The 13 Best Gliders in Fortnite


The 13 Best Gliders in Fortnite

While gliders in Fortnite don’t provide a tactical edge, they are a fantastic way to make a statement as you soar into battle. If you’re searching for the most standout gliders the game has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Fortnite boasts an extensive collection of cosmetic gliders, each offering a unique way to customize your descent into the game’s competitive arena. As with any battle royale, each Fortnite match kicks off with a high-flying start over the map, where deploying your glider becomes your first strategic display. In this blog, we’ll dive into the best Fortnite gliders ever, highlighting those that combine style, nostalgia, and flair to elevate your gaming experience.

#13: Paper Plane

The Paper Plane glider stands out as one of the more unique and rare entries on our list, offering a whimsical approach to sky traversal. Players glide into battle holding a seemingly makeshift paper airplane, crudely stapled and folded, adding a playful twist to the descent.

What this glider lacks in flashy animations or effects, it makes up for with its design. The paper of the glider is adorned with intriguing scribbles and subtle references that delight dedicated Fortnite fans, making each drop an opportunity to uncover small surprises hidden within its folds.

#12: Flip Flyer

Introduced in the Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass, the Flip Flyer glider brings a contemporary twist to traditional gliding dynamics. Modeled after a skateboard, this glider not only stands out for its shape but also captivates with its dynamic entrance—a small, animated kickflip as you deploy.

Once the skateboard completes the trick, it leaves behind a customizable trail of glowing energy that follows you as you descend towards the battleground. Players can choose between a vibrant pink or electric green for the trail, adding a personalized touch to each game’s beginning. This blend of modern visual effects and classic design makes the Flip Flyer a memorable choice for any Fortnite player.

#11: Suit Surfer

Introduced as part of a collaboration with the iconic X-Men character Gambit, the Suit Surfer glider is a striking addition to Fortnite’s glider lineup. This glider takes the form of a massive Ace of Spades playing card, illuminated by the distinctive pink and red kinetic energy that Gambit wields in battle.

Functioning as a surfing glider, it allows your character to ride atop the card like a surfboard, providing a dynamic entry into the game. The Suit Surfer is not only a must-have for fans of Gambit but also a visually stunning choice that promises to impress opponents as you descend into the fray.

#10: Shugoki

The Shugoki glider, named after the Japanese term for “guardian demon,” debuted alongside the SypherPK Icon Series skin in Fortnite. This glider, embodying the fiery essence of a dragon, stands out as the first of several animal-inspired designs featured on our list. Players can enjoy a unique surfing-style descent as they ride this mythical creature across the sky.

Shugoki is not just about visual appeal; it also includes vibrant red or purple flames, dynamic riding animations, and distinctive sound effects that activate when the dragon is summoned. Whether you’re a fan of SypherPK or simply have a penchant for dragon lore, the Shugoki glider is a spectacular addition that enhances both style and gameplay.

#9: Mandala Disc

Introduced in conjunction with the Doctor Strange skin, the Mandala Disc glider infuses Fortnite with a touch of Marvel magic. This glider, shaped like a swirling circle of energy, allows players to descend into battle on a surfboard of glowing orange mystic power.

As you deploy the Mandala Disc, it dazzles with a unique spinning animation and is accompanied by sparkling particle effects that trail behind as you glide. For enthusiasts of the mystical and the magical, or fans of Marvel’s sorcerer, the Mandala Disc offers a visually stunning way to make an entrance, combining the allure of magic with the thrill of battle.

#8: Moonglide

The Moonglide glider, with its distinctive windsurfer design, offers one of the most unique gliding experiences in Fortnite. Modeled as a shimmering crescent moon, this glider incorporates animations and glowing effects that evoke the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights.

Upon deployment, the Moonglide performs a series of spins, ultimately unfolding into its full crescent shape and positioning your character in a unique standing pose. As one of the rare windsurfer-style gliders in the game, the Moonglide is a must-have for players looking to display a rare and visually captivating piece of Fortnite’s extensive cosmetic collection.

#7: Kurama

From the thrilling Naruto collaboration comes the Kurama glider, inspired by the iconic nine-tailed beast known for its transformative journey alongside Naruto Uzumaki. This glider is a standout in the surfing category, capturing Kurama’s dynamic essence and storied past in the Naruto series.

