Top 10 Best Graffiti In Counter Strike 2
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Top 10 Best Graffiti In Counter Strike 2

If you're a veteran of classic Counter-Strike titles like CS 1.6, Condition Zero, and Source, you're likely familiar with the iconic 'sprays'—a beloved feature that allowed players to mark their territory or celebrate victories by placing images or symbols on in-game surfaces. Originally available in a variety of designs, players could choose from pre-set options or import custom designs to express themselves within the game.

However, when CS2 launched, the original spray mechanic was notably absent, much to the dismay of the community. It wasn't until October 2016, after persistent community feedback, that Valve reintroduced this feature as 'Graffiti.' The new system in CS2 mirrors the old one but comes with significant changes. Players can now use a specific keybind to apply graffiti, which they must purchase from the Steam Community Market or obtain through level-up drops and graffiti boxes. Unlike the unlimited use in previous titles, each graffiti can be used 50 times before it expires.

Despite these changes, graffiti has not reached the same level of ubiquity in CS2 as sprays did in earlier games. Nonetheless, they remain a fun and expressive tool for players to commemorate kills or playfully irritate opponents.

In this blog, we dive into the top 10 best graffiti options in CS2, helping you find the perfect choice to showcase your style and celebrate your gameplay moments. Whether you're new to the game or looking to revisit the nostalgic element of sprays, this guide will help you navigate the best graffiti CS2 has to offer.

#1: Howling Dawn

Kicking off our list of standout CS2 graffiti is the renowned Howling Dawn. This piece draws its inspiration from the infamous M4A4 Howl skin, introduced in 2014 and later classified as Contraband, making it exceedingly rare and no longer available from in-game cases. While the original Howl skin remains elusive and highly prized among collectors, the Howling Dawn graffiti offers a more accessible alternative for players wanting to showcase this iconic design. Available as an exotic drop in the CS2 Graffiti Box, Howling Dawn lets you decorate your in-game environment with a piece of CS history without breaking the bank.

#2: Crown Graffiti

The Crown Foil Sticker stands as one of the most valuable stickers available in CS2, celebrated for its popularity among players. Recognizing its widespread appeal, developers reintroduced this design into the game as part of the CS2 Graffiti Box in 2016. While the Crown Graffiti is more affordable compared to the original Crown Foil Sticker, it's important to note that as a graffiti, it has a limited usage of 50 times before it vanishes from your inventory. This makes it a precious yet ephemeral addition to any player's arsenal.

#3: Unicorn Graffiti

The Unicorn Holo sticker, first introduced in the Enfu Sticker Capsule in April 2015, quickly captured the hearts of the CS2 community with its vibrant colors and enchanting design. Its widespread popularity among players led to its transformation into a graffiti. This magical design made its way into CS2 as part of the Community Graffiti Box 1, allowing players to sprinkle a bit of whimsy and color onto the in-game surfaces they adorn.

#4: Kawaii Killer CT Graffiti

Part of the esteemed 'Community Graffiti Box 1,' the Kawaii Killer CT and its counterpart, the Kawaii Killer T, bring remarkable-grade graffiti to the forefront of CS2's aesthetic offerings. Though these Anime-inspired graffiti may not share the same high level of popularity as their sticker versions, they are equally visually appealing. For enthusiasts looking to curate an Anime-themed collection, these graffiti complement Anime skins perfectly and enhance the overall visual appeal of your inventory. Be sure to explore our list of Anime stickers in CS2 to fully embrace this vibrant theme.

#5: Rekt Graffiti

Also hailing from the 'Community Graffiti Box 1,' alongside the Unicorn, is the Rekt graffiti. This exotic graffiti stands out not just for its higher price point compared to other options in the same box, but also for its popularity within the CS2 community. It's a favorite among players who like to mark their most impressive trickshots or spectacular plays against opponents, making it a symbol of superior gaming prowess on the virtual battlefield.

#6: Fire Serpent Graffiti

The AK-47 Fire Serpent is a coveted item among CS2 players, notorious for its hefty price tag. However, for those who admire its striking design but balk at the cost, the Fire Serpent graffiti offers a much more accessible alternative. Emulating the iconic look of the AK-47, this graffiti is available on the community market for around $2, making it an affordable way to add a touch of style and flair to your gameplay without breaking the bank.

#7: Noscope Graffiti

As one of the most budget-friendly options on our list, the Noscope graffiti holds a unique appeal, especially among AWP players who favor daring noscope shots. Notably, this graffiti isn't just for show—it offers practical utility too. Players can press and hold the graffiti button when equipped with the Noscope to gain a visual indicator of where the crosshair would be, aiding in lining up noscope shots. Available in 19 vibrant color variants, the Noscope graffiti is accessible through both market purchases and in-game drops, providing a fun and functional addition to any sniper's toolkit.

#8: Guardian Dragon Graffiti

Introduced to CS2 in September 2017 to coincide with the game's launch in China, the Guardian Dragon graffiti is visually striking with its bold red background. This design showcases a fierce dragon, characterized by its bright yellow eyes, with an AK-47 positioned on either side of its head. The word ‘Dragon’ is prominently featured in yellow at the base of the graffiti, adding a distinctive touch to this emblematic piece. This graffiti not only celebrates the game’s expansion but also adds a splash of vivid artistry to any in-game surface.

#9: Drug War Veteran Graffiti

Originating as a popular meme, the Drug War Veteran sticker quickly captivated the CS2 community with its iconic design, leading to numerous creative in-game uses. Recognizing its popularity, developers reintroduced it as an Exotic graffiti in 2016. It remains one of the most favored graffiti among players today, celebrated for its distinctive appearance and the cultural impact it represents within the game. This graffiti continues to be a top choice for players looking to add a touch of personality and history to their gameplay.

#10: Clutch King Graffiti

Tailored for the player who frequently finds themselves as the last one standing, pulling off breathtaking clutches, the Clutch King graffiti is a perfect match. This design boldly displays the word 'CLUTCH' in vibrant green and yellow hues, topped with a regal crown, symbolizing mastery and triumph. Ideal for showcasing your prowess, this graffiti lets you stylishly flaunt your clutch victories directly on the battlefield, making it a favored choice for players who excel under pressure.

CS2 graffiti offers a rich tapestry of artistic expression and in-game bragging rights, with each piece carrying its unique flair and backstory. From the iconic Howling Dawn inspired by rare skins to the tactical advantage of the Noscope, and the cultural homage of the Guardian Dragon, these graffiti not only enhance the visual appeal of your gameplay environment but also allow you to celebrate victories and showcase your style. Whether you're commemorating a clutch save, flaunting a noscope, or simply adding a bit of fun to the game, there's a graffiti for every player and every occasion. Dive into the Steam Community Market, pick your favorites, and start leaving your mark on the CS2 world today.

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