Top 5 Best Support Champions to Pair with Vayne in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best Support Champions to Pair with Vayne in League of Legends

While Vayne has seen dips in popularity over recent seasons, recent buffs and a new build have gradually improved her standing in the game. These enhancements have broadened her effectiveness beyond just countering tank-heavy lineups to now being more competitive against squishier team compositions as well.

Vayne's success, however, heavily relies on the right support. A good support can provide the protection and setup Vayne needs to safely reach her crucial power spikes. Recognizing this, we've curated a list of the top support champions whose abilities best complement Vayne's playstyle, detailing how each duo can thrive together on the Rift.

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#1: Lulu

With the recent nerfs to Milio, Lulu has reclaimed her position as the premier support for Vayne. Lulu's kit is perfectly tailored to enhance Vayne's capabilities, providing exceptional peeling power with her abilities. Her Polymorph (W) can disrupt enemy attackers, while Help, Pix! (E) offers Vayne a protective shield and a significant attack speed boost. Additionally, Lulu's ultimate, Wild Growth (R), can be a game-changer by increasing Vayne's size, health, and knocking up surrounding enemies, providing a crucial advantage in skirmishes.

While this duo may face some challenges in the early game, their potential escalates as the game progresses. By maintaining a steady farm and minimizing losses early on, Lulu and Vayne can become increasingly influential as they transition into the mid and late game, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

#2: Milio

Following recent nerfs, Milio has shifted into a secondary role as an alternative to Lulu when supporting Vayne. While he doesn’t offer as robust peeling capabilities in the early game due to reduced shield potency, Milio still holds value under specific conditions. His Q may present a challenge to land effectively, but it can be impactful when it connects.

Milio's true strength lies in his ability to counter heavy crowd control compositions. His kit includes mechanisms that can cleanse adverse effects, making him a strategic choice against teams that rely heavily on CC to dominate engagements. This makes Milio a viable option when paired with Vayne, particularly in matchups where cleansing CC becomes crucial to maintaining Vayne’s ability to deal damage and maneuver through team fights.

#3: Thresh

Thresh's versatility makes him an outstanding choice for pairing with Vayne. Known for his flexibility across various playstyles, Thresh adapts particularly well when teamed with Vayne, shifting his focus more towards protective duties rather than just initiating plays.

With Vayne, Thresh's primary role evolves into safeguarding her from threats. His ability to halt enemy advances is crucial—using his lantern (W) to reposition Vayne or shield her from harm, and employing Flay (E) to disrupt attackers. Additionally, Thresh’s ultimate, The Box, is particularly effective with Vayne. It creates a barrier that slows enemies by 99% for 2 seconds, providing a significant deterrent against foes attempting to reach her.

For players who prefer Vayne and need a support capable of both engaging and peeling, Thresh stands out as the top choice among engage supports. His toolkit not only complements Vayne’s need for protection but also offers the flexibility to shift into a more aggressive role when the opportunity arises.

#4: Senna

Senna emerges as an appealing support option for Vayne, particularly as many traditional enchanters have faced nerfs. As a marksman support, Senna enhances Vayne's early game by improving her wave clear, which can be pivotal in building a lead. Additionally, Senna's passive allows her to scale indefinitely, increasing her threat level as the game progresses.

This duo, while potent in the late game with their combined high DPS and burst damage, requires careful handling. Mastery over both champions and excellent coordination are essential to fully capitalize on their strengths. Given their inherent squishiness, Senna and Vayne are vulnerable to aggressive early game opponents. It's crucial to be mindful of the matchup when selecting this pairing, as choosing them blindly without considering the enemy composition can lead to difficult laning phases. When played with strategic foresight, however, Senna and Vayne can dominate late-game team fights, turning the tide in their favor with overwhelming offensive power.

#5: Soraka

Soraka has surged in popularity as an enchanter support, thanks largely to her unparalleled healing abilities, making her an excellent ally for Vayne. Her capability to prevent Vayne from being quickly taken down in fights allows Vayne to maximize her DPS output during prolonged engagements.

With this duo, the strategy should lean towards a passive early game, focusing intensely on farming rather than aggressive trading. Vayne's early game is generally weaker compared to other ADCs, making conservative play and opportunistic harassment essential. Soraka plays a pivotal role here, using her Q to poke and disrupt opponents while keeping Vayne healed and ready for any unexpected skirmishes.

As the game progresses and Vayne acquires at least two core items, their presence in teamfights grows significantly. In these later stages, Soraka's primary responsibility shifts to sustaining the team with her heals and strategically using her ultimate to save teammates across the map. Careful positioning is critical for Soraka to avoid becoming a target herself.

When played proficiently, the Vayne-Soraka pairing has one of the highest potentials for carrying games, capable of turning challenging matchups around with their combined sustainability and damage output. This duo excels at drawing games out until Vayne can reach her full lethal potential, under the protective watch of Soraka's healing prowess.


Selecting the right support for Vayne is crucial for leveraging her late-game potential and navigating her relatively weaker early game. Each of the supports highlighted—Lulu, Milio, Thresh, Senna, and Soraka—brings distinct advantages that can amplify Vayne's strengths and mitigate her vulnerabilities. Whether it's enhancing her survivability, improving her wave clear, or boosting her overall damage output, the right support can transform Vayne from a passive early gamer to a dominant late-game force.

Understanding the synergies between Vayne and her potential support partners is key to mastering this ADC. Players should consider their own playstyle and the overall team composition when choosing a support to pair with Vayne. With the right partner, Vayne can effectively scale into the late game, where she can unleash her true potential and carry games.

For those looking to excel in the bot lane, consider these top support picks as your guide to creating a formidable duo capable of climbing the ranked ladder and dominating teamfights. Each pairing offers unique strategies and tactics, making Vayne a versatile and formidable champion in the hands of skilled players.

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