As you deploy the Kurama glider, it bursts to life with special summoning animations and sound effects that embody its fierce spirit. As Kurama dashes across the sky, it leaves behind streaks of lightning, enhancing the dramatic descent. This glider not only offers a visually stunning ride but also celebrates Kurama’s evolution from a feared entity to a beloved ally, making it a must-have for fans of the anime and players seeking a unique gliding experience.

#6: Coral Cruiser

The Coral Cruiser glider, though classified as ‘rare,’ stands out with its distinctive aquatic theme and is a cherished addition alongside the beloved Fishstick skins. This glider invites players to grasp onto pieces of vibrant coral as they glide into battle, embodying the playful spirit of Fortnite’s underwater adventures.

What sets the Coral Cruiser apart are the adorable marine-themed characters that accompany you on your descent, singing cheerful melodies and swaying rhythmically. While it may lack elaborate animations or dramatic effects, the glider’s charm and whimsy elevate it, making it a favorite for those who appreciate a touch of cuteness and fun in their Fortnite experience

#5: Cloud Llama Board

The Cloud Llama Board is not just a legendary glider in Fortnite; it’s a testament to customization and style. This glider offers players the unique opportunity to surf through the sky with five different visual options, each altering the board’s appearance and vibe. As you deploy the glider, watch the simulated water trailing from the board, enhancing the surfing illusion.

Each style option not only changes the shape of the board but also features distinct designs that cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re a fan of surfing or simply enjoy a high degree of personalization in your gameplay, the Cloud Llama Board glider is an excellent choice, combining dynamic animations with extensive customization options.

#4: Commander’s Descent

Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4, the Commander’s Descent glider offers a regal and distinctive entry unlike any other. This glider features The Ageless character majestically descending a grand staircase as he prepares to join the battle, making it one of only two gliders to incorporate such a unique animation.

In contrast to the Cube Queen’s staircase, which is restricted to her skin, the Commander’s Descent allows for greater flexibility as it can be paired with any character skin, enhancing its appeal through broad customization options. The stately animation transforms any character into nobility, ensuring that your arrival on the battlefield is as commanding as it is elegant.

#3: Sweetener Sailshards

Launched alongside Ariana Grande’s spectacular virtual concert in Fortnite, the Sweetener Sailshards glider is part of an exclusive cosmetic bundle inspired by the pop star. This glider captivates with its crystalline wing design that elegantly extends from the player’s back, embodying the essence of Ariana’s iconic style.

The Sweetener Sailshards are not just visually striking but also come equipped with dynamic animations, enchanting visual effects, and themed sound elements, making every descent feel like a grand entrance. Perfect for players who want to channel their inner superstar, this glider adds a touch of glamour and spectacle to the Fortnite experience

#2: Needle Dropper

Debuting in Chapter 4 Season 2, amidst the vibrant backdrop of the Megacity, the Needle Dropper glider resonates with those who have an eye for style and a love for music. Shaped like a colossal vinyl record, this glider spins its way into the battle, trailing a spectacular rainbow as it descends.

Beyond its sleek animations, the Needle Dropper enhances your entry with its own signature theme song that loops smoothly as you glide. This combination of visual and auditory elements makes the Needle Dropper not just a glider but a statement piece, offering one of the most aesthetically pleasing experiences available in Fortnite’s array of cosmetics.

#1: Wingspan

Echoing the grandeur of Ariana Grande’s glider, LeBron James introduced his own set of customizable cosmetics, including the Wingspan glider. This majestic glider unfurls dark, crystalline wings from your character’s back, adding an element of mystique and power to your descent.

The Wingspan glider is not just about visual flair; it also offers dynamic effects and animations along with three visual customization options—pure black, glowing gold, or a mix of both—allowing players to tailor its appearance to their style. This level of customization ensures that the Wingspan glider pairs perfectly with a wide range of skins, making it a versatile and stylish choice for entering the Fortnite battlefield.


As we’ve explored some of the most exceptional gliders in Fortnite, it’s clear that these are not just tools for entering the battlefield but essential elements of personal expression and style in the game. From the visually striking Sweetener Sailshards to the customizable elegance of the Wingspan, each glider offers a unique way to stand out and enhance your gaming experience. Whether you prefer the dazzling animations of the Needle Dropper or the iconic presence of thematic gliders like those from celebrity collaborations, Fortnite continues to offer a diverse array of options to suit any taste. These top-tier gliders not only enrich your gameplay but also reflect your personality and style as you soar into combat. As Fortnite evolves, we can anticipate even more creative and exciting additions to this already impressive lineup, keeping the skies as dynamic and vibrant as the battles below.

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