Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Tristana in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Tristana in League of Legends

Tristana stands out as a premier ADC in League of Legends, renowned for her explosive playstyle and potential to become a relentless hyper-carry. Excelling with an aggressive approach, a well-played Tristana isn't just a threat; she's a game-changer capable of snowballing to victory. Her adaptability and synergy with a wide array of supports make her an ideal choice for climbing the ranks in solo queue.

However, the key to unleashing Tristana's full potential lies in the selection of the right support partner. The ideal support can amplify Tristana's strengths, providing the perfect foundation for her to dominate the bot lane and beyond.

This guide delves into the top 6 supports that harmonize flawlessly with Tristana, each enhancing her capabilities and setting the stage for a commanding presence in the game. And for those looking to elevate their gameplay, remember our professional elo boosting services and the option to partner with an experienced teammate are at your disposal to help you reach your desired rank efficiently. Don't forget to use the promo code "1v9er" for an exclusive 20% discount on all our services. Let's jump into the best supports that bring out the best in Tristana and pave the way for triumph.

#1: Nami

Kicking off our list of top supports for Tristana is Nami, a champion whose utility and aggressive laning style make her an ideal partner for hyper-carry ADCs. Nami's kit is tailored to complement Tristana’s dive-in mentality, offering both the engagement tools and the aggressive support Tristana thrives on.

Nami's Aqua Prison (Q) serves as a powerful initiation tool, setting the stage for Tristana to either leap into action with Rocket Jump (W) or unleash a barrage of enhanced basic attacks empowered by Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing (E). Following up with Nami's Tidal Wave (R) post-level 6 can further disrupt enemy lines, amplifying Tristana’s damage potential in skirmishes and ensuring the duo's dominance in lane.

While Nami’s potential to tilt the lane in Tristana’s favor is undeniable, her relative fragility requires careful play. Engaging in harassment or attempting to bully opponents should be balanced with caution to avoid leaving Tristana without sufficient backup. Mastering this balance is key to maximizing Nami's impact, enabling her to support Tristana's aggressive playstyle effectively without compromising their lane presence.

#2: Lulu

Lulu remains a crucial support pick for Tristana, despite any shifts in her overall strength in the current meta. Known for her unparalleled peeling capabilities, Lulu’s skill set perfectly amplifies Tristana's aggressive, all-in playstyle, enhancing her effectiveness on the battlefield.

As Tristana leans heavily into her auto-attack mechanics and propensity for engaging the enemy head-on, Lulu's abilities significantly bolster these engagements. Her Whimsy (W) not only accelerates Tristana's attack speed but also provides a crucial speed boost, while Help, Pix! (E) adds a protective shield and augments Tristana’s auto-attacks with additional magic damage. This synergy transforms Tristana into an even more formidable force, optimizing her for both lane dominance and skirmishes.

In team fights, the focus should be on maximizing Tristana’s damage output by utilizing Lulu’s buffs to enhance her capabilities. However, adaptability is key; against a potent frontline targeting Tristana, employing Lulu’s Whimsy to disrupt their advances can sometimes offer greater strategic value. This partnership thrives on Lulu's ability to adapt her support to the flow of battle, ensuring Tristana can carry effectively under varying circumstances.

#3: Amumu

As we reach the midpoint of our guide, it's crucial to highlight the formidable synergy between Amumu and Tristana. This duo is tailor-made for those seeking to dominate the lane with a kill-oriented strategy.

From the outset, Amumu distinguishes himself with a potent level 1 engagement potential, especially if he successfully lands his Bandage Toss (Q) on an opponent. This initial aggression, coupled with Tristana’s exceptional trading capability at level 1 through her Explosive Charge (E), sets the stage for an overwhelmingly powerful start. Progressing to level 2, Amumu’s objective becomes a relentless pursuit of opportunities to land his Q, thereby securing a dominant position in every skirmish against the opposing bot lane duo.

To maximize Amumu's impact in lane, adopting an aggressive stance is non-negotiable. Enhancing this approach involves strategic wave management—keeping the minion wave closer to your side to minimize vulnerability to poke and maximize the threat of all-in engagements. Mastery of this dynamic paves the way for Amumu and Tristana to not just win their lane but potentially control the game’s flow through early aggression and kill pressure.

