Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Jinx in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Jinx in League of Legends

Jinx stands out as a fan-favorite ADC in League of Legends, celebrated for her hyper-carry potential and her ability to decisively swing games in her favor. What sets Jinx apart is her versatile synergy with a broad spectrum of support champions, opening up numerous strategic avenues for her to exploit.

Selecting the ideal support is crucial for unlocking Jinx's full potential, transforming her into an unstoppable force capable of leading her team to glory. This guide will delve into the top 6 supports that harmonize impeccably with Jinx, enhancing her strengths and compensating for her vulnerabilities.

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#1: Thresh

Thresh stands out as an exemplary support choice, renowned for his compatibility with a wide array of ADCs, Jinx included. His ability to initiate plays from the onset, coupled with a versatile toolkit brimming with crowd control, positions him as a formidable ally for Jinx. Thresh’s skillful use of his Death Sentence (Q) and Flay (E) can isolate targets, creating opportunities for Jinx to capitalize on with her own crowd control via her Flame Chompers (E).

The synergy between Thresh and Jinx extends beyond merely setting up kills; it’s about creating a layered CC strategy that significantly hampers the enemy's movements and health, paving the way for dominance in lane. As the game progresses into mid and late stages, Thresh’s Dark Passage (W) becomes crucial in safeguarding Jinx, allowing her the confidence to adopt a more aggressive stance knowing she has a reliable escape route.

Adopting Thresh as a support for Jinx encourages a playstyle rich in aggression and strategic engagement, focusing on seizing opportunities to unsettle and overpower the opposition. This approach not only accelerates Jinx's snowballing potential but also solidifies her position as a key carry within the team.

#2: Nami

Nami emerges as an exceptional partner for Jinx, with her versatile kit offering a plethora of benefits that perfectly complement Jinx's playstyle. Known for her reliance on basic attacks to unleash havoc, Jinx finds in Nami a support whose abilities amplify her strengths and bolster her in combat.

Nami's toolkit reads like a wish list for any ADC: it includes a boost to damage output via Tidecaller's Blessing (E), healing and poke potential through Ebb and Flow (W), and not one, but two formidable crowd control abilities with Aqua Prison (Q) and Tidal Wave (R). This combination of utility and offensive support makes Nami an invaluable ally for Jinx on the battlefield.

When piloting Nami alongside Jinx, the strategy shifts towards seizing every opportunity for advantageous trades, ensuring Jinx remains a formidable force through strategic healing, and utilizing Nami's crowd control arsenal for both engaging on foes and disengaging from peril. Nami's ability to initiate or thwart enemy advances with precision makes her an indispensable asset to Jinx, enabling the duo to navigate team fights with confidence and secure victories.

#3: Lulu

Lulu secures the third spot on our list as an exemplary support for Jinx, especially potent when paired with hyper-carry ADCs. Her suite of abilities not only amplifies Jinx's damage output but also wraps her in a protective cocoon, making them an intimidating duo on the battlefield.

Lulu's toolkit is a masterclass in ally protection and enhancement. Her Glitterlance (Q) applies a slowing effect, her Whimsy (W) can significantly boost an ally's speed and attack rate or neutralize a threat by polymorphing enemies, and her Help, Pix! (E) offers both a protective shield and targeted damage. Additionally, Lulu’s Wild Growth (R) serves as a crucial crowd control mechanism in team fights while also bolstering her allies' survivability with a sudden surge in health.

Mastering Lulu alongside Jinx involves a proactive playstyle; constantly harassing opponents with precise auto-attacks and judicious use of Help, Pix! to poke. As the game advances into mid and late phases, the primary objective shifts to safeguarding Jinx, employing Lulu’s array of buffs and protective spells to ensure Jinx remains the focal point of the team's offense. Through this strategic partnership, Lulu and Jinx can dictate the pace of engagements, with Lulu enabling Jinx to safely deliver her explosive damage potential.

