Top 12 Best Ghost Skins in Valorant


Top 12 Best Ghost Skins in Valorant

Valorant's Ghost pistol stands out not only for its effectiveness in early game pistol rounds but also as a reliable sidearm in full-buy scenarios. With its growing popularity, Riot Games has introduced a variety of Ghost skins that elevate its aesthetic appeal. Each skin offers a unique flair and style, making it a favorite among players who enjoy personalizing their gameplay experience.

In this article, we'll explore the top 12 Ghost skins in Valorant, highlighting their unique designs and features. From the sleek sophistication of premium collections to the accessible styles from the Battle Pass, there’s a Ghost skin to match every player's preference.

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#1: XER0FANG Ghost

At the top of our list is the XER0FANG Ghost, a standout piece from one of Valorant's most recent collections. This skin set, which includes just three items—the Vandal, a melee weapon, and the Ghost—features an intriguing design with a sleek dark gold finish. The XER0FANG Ghost is highly prized for its unique aesthetic that resonates well within the community. While the entire set can be purchased for 6,355 Valorant Points, the Ghost skin alone is available for 1,775 VP, making it a premium choice for players looking to enhance their game with style.

#2: Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost

Ranked second is the Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost, which hails from a set deeply admired within the Valorant community. This skin features an enchanting design where branches from a mystical white tree entwine around a vibrant red crystal that forms the core of the weapon. Its unique aesthetic has maintained its popularity, frequently spotted in matches even years after its initial release. In Episode 4, Riot Games expanded the color palette for this set, offering players additional customization options.

The entire Gaia’s Vengeance set is priced at 7,100 Valorant Points, with the Ghost skin itself available for 1,775 VP, making it a captivating choice for those looking to wield something both ancient and otherworldly.

#3: Magepunk Ghost

Third on our list is the Magepunk Ghost, a singular standout in Valorant's steampunk-inspired offerings. This skin, part of the Magepunk set, merges classic steampunk aesthetics with modern tactical design, providing a distinct visual flair that appeals to enthusiasts of the genre. It features four different style variations, each adding its own twist to the theme.

The Magepunk set, which includes the Ghost skin, is priced at 7,100 Valorant Points. The Ghost itself can be acquired for 1,775 VP, making it a must-have for players who cherish a fusion of arcane and mechanical styles in their gameplay arsenal.

#4: Fortune’s Hand Ghost

Fourth on our list is the Fortune’s Hand Ghost, introduced in Valorant's update 8.04. Despite being a Select rarity set, its enigmatic design quickly captivated many players. The entire collection draws inspiration from the mystical world of Tarot cards, with each item adorned with iconic imagery and corresponding Tarot numbers. The Ghost skin features the number IX, a nod to the Hermit card, imbuing it with a sense of solitude and introspection.

The Fortune’s Hand set is available for 3,875 Valorant Points, and the Ghost skin itself can be acquired for 875 VP. This makes it an affordable choice for players looking to add a touch of mystery to their arsenal.

#5: Valorant Go! Vol.1 Ghost

The fifth spot on our list belongs to the Valorant Go! Vol.1 Ghost. This skin is part of the vibrant and colorful Valorant Go! collection, which includes designs inspired by various Valorant agents. The Ghost variant features a sleek, modern design in a striking green hue, adorned with imagery of Sage, one of Valorant's most beloved healers.

This skin appeals particularly to fans of Sage, mirroring her calming and supportive role with its serene color scheme. The entire set is priced at 8,855 Valorant Points, while the Ghost skin alone is available for 1,775 VP, making it a premium choice for players who want their gear to reflect their favorite agent.

#6: Valiant Hero Ghost

At number six, we feature the Valiant Hero Ghost. Introduced in update 7.09, this skin draws heavy inspiration from Chinese mythology, imbuing it with cultural richness and legendary motifs. The entire Valiant Hero set, including the Ghost, channels the iconic style of the Monkey King—an influential figure in Chinese folklore.

The Ghost, like its set counterparts, boasts intricate designs reminiscent of mythical armor and celestial motifs, making it a standout choice for fans of storied themes. This set offers a holistic mythical aesthetic, priced at 7,100 Valorant Points, with the Ghost skin itself costing 1,775 VP.

