Top 10 Best Helicopters in GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Top 10 Best Helicopters in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online, an ever-evolving extension of the beloved Grand Theft Auto franchise, offers players the thrilling opportunity to build a criminal empire in the sprawling, dynamic world of San Andreas. This multiplayer experience allows up to 30 players to dive into a life of crime, working up from humble beginnings to become a dominant force in the underworld.

Helicopters in GTA Online are not just modes of transportation; they’re symbols of power and luxury. For players looking to flaunt their wealth and enhance their operational capabilities, helicopters are a must-have. These flying vehicles are vital for swift travel, executing Heists, and dominating in both cooperative and competitive missions.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 helicopters in GTA Online, each offering unique advantages to elevate your gameplay. For those looking to jump straight into high-level play without the grind, consider our GTA modded accounts packed with billions, allowing you to instantly access the best helicopters and other premium assets. Let’s take to the skies and discover which helicopters make you the true king of San Andreas.

#10: Swift

Cost: $1,500,000

For players seeking a dependable and swift helicopter, the Swift emerges as a top contender. Known primarily for its impressive speed, the Swift is an excellent choice for newcomers to GTA Online looking to make a quick impact.

Despite its status as a starter chopper, the Swift packs a punch with outstanding acceleration and nimble handling, perfect for evading attacks. Additionally, its design includes rear access, enabling passengers to use rifles and machine guns during flight. This feature not only enhances its utility in combat situations but also allows for dynamic team-based strategies, making the Swift a versatile asset in any player’s arsenal.

#9: Sea Sparrow

Cost: $1,815,000

The Sea Sparrow stands out in the GTA Online helicopter lineup for its agility and speed, surpassing even the popular Buzzard in terms of rapid maneuverability. This compact helicopter is a staple among civilian aircraft, offering an efficient and stable flight experience.

Equipped with both a missile launcher and a minigun, the Sea Sparrow provides sufficient firepower to handle a variety of threats, though it may not pack as much punch as more heavily armed counterparts. Its standout feature, however, is its unique ability to land on water. This capability not only facilitates smooth reconnaissance missions and emergency landings on waterfront properties but also provides an unexpected and strategic exit option during heated pursuits. The Sea Sparrow’s versatility makes it an invaluable asset for any player looking to enhance their operational range across San Andreas’ diverse terrains.

#8: Cargobob

Cost: $1,790,000 (Original), $1,995,000 (Jetsam Version)

At first glance, the Cargobob might not catch the eye of many GTA Online players due to its lack of built-in weaponry or defensive tools, making it seem less formidable in combat scenarios. However, the true value of the Cargobob lies in its unique utility rather than direct combat prowess.

The helicopter’s standout feature is its heavy-duty hook, which can attach to virtually any vehicle, allowing it to transport cars across the skies of Los Santos. This capability is especially beneficial during import and export missions, as it simplifies the process of moving high-value vehicles securely and efficiently. By owning a Cargobob, players can greatly streamline these operations, avoiding the hassle and risk of commandeering one each time. The Cargobob is essential for players who frequently engage in vehicle-related missions and value efficiency and safety in their criminal enterprises.

#7: Buzzard

Cost: $1,750,000

The Buzzard commands respect in the GTA Online helicopter lineup for its balanced capabilities and exceptional convenience. Renowned for its versatility, the Buzzard combines effective offense with strategic utility. Equipped with homing missiles, it offers substantial firepower, and the open cabin design allows two passengers to actively engage in shootouts, enhancing its combat effectiveness.

While the Buzzard lacks specific defensive features, its ability to be summoned directly to your location via the CEO menu adds an unparalleled layer of convenience. This unique function enables rapid deployment, allowing players to swiftly take control of the skies at a moment’s notice. The combination of robust offensive power and on-demand availability makes the Buzzard an indispensable tool for any serious player looking to exert dominance in GTA Online’s dynamic aerial battles.

#6: Savage

Cost: $1,850,000 (Trade), $2,593,500 (Original)

In the intricate realm of GTA Online’s aerial PVP, mastering your airborne arsenal is crucial, and the Savage helicopter is a powerhouse designed for this very purpose. As a military-grade chopper, the Savage is equipped with formidable explosive cannons and homing launchers, features typically reserved for jets, making it a rarity among helicopters.

The Savage’s standout capability is its ability to hover, a feature that is not commonly found in other military helicopters. This ability allows pilots to maintain a steady position in the air, providing enhanced precision when targeting opponents on the ground or in flight. This feature is particularly useful in chaotic PVE scenarios, where precise aiming can turn the tide of battle. Additionally, the Savage’s respectable speed makes it an excellent choice for quick escapes and rapid transitions across the map. For players engaged in both PVP and PVE, the Savage offers a blend of offensive might and tactical versatility, making it a top-tier choice for dominating the skies of Los Santos.

