The Best League of Legends rune pages
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The Best League of Legends rune pages

Runes are a critical component in League of Legends, significantly influencing a Champion's performance and tailoring their capabilities to suit specific play styles. Understanding how to effectively configure your rune pages is essential for optimizing your Champion’s potential in various in-game roles and scenarios.

In this guide, we will delve into some of the most effective rune pages for different types of players and play styles in League of Legends. We'll explain why these rune configurations stand out, and identify the types of players who would benefit most from each setup.

Let’s explore the best rune pages that can give you a strategic edge in your League of Legends matches.

What are the best rune pages in League of Legends?

Choosing the ideal rune pages in League of Legends can be a daunting task given the myriad of possibilities tailored to different playstyles and the ever-changing dynamics of opponent team compositions. Nonetheless, several rune setups consistently rise to the top as some of the most effective choices across various scenarios. Here we’ll explore these highly regarded rune combinations to help you enhance your gameplay strategically.

ADC Build

For ADC players looking to maximize their impact across all phases of the game, the following rune setup is highly recommended:

Primary Path - Precision:

  • Fleet Footwork: Provides crucial healing and movement speed, enhancing safety and sustain in the laning phase.
  • Triumph: Offers increased sustainability post-takedown, which can be pivotal during team fights and crucial late-game moments.
  • Legend: Alacrity: Boosts attack speed, facilitating faster farming and improved damage output.
  • Coup de Grace: Increases damage to low-health targets, ideal for securing kills.

Secondary Path - Resolve:

  • Bone Plating: Reduces incoming damage from champion attacks, enhancing survivability against burst damage.
  • Unflinching: Offers tenacity and slow resistance, particularly valuable when facing teams with heavy crowd control.

This rune configuration balances offensive capabilities with defensive necessities, making it a versatile choice for ADCs who need to adapt to varied game situations while maintaining strong damage output and survivability.

Top / Tank

For top lane tank champions looking to dominate through durability and lane pressure, this rune setup is exceptionally effective:

Primary Path - Resolve:

  • Grasp of the Undying: Provides scaling health and damage, enhancing both survivability and trading potential in lane.
  • Demolish: Boosts tower-pushing capabilities, allowing tanks to exert more map pressure after winning lane engagements.
  • Conditioning: Offers increased resistances after the early game, compounding a tank's natural durability.
  • Overgrowth: Gradually increases maximum health, making tanks progressively harder to kill as the game extends.

Secondary Path - Inspiration:

  • Magical Footwear: Grants free boots with an additional speed boost, enhancing mobility without cost.
  • Approach Velocity: Increases movement speed towards impaired enemies, excellent for closing distances in fights and utilizing crowd control more effectively.

This rune setup is designed to fortify a tank's inherent strengths, allowing them to scale into late-game behemoths. With enhanced defensive stats, movement perks, and tower demolition capabilities, tanks can become formidable adversaries that not only withstand significant punishment but also contribute significantly to team objectives.


For junglers aiming to maximize their ganking efficiency and camp-clearing capabilities, this rune setup emphasizes kill potential and sustained aggression:

Primary Path - Domination:

  • Electrocute: Delivers additional burst damage upon hitting an enemy with three separate attacks or abilities, ideal for enhancing gank lethality.
  • Cheap Shot: Rewards aggressive play by dealing bonus true damage to movement-impaired champions, synergizing well with crowd control from ganks.
  • Zombie Ward: Provides vision control by converting enemy wards into zombie wards upon their expiration, crucial for maintaining jungle dominance and safety.
  • Ravenous Hunter: Offers omnivamp, increasing sustainability in the jungle and during skirmishes by healing from damage dealt to enemies.

Secondary Path - Precision:

  • Triumph: Provides crucial health restoration and bonus gold on takedowns, aiding in both survival and scaling during the game.
  • Coup de Grace: Increases damage to low-health champions, ensuring that finishing off targets during ganks and team fights is more efficient.

This rune configuration is designed for junglers who thrive on initiating successful ganks and maintaining high tempo play. The combination of burst damage, sustain, and vision control allows them to effectively influence all lanes while securing their own jungle resources.

What are rune pages in LoL?

Rune pages in League of Legends are critical tools that allow players to customize their champions with various bonuses that affect gameplay. These enhancements can significantly alter a champion's abilities and stats, providing strategic flexibility and the opportunity to tailor a champion’s strengths to suit individual playstyles or counter the opposing team's composition.

In League of Legends, runes are organized into five distinct categories, each designed to impact gameplay in unique ways:

  • Resolve: Enhances durability and improves crowd control capabilities.
  • Inspiration: Offers creative utilities and novel gameplay options.
  • Sorcery: Boosts spellcasting power and modifies resource management.
  • Domination: Focuses on increasing burst damage and improving target access.
  • Precision: Optimizes offensive and defensive capabilities.

Each rune page consists of one Primary Path and one Secondary Path. In the Primary Path, players can choose one Keystone Rune—which provides a significant gameplay impact—and three Lesser Runes, which offer smaller, more specific enhancements. The Secondary Path allows for the selection of two additional Lesser Runes, further fine-tuning a champion’s abilities and performance in matches.

This system of customization encourages players to experiment with different combinations to find the optimal setup that complements their strategies and maximizes their effectiveness in various in-game scenarios.

How to create and edit rune pages?

Creating and modifying rune pages in League of Legends allows players to tailor their champions' abilities to their playing style and match strategy. While these changes can be made freely within the game client, it's important to note that once a match begins, rune pages are locked in. Here’s how you can set up your rune pages during the champion selection phase:

1. Accessing Rune Pages: Click on the rune icon located beneath your selected champion's portrait.

2. Adding or Editing Rune Pages: To create a new rune page or edit an existing one, click on the plus icon next to the page’s name.

3. Navigating Rune Pages: Use the arrows within the rune selection menu to browse through your existing rune pages.

4. Customizing Your Page: Choose each rune by clicking on the desired options for your page. Each selection is categorized by type, such as Keystone, Primary Path, and Secondary Path runes.

5. Saving Your Changes: After selecting your runes, ensure you save the changes by clicking the save button. You can then exit the menu.

By following these steps, you can effectively customize your champions before each game to enhance their performance based on your strategies and the needs of your team.


Understanding and effectively managing rune pages is a crucial aspect of gameplay in League of Legends. Tailoring your rune pages to fit your champion’s role, your personal playstyle, and the specific demands of each match can significantly enhance your performance. By taking the time to explore and experiment with different rune combinations during the champion selection phase, you can maximize your strategic advantage and increase your chances of success in the arena. Remember, the key to mastering runes is continual adjustment and learning—always be open to refining your approach as you gain more experience and insight into the game’s ever-evolving dynamics.

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