#4: Morgana

Morgana stands out not only as a versatile champion capable of holding her own in the mid lane but also as a stellar support with significant contributions during team fights. Her compatibility with Tristana is particularly noteworthy, thanks to a synergy that leverages Morgana's crowd control and protective spells to Tristana's advantage.

Morgana's Dark Binding (Q) provides a reliable and lengthy root, creating openings for Tristana to unleash her damage without retaliation. This, paired with Black Shield (E), ensures Tristana remains unimpeded by magic-based crowd control, such as Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab or abilities from champions like Ezreal. The strategic itemization of Phantom Dancer on Tristana further enhances her agility and survivability, empowering her to weave through skirmishes with increased mobility.

The crowning jewel of Morgana's kit when paired with Tristana is her Soul Shackles (R). This ultimate not only threatens widespread control over the battlefield but, when followed by Tristana's Buster Shot (R), can decisively end opponents' presence in team fights. Morgana’s ultimate sets the stage for Tristana to play aggressively, especially in the later stages of the game, making them a duo feared for their ability to quickly and efficiently dismantle opposing teams.

#5: Janna

Janna remains a universally strong choice across nearly all ADC pairings in League of Legends, thanks to her comprehensive kit that excels in both amplifying ally offensive capabilities and providing critical defensive support through healing and shielding.

To unlock the full potential of a Janna and Tristana lane, leveraging early skirmish advantages is key. Utilizing Janna’s Zephyr (W) alongside strategic auto-attacks allows for consistent poking and harassment, gradually tipping the health scales in your favor. This groundwork enables Tristana to more confidently engage with Rocket Jump (W), turning the tide of the lane with calculated all-ins.

During team fights, safeguarding Tristana becomes a priority, albeit with a note of caution due to her inclination to dive into the fray using Rocket Jump. As Janna, maintaining a position that allows for effective support without overextending is crucial; remember, unlike Tristana, Janna lacks the same mobility to escape precarious situations. The aim is to provide a stable backbone for Tristana, enabling her to navigate team fights with the assurance of Janna’s support, from a well-timed Eye of the Storm (E) shield to a crucial Monsoon (R) for disengage or healing, ensuring Tristana’s sustained presence and impact on the battlefield.

#6: Nautilus

Rounding off our list, Nautilus emerges as a formidable support choice for Tristana, mirroring Amumu's potential to transform the bot lane into a veritable kill zone.

In a lane shared by Nautilus and Tristana, the game plan revolves around Nautilus's ability to initiate with his Dredge Line (Q). A successful hook not only disrupts the enemy's positioning but sets the stage for Tristana to leap into action with Rocket Jump (W), unleashing her full damage arsenal. As the duo approaches level 6, leveraging Nautilus's Depth Charge (R) becomes a strategic move to dominate the lane, capitalizing on any enemy misstep with decisive kills.

To optimize the effectiveness of this pairing, strategic wave management becomes crucial. Keeping the minion wave nearer to your side early in the game ensures Nautilus can maintain an aggressive stance, crucial for creating kill opportunities. This approach necessitates a delicate balance between aggression and lane control, ensuring Nautilus and Tristana can exert pressure without overextending, thus maximizing their potential for lane dominance and snowballing towards victory.


Concluding our exploration of the top supports to synergize with Tristana in League of Legends, it's clear that the right partner can significantly elevate Tristana's game, transforming her into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. From the versatile utility of Nami and Lulu to the aggressive kill potential offered by Amumu and Nautilus, each support brings unique strengths that complement Tristana's hyper-carry playstyle. Whether it's through enhancing her damage, providing crucial crowd control, or ensuring her survival in skirmishes, these pairings have the power to dictate the flow of the game and lead your team to victory.

Mastering these synergies requires understanding the nuances of each pairing and adapting to the dynamics of the game. However, the rewards for doing so are substantial, enabling Tristana players to capitalize on their lane dominance and scale into the late game as a formidable threat.

For those looking to climb the ranks with Tristana, leveraging these synergistic partnerships is key. And if you're seeking additional support in your journey, remember that our professional elo boosting services and the option to hire an experienced teammate are here to help you achieve your desired rank efficiently. With the right support by your side and a strategic approach to the game, soaring through the ranks as Tristana is not just possible—it's within reach.

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