#5: Volatus

Cost: $2,295,000

For those who value flair as much as function, the Volatus stands out with its sleek design and luxurious interior, making it a symbol of status in GTA Online. Priced at the higher end of the spectrum, the Volatus is notably devoid of any onboard weapons or defensive systems, which may leave it vulnerable in combat scenarios.

Despite its lack of firepower, the Volatus excels in mobility. It is recognized as the fastest helicopter in the game, offering unmatched speed that can greatly facilitate rapid movement across the map. This makes it particularly valuable for players who need to traverse vast distances quickly or escape from sticky situations in style. Whether zipping across Los Santos for business or pleasure, the Volatus combines elegance with exceptional speed, making it a favorite for those who prefer to travel in style.

#4: Havok

Cost: $2,300,900

The Havok helicopter distinguishes itself with a lightweight and compact frame, ranking it among the fastest and most agile helicopters in GTA Online. This agility makes it an excellent choice for pilots with advanced flying skills, as it requires finesse to maneuver effectively through challenging situations.

While primarily utilized for rapid transport, the Havok compensates for its lack of heavy armament with a variety of defensive countermeasures. Equipped with smokescreens for creating visual obstructions, flares to divert homing missiles, and chaffs to disrupt missile lock-ons, the Havok ensures that pilots can navigate through hostile territories with increased survival chances. For players skilled in aerial evasion, the Havok offers a dynamic blend of speed and defense, making it a formidable asset for escaping or engaging in high-stakes firefights

#3: Akula

Cost: $2,785,000 (Trade), $3,704,050 (Original)

In the dynamic world of GTA Online, where visibility can dictate survival, the Akula helicopter introduces a game-changing feature: stealth technology. This capability makes the Akula particularly valuable for both PVP engagements and mission-based gameplay, such as Heists, where subtlety can be as important as firepower.

Equipped with a versatile arsenal including homing or barrage missiles, a mounted turret, and bombs, the Akula doesn’t just stealthily approach but also packs a significant punch. Engaging its stealth mode with a simple press of H or right on the D-pad, the Akula can vanish from enemy radars, though it remains visible to the naked eye. This unique feature dramatically complicates tracking efforts by opponents, giving players a tactical edge in PVP scenarios. Whether you’re infiltrating enemy bases or escaping after a high-stakes robbery, the Akula blends deadly force with unparalleled stealth capabilities, making it a formidable choice in the skies of San Andreas.

#2: FH-1 Hunter

Cost: $3,100,000 (Trade), $4,123,000 (Original)

The FH-1 Hunter stands out in GTA Online not for its visual appeal or extra features but for its raw combat effectiveness, particularly in PVP scenarios. This helicopter is designed with a singular focus: search and destroy. Equipped with a formidable arsenal that includes a rocket barrage and homing missiles, the FH-1 Hunter excels in aerial combat, delivering devastating attacks with precision.

In addition to its powerful offensive capabilities, the FH-1 Hunter features a co-pilot’s seat equipped with auto-cannons. These cannons fire explosive rounds at a high rate, adding another layer of firepower that can be crucial in intense battle situations. The helicopter’s robust armor is another notable feature, capable of withstanding up to three RPG hits before sustaining significant damage. This combination of heavy weaponry and strong defense makes the FH-1 Hunter an invaluable asset for players engaged in high-stakes PVP combat, ensuring dominance in the skies and supporting ground operations effectively.

#1: Sparrow

Cost: $1,815,000

In the high-stakes world of GTA Online, the Sparrow helicopter epitomizes the essence of tactical convenience and swift mobility, especially when paired with the Kosatka Submarine. This helicopter doesn’t just offer air supremacy; it revolutionizes how players engage with some of the game’s most lucrative heists.

While the Sparrow may not be the most durable in direct combat due to its lighter armor and reliance solely on homing missiles for defense, its real value lies in its strategic utility. To fully utilize the Sparrow, players must first invest in both the helicopter and the Kosatka Submarine, with the former conveniently spawning directly on the submarine. This setup is particularly advantageous for executing the Cayo Perico Heist, known for its high rewards.

The Sparrow’s ability to quickly transport players to and from the heist location underscores its role as a critical asset in efficient heist completion. It enables players to swiftly move between the submarine, which serves as the mission’s starting point, and the action-packed heist objectives. This combination of speed and accessibility makes the Sparrow an unmatched choice for players looking to maximize their efficiency and earnings in GTA Online’s dynamic environment.


The helicopters of GTA Online offer more than just a means of transportation; they are a crucial part of your arsenal, enabling you to dominate both the skies and the ground operations of San Andreas. From the swift and deadly FH-1 Hunter to the versatile and strategic Sparrow, each helicopter brings a unique set of capabilities that can significantly influence the outcome of your missions and battles. Whether you’re engaging in high-stakes PvP combat or executing complex heists, choosing the right helicopter can elevate your game, making every operation smoother and more efficient. As GTA Online continues to expand, these helicopters remain invaluable assets for every aspiring criminal mastermind, combining speed, firepower, and tactical versatility to conquer the challenges of this ever-evolving virtual world.

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