#7: Winterwunderland Ghost

At number seven on our list is the festive Winterwunderland Ghost. Perfect for setting a seasonal mood, this skin encapsulates the essence of winter with its snowy, holiday-themed design. The pistol is adorned with an enchanting depiction of a snow-covered village mid-celebration, making it ideal for players who enjoy theming their gameplay around the winter season.

This skin offers a unique way to bring a touch of holiday spirit to your matches. Priced at 5,100 Valorant Points for the entire set, with the Ghost skin itself costing 1,275 VP, it's an enchanting choice for those looking to celebrate within the game.

#8: Radiant Entertainment System Ghost

Ranking eighth is the Radiant Entertainment System Ghost, heralding from Valorant's priciest set. This skin isn't just expensive—it's an investment in a piece of unique aesthetic pleasure. The design channels a retro vibe, reminiscent of vintage gaming consoles and controllers, adding a nostalgic flair to your arsenal.

Although it stands as the most expensive option on our list, with the full set costing a hefty 11,900 Valorant Points and the Ghost alone priced at 2,975 VP, its distinct appearance and homage to classic gaming hardware justify the premium. This skin is more than just a tool for competition; it's a celebration of gaming culture itself.

#9: Tethered Realms Ghost

The ninth spot is claimed by the Tethered Realms Ghost, notable for its dynamic dual-theme design. This skin effortlessly transitions between two color schemes—a light theme reminiscent of the Sovereign set and a dark theme akin to the Forsaken set. This chameleon-like feature allows the skin to shift appearances during gameplay, oscillating between light and dark, providing players with two distinct styles within a single weapon skin.

This skin's ability to blend two popular themes into one seamless design makes it a standout choice for players who appreciate versatility and aesthetic appeal in their weaponry.

#10: Soulstrife Ghost

The tenth spot on our list is occupied by the Soulstrife Ghost, introduced in Valorant with patch 5.09 as part of the enigmatic Soulstrife collection. This Ghost skin captivates with its dark, spectral aesthetic, enhanced by eerie sound effects at its second upgrade level. When securing a kill and inspecting the weapon, players are treated to ghostly whispers, adding a hauntingly immersive element to gameplay.

Priced at 1,775 VP for the Ghost and 7,100 VP for the complete set, the Soulstrife Ghost is not just a weapon skin but an experience, perfect for players who relish the blend of the supernatural with competitive gaming.

#11: Sovereign Ghost

The Sovereign Ghost, a revered choice among streamers and competitive players alike, belongs to one of Valorant's earlier collections introduced in Episode 01: Act 1 of June 2020. This skin emanates regality and is available for 1,775 VP.

It comes in four elegant color variants—Default, Gold, Silver, and Purple—each offering a visually stunning appearance. For those looking to enhance their gaming experience further, special VFX and a unique Finisher can be unlocked using Radianite Points, adding an extra layer of sophistication and flair to your gameplay.

#12: Reaver Ghost

The Reaver Ghost, a standout in the Valorant arsenal, brings a touch of dark elegance with its mystique design. Part of the Reaver 2.0 collection, which also includes the much-celebrated Reaver Phantom, this skin captivates with its gothic aesthetic.

Available for 1775 VP, the Reaver Ghost offers four color variants: the enigmatic Purple (base), the intense Red, the sleek Black, and the clean White. Each variant exudes a unique charm, catering to players who favor the sophisticated and bold Reaver design. This skin not only enhances your weapon's look but also enriches your tactical playstyle with its visually striking finishes.


The Ghost remains a versatile and potent sidearm in Valorant, popular for its precision and reliability in pistol rounds. The skins listed above not only enhance the visual appeal of the Ghost but also allow players to personalize their gameplay experience. Whether you prefer the vintage allure of the Infantry Ghost or the dark elegance of the Reaver Ghost, each skin offers a unique way to showcase your style on the battlefield. As you choose your favorite, remember that each skin adds a layer of personal flair to your strategic engagements, making every match not just a battle but a statement of your gaming identity.

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