Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Kai'Sa in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Kai'Sa in League of Legends

Kai'Sa stands as a formidable ADC in League of Legends, boasting remarkable mobility and damage capabilities, making her a powerhouse in team fights. For Kai'Sa to truly excel and unleash her potential as a hypercarry, a synergistic support is crucial.

This guide will delve into the 6 premier support champions whose abilities and styles complement Kai'Sa's, enhancing her effectiveness in the bot lane. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration of the optimal support partners for Kai'Sa!

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Best Supports for Kai'Sa in League of Legends

The ideal companions for Kai'Sa in League of Legends come down to a diverse mix of champions: Xerath, Zyra, Blitzcrank, Nautilus, Soraka, and Alistar. These supports each bring their own set of abilities and advantages that perfectly align with Kai'Sa's dynamic and assertive approach to the bot lane. Let’s delve into how each of these support champions can elevate Kai'Sa's gameplay to new heights.

#1: Xerath

Kicking off our list is Xerath, a stellar match for Kai'Sa, thanks to his exceptional long-range capabilities. Xerath's artillery-style gameplay compensates for the closer engagement range of Kai'Sa, allowing him to deliver continuous poke from a safe distance with his Arcanopulse (Q). This dynamic enables Kai'Sa to farm with minimal pressure, setting the stage for her to become a formidable force as the game progresses. When it's time for Kai'Sa to initiate, Xerath's arsenal, including the stunning potential of his Shocking Orb (E) and the slowing effect of his Eye of Destruction (W), proves invaluable in immobilizing targets. This coordination makes it easier for Kai'Sa to secure kills. With a duo win rate of 51.2%, as noted by Mobachampion, the effectiveness of a Kai'Sa and Xerath pairing is evident, highlighting their potent synergy on the battlefield.

#2: Zyra

Zyra secures the second spot as an ideal support for Kai'Sa, offering a lethal combination of high magic damage and comprehensive crowd control to balance Kai'Sa's physical onslaught. Zyra's Grasping Roots (E) can ensnare multiple foes, while her Stranglethorns (R) delivers a powerful area knock-up, creating the perfect setup for Kai'Sa to deploy her devastating burst damage. Additionally, Zyra's Deadly Spines (Q) and her plant minions provide significant lane harassment, ensuring Kai'Sa can farm with ease during the early game phases.

As Kai'Sa gears up with essential items, Zyra's capacity for area control becomes even more pivotal, orchestrating openings for Kai'Sa to capitalize on her area of effect damage in teamfights. The synergy between Kai'Sa and Zyra is not just theoretical; boasting a commendable 51.3% win rate together, their partnership is a proven force, adept at controlling the battlefield and securing victories.

#3: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank stands out as a formidable ally for Kai'Sa, excelling in repositioning enemies directly within her lethal range. His Rocket Grab skill is a game-changer, capable of snagging vulnerable targets such as the opposing ADC or mid laner and placing them squarely in the path of Kai'Sa's devastating burst. Once in Kai'Sa's clutches, Blitzcrank's subsequent lockdown, including a knock-up from his Power Fist and the protective buffer from his Mana Barrier, often ensures that Kai'Sa can execute her full damage sequence to clinch the kill. This dynamic duo showcases a synergy that is not only effective but statistically significant, boasting a win rate of 50.8%, as noted by Mobachampion, underscoring the impactful presence they have on the game when played together.

#4: Nautilus

Kai'Sa and Nautilus form an unparalleled duo, currently reigning as one of the most formidable pairings in the meta. Nautilus excels in creating opportunities for Kai'Sa, enabling her to effortlessly land her abilities and unleash her considerable burst damage on enemy targets. His Riptide (R) is a game-changer, offering a prime target for Kai'Sa to zoom in with her own ultimate, positioning her perfectly to unleash her arsenal of attacks and abilities for a swift takedown.

Beyond his offensive capabilities, Nautilus also offers substantial protection for Kai'Sa, utilizing his array of crowd control skills to shield her from enemy advances. For those aiming to ascend the ranks in solo queue, Nautilus stands as the top-tier choice for pairing with Kai'Sa. While achieving mastery and synchronization with this duo requires practice, their combination is intuitive and effective, particularly for players who understand the nuances of their abilities. However, caution is advised for scenarios where resources are scarce, as this bot lane pair may face challenges when operating from a disadvantage.

#5: Soraka

Soraka emerges as a paramount healing support for Kai'Sa, offering the sustenance needed for Kai'Sa to deliver her damage effectively. Soraka's Equinox (E) not only silences foes but also sets the stage for Kai'Sa's aggressive engagements. Throughout battles, Soraka's Astral Infusion (W) provides Kai'Sa with continuous healing, ensuring her presence in prolonged skirmishes and amplifying her passive's sustained damage output. In critical moments, Soraka's global ultimate, Wish, acts as a lifeline for Kai'Sa and her allies, turning the tide of team fights in their favor.

This synergy between Soraka's unparalleled healing abilities and strategic silence with Kai'Sa's aggressive playstyle enables Kai'Sa to thrive in the frontline, maintaining her health while dishing out significant damage. Together, Kai'Sa and Soraka showcase a bot lane duo win rate of 50.4%, highlighting their effective partnership in sustaining pressure and securing victories.

#6: Alistar

Concluding our lineup for Kai'Sa's optimal support partners is Alistar. A master of disruption, Alistar’s signature Pulverize (W) - Headbutt (Q) combo not only catapults adversaries directly into Kai’Sa’s range but also secures them in place with a knock-up, setting the stage for Kai’Sa to unleash her devastating damage. Furthermore, Alistar’s ability to use Headbutt to peel attackers away from Kai’Sa ensures her safety in critical moments. His Trample (E) synergizes with Kai’Sa by marking enemies with plasma, accelerating her ability to activate her potent 5-stack passive for increased burst damage.

Alistar’s ultimate, Unbreakable Will, is the keystone of his protective capabilities, offering significant area-of-effect healing and damage reduction that safeguard Kai’Sa as she dives into the fray. According to Mobachampion, this dynamic pair boasts the highest win rate for Kai'Sa at 52.4%, underscoring Alistar’s role as an exemplary ally for Kai’Sa, empowering her to navigate and dominate the battlefield with unparalleled efficacy.


Pairing Kai'Sa with the right support can dramatically elevate her performance, transforming her into a bot lane powerhouse. This guide has explored the top 6 supports that harmonize perfectly with Kai'Sa’s unique abilities, from the long-range artillery of Xerath to the disruptive prowess of Alistar. Each selected support offers a unique blend of crowd control, healing, or engagement capabilities that not only complement Kai'Sa's aggressive playstyle but also accentuate her strengths, enabling her to scale into a formidable hypercarry.

Choosing the right support for Kai'Sa hinges on understanding the nuances of each pairing and how they can manipulate the bot lane to their advantage. Whether it's through strategic poke, lockdown crowd control, or protective healing, these support champions are key to unlocking Kai'Sa's full potential. With the insights provided, players are equipped to make informed decisions that cater to their playstyle, paving the way for dominating performances and climbing the ranks in League of Legends.

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