#4: Nautilus

Nautilus sails into our list, distinguished by his vast array of crowd control abilities and proficiency in isolating targets for elimination. As a robust champion who thrives on initiating across the map, Nautilus pairs exceptionally well with Jinx, much like Thresh, offering a frontline presence that exploits vulnerabilities among the opposition to secure early advantages and catalyze a snowball effect.

The depth of Nautilus's toolkit is matched by its utility and disruptive potential. His Dredge Line (Q) serves as a precise tool for ensnaring champions, his Titan's Wrath (W) adds a protective shield and his Riptide (E) provides a slowing effect that shields Jinx from harm. Notably, post-level 6, his Depth Charge (R) becomes a formidable weapon, homing in on key targets to upend the enemy bot lane's balance and facilitate aggressive plays.

Embracing the Nautilus and Jinx dynamic necessitates an assertive approach, leveraging Nautilus's Q and R to forge opportunities for engagement. A successful strategy involves constant pressure and the courage to engage, utilizing Nautilus's tankiness and crowd control to dominate the laning phase. This assertiveness allows Jinx to capitalize on Nautilus's setups, ensuring the duo can effectively press their advantage and lead their team to victory.

#5: Milio

With the popularity of Lulu as a pairing for Jinx, there’s always a risk she might be banned. This opens the stage for Milio to step in as a stellar enchanter support option, more so now with Yuumi's diminished presence in the current meta.

Milio diverges from Lulu with his unique ability, Cozy Campfire (W), which notably extends Jinx’s attack range. This synergy allows Jinx to leverage her Rocket Launcher (Q), enabling her to unleash auto-attacks from an unprecedented distance, ensuring her safety while raining down destruction. Should Jinx find herself in the midst of danger, Milio’s ultimate acts as a crucial lifeline, dispelling crowd controls and enveloping her in a healing embrace, ensuring her sustained presence in skirmishes.

However, akin to Lulu, this duo’s early game might present challenges due to Milio’s limited offensive spells and their lengthy cooldowns. The strategy here pivots towards patience; concentrating on farming and gradually scaling into the late game where Milio and Jinx truly flourish. It's in these later stages that their combined capabilities illuminate the battlefield, transforming them into an indomitable force as the game progresses.

#6: Alistar

Rounding off our selection of top supports for Jinx is Alistar, a formidable tank support renowned for initiating plays and complementing Jinx’s trap-laying prowess with his crowd control abilities.

Alistar’s Headbutt (W) into Pulverize (Q) sequence stands as a potent and straightforward engagement tool. From as early as level 2, Alistar is poised to disrupt the bot lane equilibrium, leveraging his initial items to become an enduring presence on the battlefield. His ability to dive under towers with impunity post-level 6, courtesy of his Unbreakable Will (R), adds a layer of threat that can unnerve even the most composed opponents.

Mastering Alistar alongside Jinx involves a delicate balance of aggression and caution. Positioning is key; by utilizing brush cover, Alistar can mitigate incoming poke while maintaining the threat of his W>Q initiation. Success with Alistar requires vigilance and the readiness to exploit openings, ensuring that every engagement is a step towards lane dominance and ultimately, victory. Through strategic crowd control and an unyielding frontline, Alistar and Jinx together forge a lane that not only secures kills but also instills a sense of relentless pressure on their adversaries.


Pairing Jinx with the right support champion in League of Legends can significantly elevate her gameplay, transforming her into the hyper-carry capable of leading her team to victory. Through the exploration of top supports like Thresh, Nami, Lulu, Nautilus, Milio, and Alistar, it's clear that Jinx thrives alongside those who can offer crowd control, protection, and enhancements to her already formidable damage output. These synergistic partnerships not only bolster Jinx's laning phase but also ensure her dominance in mid to late-game team fights.

Whether you prefer the aggressive playmaking of Thresh and Nautilus, the protective enchantments of Lulu and Milio, or the versatile utility of Nami and Alistar, mastering these pairings can unlock new levels of strategic depth and efficiency in your games. As Jinx continues to be a popular choice for ADCs seeking to impact the game decisively, understanding and leveraging these synergies will be key to climbing the ranks and achieving your desired League standings.

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