League of Legends Season 14: Best Tank Items
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League of Legends Season 14: Best Tank Items

League of Legends Season 14 has brought significant updates to its arsenal, and mastering the latest tank items is crucial for players who aim to excel in their roles. In this season, certain tank items have stood out for their robust defensive capabilities and versatility across various champions.

This guide will provide an overview of the top tank items for Season 14 that can help you maximize durability and impact during your matches. Whether you're new to the role or looking to refine your tank strategy, these items are essential for withstanding the toughest battles and leading your team to victory.

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Celestial Opposition

Makes its mark as an exceptional item for tank supports, enhancing its role beyond traditional support gear. Initially favored by support roles for its regenerative properties, the revamped version offers an impressive suite of benefits that make it indispensable for tanky champions.

The item boasts a solid 200 health increase and substantial boosts in health and mana regeneration—75% each. Moreover, it's economically viable too, providing an additional 5 gold every 10 seconds.

The true power of Celestial Opposition lies in its unique ability, Blessing of the Mountain. This feature arms champions with a shield that cuts physical damage taken by 40% and ranged damage by 25%, persisting for 2 seconds post-impact. When the shield is compromised, it releases a shockwave, slowing nearby foes by 50% for 1.5 seconds, ideal for controlling the pace of team fights. This shield regenerates after a 15-second hiatus from receiving damage, ensuring its recurrent utility in prolonged encounters.

Solstice Sleigh

Stands out as a formidable contender to Celestial Opposition, offering a unique blend of supportive attributes and dynamic utility. With base stats mirroring those of its counterpart, it provides 200 health, 75% health regeneration, and 75% base mana regeneration, establishing a solid foundation for durability and sustainability in lane.

The distinguishing feature of Solstice Sleigh is its exclusive ability, Going Sledding. This ability activates when you slow or immobilize an enemy champion, immediately restoring 120 health and boosting the movement speed by 90 for 4 seconds. This speed increase applies not only to the holder of the item but also extends to the nearest allied champion with the lowest health. This dual benefit makes it an excellent tool for both escaping perilous situations and aggressively engaging foes, offering tactical flexibility in team fights and skirmishes.


Bloodsong rounds out our list as a standout choice among tank items, particularly for those who engage in the fray. Sharing the foundational stats with its peers, Bloodsong offers 200 health, 75% health regeneration, and 75% base mana regeneration, ensuring robustness in sustained battles.

What truly sets Bloodsong apart is its Spellblade ability, which significantly enhances offensive capabilities. After using an ability, the holder's next basic attack deals an extra 86 physical damage. If this attack hits a champion, it triggers the Expose Weakness effect, which amplifies the damage the target receives from all sources by a notable margin for 6 seconds.

This attribute makes Bloodsong exceptionally effective for engage tanks who are adept at initiating fights and following up with quick, impactful strikes. It helps amplify team damage output, making it easier to dismantle priority targets swiftly. However, it's worth noting that the true potential of Bloodsong is best realized by tanks who can consistently close the distance and engage directly with enemy champions.


What Should You Look for in Tank Items?

In choosing tank items for Season 14, focus primarily on defensive attributes such as armor, magic resistance, and health. Additionally, evaluate the unique passive abilities each item offers. These should align with your champion’s playstyle and be effective against the threats posed by the opposing team's lineup. Opting for items that enhance your strengths or mitigate your weaknesses can significantly impact your performance in team fights and overall game strategy.

How can tank items be optimized for maximum effectiveness?

To maximize the effectiveness of tank items, strategically assemble a combination of defensive stats—armor, magic resist, and health—to suit specific match conditions. Additionally, select items with unique passive abilities that complement your champion's abilities and enhance your team's overall strategy. This tailored approach ensures that your tank can withstand enemy attacks and contribute significantly during team fights.


Understanding and selecting the right tank items in League of Legends Season 14 is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness in the role. By focusing on key defensive stats and leveraging unique item passives that synergize with your champion's abilities, you can greatly enhance your tank's durability and impact in the game. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the tank role, continuously assessing and adapting your item choices in response to game dynamics will help you thrive on the battlefield. Remember, the best way to master your tank build is through practice and adaptation, so keep experimenting and refining your strategies to dominate as a tank in League of Legends.

Posted On: May 5th, 2024

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