What is Tick Rate in Counter-Strike 2
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What is Tick Rate in Counter-Strike 2

Tick rate is a crucial concept in online gaming, particularly in fast-paced shooters like Counter-Strike. It refers to how frequently a game server updates its information per second. Traditionally, players have advocated for higher tick rates because a low tick rate can lead to missed actions if they occur between server updates, impacting gameplay fluidity and fairness.

Counter-Strike 2 introduces an innovative approach to this issue. Instead of simply increasing the tick rate, CS2 revolutionizes server communication by eliminating the concept of ticks altogether. This change ensures that the server captures every action precisely when it happens, offering a real-time response that enhances gameplay accuracy and player experience.

This article will explore the traditional role of tick rate in games and delve into how Counter-Strike 2's groundbreaking server technology is set to resolve long-standing latency and timing issues, setting a new standard for competitive play.

What is Tick Rate

Tick rate is a crucial metric in online gaming, denoting the frequency at which a game server updates and processes player inputs. Each refresh cycle, known as a "tick," captures and executes all player commands sent to the server. Essentially, the higher the tick rate, the more updates per second, enhancing the game's responsiveness and the precision of player interactions.

In competitive games like CS:GO, the standard server tick rate has traditionally been set at 64 ticks per second. However, players seeking smoother gameplay and more precise control have often opted for third-party servers like Faceit or ESEA, which offer a higher tick rate of 128. This discrepancy arises because a higher tick rate can significantly impact gameplay quality, especially in a fast-paced environment where split-second decisions and actions are pivotal.

The push for higher tick rates in CS:GO stems from the need to minimize lost inputs—a rare but critical issue. In a game where every millisecond counts, losing an input for a grenade throw or a crucial shot because it fell between ticks can be the difference between winning and losing. This scenario highlights why so many players advocate for a tick rate increase, aiming to reduce these frustrating instances and ensure a smoother, more reliable gaming experience.

How Counter Strike 2 Moves Beyond Tick Rate

Counter-Strike 2 introduces a groundbreaking approach to addressing the limitations traditionally associated with server tick rates. Rather than simply increasing the tick rate, Valve has revolutionized the system with what they call "sub tick update architecture."

This innovative technology ensures that actions such as moving, shooting, or throwing a grenade are no longer dependent on conventional tick rates. Instead, the server can precisely recognize and process player actions as they occur, in real-time. This means that every movement, shot, or grenade throw is captured exactly when it happens, independent of any tick schedule.

The result is a significantly more responsive gameplay experience where the accuracy of player inputs is guaranteed. This eliminates any possibility of actions being lost due to the timing of ticks, ensuring that your gameplay is as reliable and consistent as the skills you bring to the game. With this advancement, Counter-Strike 2 promises a "what you see is what you get" scenario, fundamentally changing the dynamics of competitive play and setting a new standard for responsiveness in online gaming.


Counter-Strike 2 represents a significant leap forward in online gaming technology with its innovative sub tick update architecture. By moving beyond traditional tick rates, the game ensures unparalleled responsiveness and precision in capturing player actions. This advancement addresses long-standing issues related to input timing and lost commands, promising a gameplay experience where skill and strategy truly determine success. As Valve continues to redefine the technical landscape of esports, players can look forward to a more reliable, immediate, and engaging competitive environment in Counter-Strike 2.

Posted On: May 18th, 2024

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