagued by cheaters, neither platform is completely cheat-free. 

ESEA, however, is often praised for its superior anti-cheat system. Its rigorous security measures provide a robust defense against cheaters, making it a preferable choice for players seeking a more cheat-free experience. On the other hand, FACEIT, despite its vast player base, struggles occasionally with cheat detection, potentially leading to matches tainted by unfair play.

For players prioritizing a gaming environment with minimal cheating, ESEA generally offers a more reliable service, thanks to its advanced and aggressive anti-cheat technologies.


In the realm of player behavior, both FACEIT and ESEA contend with their own degrees of toxicity, an issue not uncommon in competitive gaming environments, particularly for solo players across all skill levels. However, FACEIT tends to have a slight edge in fostering a more positive community, especially with initiatives like the Mythic League.

Mythic League on FACEIT is a subscription-based service that promotes high-quality, competitive play. What sets it apart is the requirement for players to communicate via Discord, which encourages more teamwork and less anonymity, often reducing toxic interactions. Furthermore, it offers ambitious players a pathway to professional play, including opportunities to participate in FPL (FACEIT Pro League) tournaments, attracting a more serious and committed crowd.

For players seeking a community-focused experience with structured communication and potential professional advancement, FACEIT's approach, particularly through its Mythic League, may offer a more conducive environment.


Ultimately, the choice between FACEIT and ESEA depends heavily on your location and priorities in your gaming experience.

For players based in Europe, FACEIT might be the optimal choice. It offers quicker matchmaking, better ping, and a fair skill level distribution despite the occasional presence of cheaters. Its larger player base ensures more frequent and balanced matches.

Conversely, if you're located outside Europe, particularly in North America, and prioritize a cleaner gaming environment over quicker matchmaking times, ESEA may be more suitable. ESEA's robust anti-cheat system significantly reduces the likelihood of encountering cheaters, making it worth the potential wait for a game.

In summary, each platform has its strengths tailored to different needs and geographies, making it essential to consider what matters most to you in your competitive gaming experience.


Choosing between FACEIT and ESEA for your CS2 experience depends heavily on your specific needs and geographic location. FACEIT offers faster matchmaking and a robust community in Europe, making it ideal for players who value quick game access and a large player base. On the other hand, ESEA stands out in North America with its superior anti-cheat system, appealing to those who prioritize a fair playing environment. Each platform has unique strengths, so weigh your options carefully to choose the best service that aligns with your gameplay style and regional advantages.

Posted On: June 9th, 2024

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