Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Jhin in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Jhin in League of Legends

Welcome to our guide on the best supports for Jhin in League of Legends. Jhin is a unique ADC with a powerful playstyle, and teaming up with the right support can really make a difference in your games. We're going to show you the top 6 supports that work best with Jhin and how they can help you win more matches.

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#1: Xerath

Xerath emerges as the top support choice for Jhin, a pairing that might surprise some due to Xerath's lesser-seen role in the bot lane. Together, they unlock a formidable poke strategy that can dominate the laning phase, leaving opponents struggling to find footing.

The synergy between Xerath and Jhin revolves around their ability to unleash long-range assaults, applying constant pressure and forcing adversaries on the defensive. This duo excels in maintaining lane dominance, allowing them to dictate the pace of the game with strategic minion wave management—vital for securing objectives and executing tactical roams and dives.

Moreover, the combined sniping capabilities of Xerath and Jhin's ultimates serve as a potent tool for engaging or concluding skirmishes, providing them with the unique advantage of targeting foes from afar. This partnership not only amplifies their individual poke potential but also establishes a lane of relentless aggression and strategic control.

#2: Bard

Bard secures the second spot as an excellent support for Jhin, offering a nuanced approach to the bot lane dynamics. While he may not bring the same level of early game aggression as Xerath, Bard's versatility and utility make him a valuable ally for Jhin.

Their cooperative prowess lies in the seamless integration of their abilities, setting the stage for quick and efficient exchanges. Bard's ability to slow enemies with his Meeps and potentially stun them with Cosmic Binding (Q) perfectly complements Jhin's kit, allowing for synchronized attacks that can overwhelm opponents. Their ranged nature further benefits minion wave control, affording them the flexibility to dictate the flow of the lane.

Beyond the laning phase, Bard's unique skill set, including Magical Journey and Tempered Fate (R), offers strategic disengage options and disruptive plays that protect Jhin from being targeted by enemies. Mastering this duo requires practice and precision, but the payoff is a formidable bot lane capable of controlling the game's tempo and creating opportunities for victory.

#3: Karma

Karma stands out as another exceptional support for Jhin, striking a balance between utility and aggression. Echoing Bard's supportive style, Karma distinguishes herself with a kit that leans more towards providing substantial peel and offering a more pronounced poke during the laning phase, albeit with a trade-off in her late-game impact.

Karma's synergy with Jhin is rooted in her ability to harass and control the lane. Her Inner Flame (Q) and the empowered version via Mantra deliver significant poke damage, softening up opponents for Jhin to capitalize on. Additionally, her Inspire (E) shields not only bolster Jhin's survivability but also enhance his mobility, allowing for swift positioning adjustments or escapes from precarious situations.

This pairing thrives on Karma’s ability to maintain lane dominance through constant pressure and safeguarding Jhin with her peeling capabilities. The duo excels in dictating the pace of the early game, setting a foundation for Jhin to scale into a formidable force, despite Karma's comparative dip in influence as the game progresses. Together, they form a lane that can aggressively secure advantages while ensuring Jhin's steady path to his power spikes.

#4: Maokai

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach in the support role, Maokai emerges as a standout tank and engage partner for Jhin, proving to be an exceptionally strong choice even within the current meta dynamics.

Maokai brings a unique element to the bot lane with his Twisted Advance and sapling toss, enriching the lane's poke potential significantly. These saplings act not just as tools for area denial but also as potent poke devices that synergize with Jhin's long-range capabilities. Furthermore, Maokai's robust crowd control suite, including his knockback and root abilities, seamlessly sets the stage for Jhin to land his critical skill shots with ease, maximizing the Virtuoso's damage output.

This combination leverages Maokai's ability to dictate the flow of the laning phase through strategic control and engage potential, aligning perfectly with Jhin's need for setup to unleash his full burst potential on opponents. Together, Maokai and Jhin can dominate the bot lane, capitalizing on Maokai's frontline presence and crowd control to secure kills and establish lane dominance.

#5: Lux

Lux stands out as an unexpectedly formidable partner for Jhin, defying the common ADC preference against mage supports. Lux's arsenal is well-equipped to complement Jhin's playstyle throughout the game, delivering a blend of potent damage, protective shields, and strategic crowd control from a safe distance.

Lux's ability to inflict significant damage from afar aligns perfectly with Jhin’s need for a partner who can match his ranged prowess. Her Light Binding (Q) and Lucent Singularity (E) not only offer impressive damage but also apply slows and snares, effectively pinning down adversaries and setting them up for Jhin’s deadly follow-up. This synergy extends to their ultimates, allowing them to coordinate devastating long-range assaults, with Lux's Final Spark and Jhin's Curtain Call raining destruction upon foes who dare venture too close.

Nonetheless, the duo's strength comes with a caution; their shared vulnerability to dives and ganks due to limited mobility necessitates vigilant map awareness and positioning. Players must tread carefully, leveraging their range and crowd control to maintain dominance while remaining acutely aware of potential threats. When piloted with skill and caution, Lux and Jhin can transform their perceived weaknesses into a harrowing lane for their opponents, leveraging their lethal range and complementary abilities to control the battlefield.

#6: Zyra

Rounding out our list is Zyra, a champion whose rarity on the Rift belies her formidable synergy with Jhin. With the right player at the helm, this duo can unleash devastating power, transforming them into a force to be reckoned with.

Zyra's intrinsic crowd control capabilities perfectly align with the setup needs of an ADC like Jhin. However, Zyra distinguishes herself by contributing significantly to the duo's damage output, enhancing their ability to burst down adversaries swiftly. The key to maximizing Zyra's potential lies in adopting an assertive stance; her capacity to harass and pressure the enemy bot lane can force opponents to concede farm and retreat, thereby controlling the lane momentum.

Strategically navigating through the minion waves, Zyra can ensnare targets with her Grasping Roots (E), complementing Jhin's Deadly Flourish (W) for a potent root combo. This coordination becomes even more lethal post-level six, where the combination of Zyra's Stranglethorns (R) and Jhin's Curtain Call (R) can obliterate opponents caught in their path. This duo thrives on aggressive play, leveraging their collective burst potential to secure kills and dominate the bot lane.


Finding the perfect support partner for Jhin can elevate his gameplay, allowing him to fully unleash his artistic destruction on the Rift. Through this exploration of the top 6 supports for Jhin, including Xerath, Bard, Karma, Maokai, Lux, and Zyra, we've seen a blend of crowd control, damage amplification, and protective capabilities that harmonize with Jhin’s unique playstyle. Each support brings a different dimension to the bot lane, from the poke and harass of Xerath and Lux to the aggressive engage potential of Maokai and Zyra.

The synergy between Jhin and these supports not only enhances his laning phase but also ensures he remains a formidable threat in mid to late-game team fights. For players looking to climb the ranks with Jhin, understanding and leveraging these partnerships will be key. And for those seeking an extra edge, remember our professional elo boosting services and teammate hiring options are here to assist you in achieving your desired rank, with a special discount code "1v9er" at your disposal.

Embrace the collaboration between Jhin and his ideal supports, and let the curtain rise on a performance that captivates the audience and secures victory.

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