Top 10 Best Gun Wraps in Fortnite


Top 10 Best Gun Wraps in Fortnite

Fortnite’s vast array of over five hundred gun wraps provides endless opportunities for players to personalize their weaponry. These wraps not only change the aesthetics of all weapon types but also extend to vehicles like boats, allowing for a full customization experience.

While some wraps offer a simple color change, others feature dynamic animations and reactive elements that truly set your arsenal apart. If you’re on the hunt for the most standout wraps in Fortnite, this curated list will guide you through the top selections to enhance your weapons with style. Before jumping into your next battle royale, consider these top-tier wraps to elevate your game and express your personal flair.

#10: Boogeyman Wrap

The Boogeyman wrap might initially appear to be merely the base model of a weapon, but it transforms every gun into a sleek, matte black finish. While Fortnite is known for its colorful and fantastical weapon designs, the Boogeyman wrap offers a stark contrast with its realistic and understated appearance. This wrap is perfect for players who prefer their weapons to have a more grounded, realistic look amidst the game’s vibrant chaos.

#9: Goosebumps Wrap

Released in conjunction with Travis Scott’s Fortnite collaboration, the Goosebumps gun wrap features an animated design with a captivating blue and orange color scheme that dynamically shifts around your weapon as you engage in gameplay. Given Travis Scott’s massive influence in modern pop culture, this wrap gained rapid popularity within the Fortnite community. Ideal for players seeking a combination of style and simplicity, this animated wrap will add a vibrant touch to your arsenal and vehicles.

#8: Depth of Field Wrap

Debuted during the 2022 Halloween update, the Depth of Field wrap brings a chilling aesthetic to your weapons with its animated, ghoulish eyeballs. The wrap features a dark purple background interspersed with white accents, and the eyeballs eerily scan the battlefield as you play. Released alongside the Sinister Glare skin, this wrap is an excellent match for players who enjoy a theme of vigilance and spookiness, literally keeping an eye on their opponents with every move.

#7: Stargazer Wrap

The Stargazer gun wrap is a mesmerizing choice that draws inspiration from the celestial wonders of the night sky. It features a deep blue base interspersed with subtle gray accents, evoking the vastness of the universe.

The highlight of this wrap is undoubtedly its animated design, where phases of the moon, drifting clouds, and fleeting shooting stars come to life along the body of the weapon. For players enchanted by the cosmos and seeking a wrap that brings a touch of the celestial to the battlefield, the Stargazer is an impeccable choice.

#6: Ones and Zeros Wrap

Launched as part of a collaboration with the Matrix franchise, the Ones and Zeros gun wrap captures the essence of the iconic movies with its animated, green code cascading over a sleek black background. This wrap perfectly complements the Matrix-themed emotes released simultaneously, enhancing the thematic experience.

The skin paints the weaponry in pure black while the green code, symbolic of the Matrix’s digital rain, flows vertically along the weapon, adding a dynamic and captivating visual effect. For enthusiasts of the Matrix series looking to bring a piece of its digital world into Fortnite, the Ones and Zeros wrap is an excellent homage to the beloved sci-fi saga.

#5: Fractal Zero Wrap

Released during the transformative Zero Point update in Fortnite, the Fractal Zero gun wrap is inspired by the in-game event where a reality-warping portal reshaped the island. This wrap encapsulates the essence of that chaotic energy.

It features an animated, swirling blue portal design that continuously moves as you navigate the game, embodying the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the Zero Point. The mesmerizing, hypnotic quality of the Fractal Zero’s animations not only adds aesthetic flair to your weapons but could also captivate both allies and opponents alike. This wrap is ideal for players who appreciate vivid, lively designs that reflect major in-game events.

#4: Magma Wrap

The Magma animated wrap offers a blazing design that sets your weapon ablaze, creating a striking visual effect. The front end of the gun appears as if it has been forged in molten lava, glowing intensely each time you fire.

The rear of the weapon maintains a stark black finish, enhanced with smokey animations that provide a sharp contrast to the bright, fiery front. This dynamic and visually appealing wrap is perfect for those who want their weaponry to stand out, especially during the darker, night-time skirmishes in Fortnite. Equip the Magma wrap to bring a touch of fiery drama to every battle.

#3: Neon Pulse Wrap

The Neon Pulse wrap stands out with its minimalist yet striking design, transforming your weaponry into a vibrant spectacle. This wrap delineates the contours of each gun with brilliant neon colors, creating a stark contrast against the dark base of the weapons.

Further enhancing its appeal, the wrap is animated, with the neon colors cycling through a spectrum independently as you move and play. This wrap is perfect for players who appreciate the aesthetic of RGB lighting in gaming setups and want to extend that style into their Fortnite armament. Equip the Neon Pulse to add a dynamic and colorful flair to your gaming experience.

#2: Golden Black Wrap

Distinct from the other wraps in this list, the Golden Black is a reactive wrap that evolves as you achieve eliminations in a match. Unlike static or merely animated wraps, reactive wraps like this change based on specific gameplay achievements.

At the start of a match, weapons equipped with the Golden Black wrap appear in a muted dark gray. However, with each elimination, this wrap transforms your arsenal, transitioning your weapons to a lustrous gold. This dynamic change not only reflects your in-game success but also visually rewards your prowess. For players who relish showing off their skills and turning their weaponry into trophies of gold, the Golden Black wrap is an excellent choice.

#1: Eternal Zero Wrap

Eternal Zero stands out as a fan favorite among Fortnite’s extensive collection of weapon wraps, inspired by the transformative Zero Point event. This wrap captures the essence of dynamic, shifting portals, adding a distinctive twist with its vivid purple color palette.

Featuring an animated design of fragmented crystal pieces that resemble a swirling portal, Eternal Zero is both mesmerizing and stylish. If you aim to impress and dazzle your opponents with visually stunning gear as you vie for the victory crown, the Eternal Zero wrap is an exceptional choice, marrying aesthetics with the thematic depth of the Zero Point event.


As we’ve explored some of the most visually stunning and unique weapon wraps available in Fortnite, it’s clear that these cosmetic items do more than just enhance the look of your weapons—they add a layer of personal expression to your gameplay. From the simplistic elegance of the Boogeyman to the dynamic, reactive nature of the Golden Black, each wrap offers a way to make your mark on the battlefield.

Whether you prefer the subtlety of matte finishes or the boldness of animated skins, there’s a wrap in Fortnite to match every style and preference. Embrace these top-tier wraps to not only customize your weapons but also to enjoy a more immersive and personalized Fortnite experience.

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