Best League of Legends settings for season 14

December 11th, 2023

Best League of Legends settings for season 14

In League of Legends, gaining even the slightest edge to secure a victory can prove highly advantageous. Different individuals may have varying advantages, and not everyone can invest extensive time in external research to enhance their performance. Nevertheless, Riot has incorporated several features that players can leverage to improve their gameplay.

Best League of Legends Mouse Settings for PC

In contrast to competitive shooters, MOBAs revolve around maximizing your clicks to efficiently move and reposition your champion. Additionally, careful consideration of the direction in which you aim your clicks is crucial when executing moves; otherwise, you might inadvertently send your attacks in unintended directions. The necessity for precise and effective mouse movement emphasizes the importance of spending more time than usual optimizing your mouse settings.

Mouse Acceleration: Off

Disable mouse acceleration to prevent unpredictable fluctuations in mouse speed, which can occur based on the intensity of your movements. Turning this feature off ensures more consistent and accurate mouse control, allowing you to refine your movement with greater precision over time.

Mouse DPI: 1300 – 1600+

What's the optimal DPI for League of Legends? For most players, a range between 1300-1600 DPI is considered ideal. Striking a balance is key – it should be fast enough for quick targeting on screen but not so fast that you risk misclicking the wrong target. Precision holds paramount importance.
In League of Legends, an exceptionally high DPI setting can be advantageous. This allows for faster execution of moves and clicks, albeit with some sacrifice in accuracy. Speed is crucial, and we recommend starting with a relatively high DPI setting and adjusting it to your preference as you adapt to the game.

Mouse Speed: 25 – 50

Set your in-game mouse speed between 25 and 50 to counterbalance the impact of a higher DPI. This adjustment ensures that you can maintain control, even when operating at higher speeds.

Camera Move Speed (Mouse): 20 – 50

Set your Camera Move Speed (Mouse) between 15 and 20 to align with your movement settings. This helps prevent confusion when adjusting the camera, maintaining a consistent experience.

Camera Move Speed (Keyboard): 55 – 70

Adjust your Camera Move Speed (Keyboard) to a range of 55-60, setting it higher than your mouse's speed. This allows you to swiftly scope out and traverse the map when needed.

Best League of Legends Keybinds for PC

Abilities: Q, W, E, R
Summoner Spells: D, F
Items: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C
Trinket: 6

Additional Keybinds

Quick Casting: Quick Cast All
Self Cast: Alt + Key
Auto Level Up: CTRL + Spell Key
Target Champions Only: ~

Best League of Legends Graphics Settings for PC

If you have a high-performing PC, you can maximize visual quality without experiencing FPS dips. However, even less powerful machines can handle League's graphical load quite easily.
For a dependable starting point, consider checking out the following settings to ensure optimal performance.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Adhere to the industry standard and select 1080p resolution. While you can push this to the maximum setting, be cautious, as it may result in screen tearing.

Windowed Mode: Borderless or Full Screen
Both options are excellent for maximizing on-screen real estate, and the optimal choice depends on your personal preference.

Graphics: Custom
Begin with low or very low settings for a noticeable performance boost. Once you adjust the next setting (character quality), the game will automatically switch you to custom.

Character Quality: Medium
This impacts the visuals of in-game character models and should be set to medium to differentiate between characters while avoiding frame rate drops.

Environment Quality: Low
While the map environments may be visually stunning, they don't significantly enhance gameplay. Set this to Low for a decent performance boost.

Effects Quality: Low
Effects Quality determines the overall quality of effects like flames, spells, and other graphics. Opt for low settings for maximum performance.

Shadows: Off
Playing on a 2D plane means that shadows provide minimal value for competitive gameplay. Keep this setting off to avoid performance drops.

Character Inking: Off
Character Inking displays a black border around characters. It's unnecessary for most players, and disabling it provides a significant performance boost.

Advanced Graphics Settings

Frame Rate: Uncapped
Opt for an uncapped frame rate to utilize every available frame, automatically aligning with your monitor's refresh rate.

Anti-Aliasing: Off
While disabling this setting may result in jagged graphical edges, the tradeoff is a significant boost in FPS, making it a worthwhile choice.

Vertical Sync: Off
The impact of having this setting on is only noticeable when your FPS falls below the monitor refresh rate. Trust me, you'll notice it and regret not turning this setting off to preserve frames.

Best League of Legends Interface Settings for PC

This part is really up to your personal preference but if you’re unsure where to start, try out these settings.

HUD Scale: 100
Maintain this at 100 to ensure that all elements are prominently visible and centered on the screen.

Cursor Scale: 50
Slightly reduce the cursor size to prevent it from obstructing gameplay while preserving visibility.

Chat Scale: 65 – 75
Set this slightly below the maximum size to facilitate reading incoming team chats without unnecessary distractions.

Minimap Scale: 100
Maximize this setting to swiftly locate yourself and others on the map.

Death Recap Scale: 75 – 100
The choice here depends on your preference and the value you place on death recaps for your gameplay and strategy.

Best League of Legends Audio Settings for PC

Opinions on the significance of audio in LoL vary; some consider it crucial, while others see little impact from optimization. Nevertheless, many players adhere to settings similar to those in other competitive titles.
Experiment with the following audio settings and make adjustments based on your chat activity and the in-game audio you deem essential

Master Volume: 75
Music Volume: 0
Announcer Volume: 85
Voice Volume: 75
Sound FX Volume: 50
Ambiance Volume: 25
Pings Volume: 100
To respond swiftly to in-game directions, prioritize elevating the announcer and ping volumes above all other audio settings. Minimize sound effects and ambiance, and eliminate music to maintain focus without distractions.

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