The 6 Best One For All Champions in League of Legends
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The 6 Best One For All Champions in League of Legends

Dive into the thrill of League of Legends' One For All mode, a fan-favorite that returns to Summoner's Rift with Patch 14.6, taking over from the universally adored URF mode. In this unique gameplay, team members cast their votes to choose a single champion to embody throughout the match. Should there be no consensus or clear favorite, the game randomly selects from the nominated champions, setting the stage for an unpredictable and immensely entertaining experience where every team member commands the same champion.

One For All stands out for its sheer unpredictability and the joy it brings, but for those with a competitive edge, knowing the top picks can be crucial for securing victory. Let's explore the top five champions that reign supreme in the One For All mode, offering teams the upper hand in this chaotic battle royale.

Best champions to play in One For All

Navigating the vast roster of 168 champions in League of Legends to find the perfect pick for One For All can be daunting. This task becomes particularly challenging in One For All, where the entire team operates as a single champion, necessitating a choice that’s not only powerful but also accessible and fun for everyone involved.

Some champions boast a steep learning curve, requiring a level of mastery that might not suit all players. This could significantly impact the enjoyment of One For All, as struggling with a complex champion diminishes the mode's fun factor.

To ensure your One For All matches are as thrilling and engaging as possible, we've identified five champions that hit the sweet spot between ease of play, strength, and sheer entertainment value. These champions promise to elevate your One For All experience, making it a memorable adventure.

Dive into our selection of the top five champions for One For All, kicking off with our number one choice for maximum enjoyment.

#1: Lux

Lux stands out as an exceptional choice for One For All, effortlessly blending simplicity, strength, and enjoyment in her gameplay. Playing as Lux can be an absolute delight, barring the occasional frustration against a team of relentless hook champions.

Her potential for damage is remarkable, particularly once she's equipped with a couple of items. Lux's versatility shines in One For All, as she adeptly assumes roles across the board. Even in the jungle, where challenges may arise, Lux proves to be resilient and capable. Her prowess in this mode is not just about her damage output but also her ability to adapt and thrive in various game roles.

#2: Blitzcrank

Playing Blitzcrank in One For All is a must-try experience for every League of Legends player. His simplicity and the sheer joy of playing him are unmatched, though opponents caught in the endless cycle of hooks and airborne tosses might not share the sentiment.

Blitzcrank's strength is unexpectedly formidable when geared towards a full AP build, transforming him into a terrifying opponent during the early game. The dread of evading a relentless barrage of hooks adds a unique tension to laning against him.

While his jungle clear may leave something to be desired, the creativity Blitzcrank allows in game strategy more than compensates. Imagine the chaos and amusement of facing not one, but three Blitzcranks barreling down your lane mere minutes into the match. It's these unpredictable moments that make Blitzcrank an unforgettable pick in One For All.

#3: Shaco

Securing the third spot on our list is Shaco, arguably the most vexing champion to grace the fields of Justice. Playing as Shaco is a delight, offering players the chance to savor his trickery and mischief. However, facing him can be a source of immense frustration, especially during the laning phase for those unaccustomed to his antics.

Shaco’s mechanics are straightforward, allowing even newcomers to quickly grasp his playstyle after just a few minutes. For those well-versed in Shaco’s tricks, the opportunity to dominate and perplex opponents on Summoner's Rift is immense. With his "Deceive" ability, Shaco masters can assassinate fragile targets in an instant and vanish without a trace, leaving enemies bewildered and defeated.

Regardless of whether you opt for a build focusing on lethality or AP, Shaco’s ability to eliminate vulnerable champions in a moment and escape unnoticed makes him a formidable and unforgettable presence in One For All.

#4: Jarvan

Jarvan IV, Demacia’s esteemed exemplar, claims the fourth position on our One For All champion roster. Much like his predecessors, Shaco and Blitzcrank, Jarvan is user-friendly, allowing players to quickly get acquainted with his straightforward yet impactful combo. Opting for a full lethality build turns him into a devastating force, capable of unleashing significant damage.

A notable aspect of Jarvan’s arsenal is his W ability, which not only shields him but also applies a slow to nearby enemies. This might appear trivial, but it can be the critical factor in securing kills versus allowing foes to escape with a sliver of health.

Jarvan is versatile across all roles, showing particular prowess in the top and mid lanes against certain opponents. In the jungle, his efficiency shines, making him a reliable choice for farming.

Assembling a squad of five Jarvans guarantees one thing: your team will never be short on initiation options. The collective might of multiple Jarvans diving into enemy lines promises a dynamic and assertive approach to engagements.

#5: Brand

Brand, the Burning Vengeance, is a force to be reckoned with when facing a single opponent, capable of unleashing devastating damage with his pyrotechnic abilities. Now, imagine the catastrophic potential when not one, but five Brands converge on the battlefield. In scenarios like a critical Baron contest, the collective firepower of multiple Brands can obliterate teams in seconds.

Esteemed for his ability to amplify damage across multiple targets, Brand thrives in One For All mode, where grouped adversaries become fuel for his fiery onslaught. Achieving optimal positioning and timing with Brand can turn the tides of battle in your favor, making him a top-tier selection for players looking to dominate through superior area-of-effect damage.

In essence, if you’re looking to wield the power of relentless fire, Brand offers an unmatched tactical advantage in One For All. Engaging the enemy on your terms with Brand ensures that team fights often culminate in your favor, burning through opposition defenses with unbridled fury.

#6: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune shines as one of League of Legends' most user-friendly champions, but don't be fooled by her apparent simplicity—she packs a devastating punch. Her ability kit is not only straightforward and quickly learnable but also allows her to excel across various roles, though she might find the jungle somewhat challenging. Adding to her appeal is the sheer enjoyment of playing her, elevating her status as a favored pick in many compositions.

When arming Miss Fortune, a lethality-focused build often maximizes her damage output. Yet, facing opponents stacked with armor may necessitate incorporating Lord Dominik's Regards into her arsenal for its armor-penetrating properties.

Crucially, mastering Miss Fortune demands astute attention to positioning. Her ultimate, Bullet Time, is her most potent attack, unleashing a barrage of bullets over a wide area but rendering her immobile during its duration. Therefore, strategic placement is essential to unleash her full destructive potential while minimizing vulnerability.


Exploring the realm of League of Legends' One For All mode reveals a treasure trove of champions uniquely suited to this chaotic and fun-filled environment. From the versatile damage of Lux to the disruptive potential of Shaco, each champion offers a distinct way to dominate the battlefield, ensuring that every game is both a strategic challenge and a hilarious escapade. Whether you're seeking to harness the raw power of Brand's inferno or capitalize on Miss Fortune's lethal precision, mastering these champions can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Remember, success in One For All isn't just about picking the strongest champion—it's about synergy, creativity, and, most importantly, enjoying the game with friends. As you embark on this wild ride, let the strengths and peculiarities of these champions guide your strategy, and may your matches be filled with memorable moments and victorious team fights. Dive into the mayhem of One For All, and discover the joy of unleashing the full potential of League's most entertaining champions.

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