Top 10 Best Spectre Skins in Valorant


Top 10 Best Spectre Skins in Valorant

Valorant's Spectre remains a favorite choice for its versatility in eco rounds and its effectiveness in close to medium-range combat scenarios. With each new collection, Riot Games has consistently enhanced the game's aesthetic appeal, introducing an array of striking Spectre skins that not only elevate your gameplay experience but also add a touch of style to your arsenal.

In this guide, we'll dive into the top 10 Spectre skins that stand out for their design, detailing, and overall impact. Whether you're looking to make a statement in your next match or simply appreciate the art behind these skins, you'll find this roundup to be invaluable.

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#10: Forsaken Spectre

The Forsaken Spectre skin is a top-tier choice from one of Valorant's most celebrated collections. Priced at 1,775 VP, it stands out with its default eerie green glow, imbuing your gameplay with a mysterious and formidable presence.

This skin doesn't just look great; it comes alive with immersive animations and a dramatic finisher that truly enhances the in-game experience. For those looking to add a touch of luxury, a secondary color option in Gold is available, echoing the opulent style of the Sovereign collection, further elevating its status among Spectre skins.

#9: Singularity Spectre

The Singularity Spectre skin, introduced in October 2020 as part of the Singularity Collection, offers a visually captivating choice for Valorant players. This collection, renowned for its high-quality skins for the Sheriff and Phantom, brings the same level of aesthetic and auditory excellence to the Spectre.

Priced at 2,175 VP, the Singularity Spectre dazzles with its futuristic design and sound effects. Its unique finisher, which engulfs defeated opponents into a black hole, adds a dramatic flair to your victories. Additionally, the skin is available in four striking color variants, enhancing its appeal and making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to upgrade their arsenal.

#8: Ion Spectre

The Ion Spectre, part of Valorant’s Episode 5 Ion collection expansion, embodies a sleek, futuristic design that instantly captures attention. Known for its crisp, resonant sound effects and a striking blue energy core that pulses along its frame, this skin enhances every match with its dynamic aesthetics.

Beyond its initial eye-catching white version, the Ion Spectre offers additional customization options with Green, Yellow, and Blue variants, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience. Priced at 1,775 VP, the Ion Spectre combines visual flair with affordability, making it a compelling choice for players looking to elevate their game.

#7: Ruination Spectre

The Ruination Spectre emerged in Valorant during the Sentinels of Light event in July 2021, blending the worlds of Valorant and League of Legends for the first time. This skin dazzles with its mystical aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the dark, ruinous energy of the League of Legends lore.

Priced at 2,175 VP, the Ruination Spectre not only looks visually captivating but also offers enhancements through Radianite Points, which unlock special visual effects, an ominous finisher, and additional color options including Purple, Red/Yellow, and Green. This makes it not just a weapon, but a piece of art that resonates with both Valorant and League of Legends fans alike.

#6: Reaver Spectre

The Reaver Spectre, released as part of the expanded Reaver collection, instantly captivated Valorant players with its striking design and superior aesthetics. This skin joins the collection alongside other weaponry like the Ghost, Phantom, Odin, and the Melee Karambit, all embraced for their dark, Gothic art style accentuated by dynamic animations and haunting sound effects.

Available for 1,775 VP, the Reaver Spectre offers excellent value, enhancing gameplay with its immersive visual and auditory experience. Beyond its base purple hue, players can unlock additional color variants—Red, Black, and White—each adding a unique flair that sets it apart on the battlefield.

#5: BlastX Spectre

The BlastX Spectre skin is a vivid and dynamic choice for players seeking a lighthearted yet powerful Spectre option in Valorant. Known for its playful, toy-inspired design, the skin features colorful pull-out animations and an engaging finisher that truly makes each kill memorable. The lively bullet tracers and crisp sound effects enhance the overall user experience.

Available in the game for 2,175 VP, the BlastX Spectre offers additional color variations—Black, Yellow, and Pink, alongside the standard Green and Purple. This makes it a versatile and attractive choice for those looking to inject some fun and flair into their gameplay.

#4: RGX 11Z Pro Spectre

Introduced in Valorant’s 4.08 patch in April 2022, the RGX 11Z Pro Spectre quickly stood out due to its sleek, futuristic design and the inclusion of vibrant LED lights. This skin not only enhances the visual experience but also features a unique Kill Counter, setting it apart from other available options.

Priced at 2,175 VP, the RGX 11Z Pro offers more than just its initial cool green glow; players can also opt for additional color variants in Red, Blue, and Yellow, making it a visually appealing choice for those wanting to track their performance in style.

#3: Magepunk Spectre

Launched in March 2021 as part of the Magepunk collection, the Magepunk Spectre is a dazzling embodiment of retro-futuristic aesthetics. It's more than just a skin; it's a statement piece, capturing the essence of steampunk with its intricate designs and electrifying visual effects.

Priced at 1,775 VP in the Premium tier, the Magepunk Spectre offers four color variants. While each option maintains the core steampunk design, they differ in their electrifying accent colors, adding a unique flair to each iteration and making it a standout choice for players who appreciate detailed craftsmanship.

#2: Prime Spectre

From the revered Prime collection that debuted with Valorant, the Prime Spectre remains a classic choice. It's priced at 1,775 VP, which reflects its high-quality design, exceptional effects, and immersive sound and reload animations.

The Prime Spectre's elegance is found in its simplicity and sophistication, making it a favorite among players who value aesthetic finesse. It features a sleek design complemented by a color palette that includes Default, Orange, Blue, and Yellow variants, each enhancing the visual appeal of this firearm and making it a must-have for any arsenal.

#1: Protocol 781-A

At the pinnacle of Spectre skins stands the Protocol 781-A, an illustrious addition from its own distinguished collection. This skin isn't just about aesthetics; it excels in every dimension—featuring sleek pull-out animations, resonant firing sounds, and a dynamic finisher where a robot methodically eliminates the foe.

Additionally, this skin brings an interactive twist with unique voice lines that enhance gameplay, making it feel like more than just a weapon—it’s an ally. Available color customizations include White/Pink, Red/Blue, and Green, adding a personal touch to your gameplay experience. Priced at 2,475 VP, the Protocol 781-A Spectre is a premium choice that promises to enrich your Valorant arsenal significantly.


The Spectre remains a staple in Valorant's arsenal, suitable for various combat scenarios. The skins listed here not only enhance the visual appeal of the weapon but also bring a sense of individual style and preference to the gameplay. Whether you opt for the dark elegance of the Forsaken or the high-tech allure of the Protocol 781-A, each skin offers a unique way to express yourself on the battlefield. Remember, while skins do not boost performance, the right aesthetic can certainly boost your confidence and enjoyment in the game. Choose your Spectre skin wisely and let it reflect your playstyle and personality as you climb the ranks in Valorant.

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