Easiest Way to Find a FACEIT Profile by Steam
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Easiest Way to Find a FACEIT Profile by Steam

Ever wondered if your opponent is cheating or just exceptionally skilled? While FACEIT provides a more cheater-resistant environment, it’s not entirely foolproof. Cheaters can still slip through, especially on the Steam version where they often hide more effectively.

This guide will help you determine whether your suspicions are valid. We’ll show you two methods to find a FACEIT profile using just the player’s Steam information. By accessing their profile, you can verify their legitimacy and put your doubts to rest.

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What is FACEIT?

FACEIT is a premier third-party gaming platform that supports up to 20 different games, including CS:GO. Known for its high-quality 128-tick servers, FACEIT provides a superior gaming experience, especially for competitive players. Its anti-cheat system is renowned for being more effective than the native anti-cheat mechanisms of many games, making it a preferred choice for professional players over standard game matchmaking.

FACEIT offers a range of advanced features, such as Premium queues, small tournaments, and community hubs, where players can compete for real money and prizes. The platform’s robust community and competitive environment mean that high-level players often find themselves playing alongside or against professionals, such as the legendary s1mple.

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What is a Steam ID?

Your Steam ID is a unique numerical identifier associated with your Steam account. It is a fixed series of numbers that cannot be altered, not even by Steam employees. This ID is crucial for linking your Steam account with other game accounts, as it serves as the primary reference number. If you ever need to unlink your Steam account from another game or service, you'll need to provide this Steam ID.

Method 1: Finding a FACEIT Profile Using SteamID

1. Visit SteamID.io: Open your browser and navigate to steamid.io.

2. Get the Steam Profile URL: Go to the Steam profile you want to check. Copy either the entire profile URL, the username after "/id/", or the number after "/profiles/". For example, we looked up the famous player TenZ and copied his /id/ to check his FACEIT level.

3. Paste into SteamID.io: Return to steamid.io and paste the copied link or username into the input field.

4. Lookup the SteamID64: Press "lookup" to get the information you need. Copy the SteamID64 number from the results.

5. Search on FACEIT: Go to faceit.com and enter the SteamID64 number in the search bar.

That's it! You can now see that TenZ is a FACEIT level 10 player, which explains his rapid success in Valorant. You can use this method to check out anyone’s FACEIT level and get a sense of their skill level in your games.

Method 2: Using FACEIT Finder to Locate a FACEIT Profile

1. Visit FACEIT Finder: Open your browser and go to faceitfinder.com.

2. Enter Steam Information: Input the full Steam URL, Steam ID, or SteamID64 into the search field.

3. Initiate the Search: Click on "Search" to begin the lookup process.

For instance, we tried searching for the professional player s1mple. This method allows you to quickly and easily find the FACEIT profile of any player using their Steam information.

How to Check Multiple Accounts at Once

FACEIT Finder allows you to check multiple accounts simultaneously, making it easier to gather information on all your opponents.

1. Access the In-Game Console: While in the game, open the console by pressing the designated key (usually "~" or "`").

2. Retrieve Player Information: Type status into the console and press Enter. This will display a list of all players in the match, including their Steam IDs.

3. Copy the List: Highlight and copy the entire list of Steam IDs from the console.

4. Use FACEIT Finder: Go to faceitfinder.com and paste the copied list into the input field.

5. Search for Results: Click on "Search" to retrieve the FACEIT profiles of all the players in the list.

This method allows you to efficiently check the FACEIT levels and profiles of multiple players at once, giving you a comprehensive overview of your opponents.

Accepted Steam Identifier Types for FACEIT Account Finder

FACEIT Account Finder supports various forms of Steam identifiers, making it easy to find profiles. You can use any of the following:

  • Steam Profile URL: Simply copy the profile URL from your Steam web browser.
  • Steam ID: The standard Steam ID format.
  • SteamID64: The long numerical Steam identifier.
  • Steam ID from Console: The Steam ID output generated by using the status command in the in-game console.

These versatile input options allow you to easily search for FACEIT profiles using the FACEIT Account Finder.


In this blog, we've explored various methods and tools to enhance your gaming experience, from finding FACEIT profiles using Steam IDs to understanding the importance of Ability Haste in League of Legends. We've also highlighted the top 10 best Sheriff skins in VALORANT, showcasing the aesthetic and functional diversity available to players. Whether you're aiming to verify the legitimacy of your opponents, optimize your cooldowns, or personalize your in-game arsenal, these insights and tips can significantly elevate your gameplay.

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Ultimately, staying informed and utilizing the right tools and strategies can greatly enhance your gaming experience, helping you achieve your goals and enjoy your favorite games to the fullest.

Posted On: May 14th, 2024

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