Must-Have Best Gaming Keyboards for League of Legends
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Must-Have Best Gaming Keyboards for League of Legends

Searching for the perfect gaming keyboard for League of Legends can feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially given the game's intense demands. Every split-second decision, every skill shot, and every strategic move can hinge on the responsiveness and reliability of your keyboard. As the game continues to evolve, the margin for error narrows, making the choice of gaming keyboard not just a matter of preference but a critical component of your gaming setup.

In recent years, the gaming industry has witnessed a surge in the development and demand for keyboards that cater specifically to the needs of gamers. These aren't your average office keyboards. Designed with precision, durability, and speed in mind, gaming keyboards offer features like ultra-responsive mechanical keys and minimal latency to ensure that every command is executed flawlessly.

Gone are the days when the prowess of a League of Legends player could be solely attributed to skill, with the hardware playing a secondary role. In today's highly competitive environment, having every possible advantage is key. A high-quality gaming keyboard can make the difference between a missed opportunity and a perfectly executed play, enhancing your ability to react, execute skill shots, and manage your character with unparalleled precision.
Choosing the right gaming keyboard, however, can be a daunting task amid the plethora of options available. Each keyboard boasts its unique features, designs, and technologies, making it difficult to determine which will best suit your gaming style and preferences. But fear not, for we've got you covered.

To streamline your search and ensure you're equipped for victory in the League of Legends arena, we've compiled a list of the top gaming keyboards for 2024. These keyboards have been selected based on their performance, durability, and how well they meet the needs of LoL gamers, ensuring that your gameplay is not just about surviving but thriving on the battlefield. Whether you're looking to improve your response time, enhance your skill execution, or simply enjoy a more reliable gaming experience, our list has something for every aspiring champion.

How to Pick The Right Gaming Keyboard?

Selecting the ideal gaming keyboard for your League of Legends sessions is a crucial step that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's about enhancing your gameplay, ensuring durability, and optimizing your in-game responses. Here’s a refined guide to consider when choosing your gaming companion:

  • Anti-Ghosting Capability: Essential for gamers, anti-ghosting ensures that every key press is registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Standard keyboards often falter with three or more simultaneous key presses, leading to missed commands. For gaming, especially in fast-paced scenarios like those in League of Legends, look for a keyboard with an anti-ghosting feature for six or more keys. This functionality is vital for executing complex commands seamlessly, such as leveling up and unleashing your ultimate combo in quick succession.
  • Switch Types: The heart of every keyboard is its switch technology, with the main contenders being membrane and mechanical switches. While membrane switches are commonplace and may suffice for casual use, mechanical switches are the gold standard for gaming. They provide tactile feedback, greater durability, and the precision required for high-stakes gaming moments. For League of Legends, where every millisecond counts, the consistent and quick actuation of mechanical switches can be a game-changer.
  • Durability and Build Quality: The intensity of gaming sessions can sometimes lead to vigorous key presses. A high-quality keyboard designed to withstand such use is non-negotiable. Look for keyboards with robust build quality that can endure the heat of the moment, ensuring longevity and reliability. This means selecting a keyboard that can take a beating during those intense gaming sessions without compromising on performance.
  • Backlighting for Enhanced Visibility: Although backlighting may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, its practical benefits in gaming environments are undeniable. Good backlighting can significantly improve key visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for more accurate keystrokes and reducing the likelihood of errors. For gamers who prefer playing in dimmed environments, choosing a keyboard with customizable or well-designed backlighting can enhance both the atmosphere and your ability to perform under pressure.

Taking these factors into account will not only elevate your gaming experience but also ensure that you're investing in a keyboard that matches your gaming style and the demands of League of Legends. Whether it's executing the perfect combo, enduring marathon gaming sessions, or simply enjoying the tactile feel of a premium keyboard, these considerations will guide you in making an informed decision.

Importance of picking the right gaming keyboard

Selecting the right gaming keyboard for League of Legends is not merely a matter of preference; it's a crucial decision that can significantly impact your gameplay. In the high-octane environment of League, where every millisecond and precise command counts, the difference between victory and defeat often hinges on the reliability and functionality of your keyboard.

With the game's competitive landscape ever-evolving, players are constantly seeking every possible advantage to outmaneuver their opponents. This is where the choice of keyboard comes into play. A keyboard that offers rapid response times, anti-ghosting capabilities, tactile feedback, and durability can enhance your ability to execute complex in-game strategies, skill shots, and maneuvers with precision and speed.

Moreover, the physical feel and responsiveness of a keyboard can greatly affect your gaming endurance and comfort during extended play sessions. Features like customizable backlighting not only suit your aesthetic preferences but also ensure optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, further enhancing your gaming experience.

In essence, the process of picking the right gaming keyboard for League of Legends is a critical step toward achieving peak performance and enjoyment in the game. It's about finding a tool that aligns with your gaming style, supports your technical needs, and withstands the rigors of competitive play.

Now that we know the importance of picking the right keyboard, here’s the list of the top 6 best keyboards of all time for League of Legends:

1) Corsair K70 Lux – The Faker’s Keyboard

The Corsair K70 Lux stands out in the gaming community, particularly among League of Legends enthusiasts, largely thanks to its association with the legendary player Faker. Since clinching the World Championship in Season 3, Faker has consistently chosen the Corsair K70 Lux, favoring its RGB model for its versatile LED lighting options, though a standard red version is also available for those seeking simplicity.

Streamlined Design with Comprehensive Anti-Ghosting
Boasting a refined diamond-plate aesthetic, the Corsair K70 Lux is designed for efficiency and space-saving on your gaming setup, measuring 17.2 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches. It's a tad more compact than competitors like the Logitech G910 but doesn’t compromise on performance. Featuring top-tier mechanical switches, this keyboard ensures a seamless, lag-free gaming experience. Its 100% anti-ghosting capability guarantees that every key press is accurately registered, no matter how intense the action gets. An added feature is the option to disable the Windows keys, preventing accidental game minimizations during crucial moments.

Tailored for League of Legends Mastery
What sets the Corsair K70 Lux apart is its customization options specifically designed for League of Legends players. It includes special keycaps for the critical Q, W, E, R, D, and F keys, allowing for quick orientation and enhanced gameplay. The package also contains a handy key removal tool, simplifying the process of switching keys to suit your gaming preferences.

Versatile and Dynamic Backlighting
Illumination on the Corsair K70 Lux is highly adaptable, with three backlighting modes accessible via a dedicated keyboard button. Each key's color and brightness can be individually customized, enabling players to create and save unique lighting profiles for League of Legends or any other game. This level of customization not only enhances the gaming experience but also adds a personal touch to the gaming environment, making the Corsair K70 Lux a top choice for gamers seeking performance and style.

2) Razer Blackwidow

The Razer Blackwidow keyboard stands as a titan in the gaming world, cherished by professional gamers across various genres, including the League of Legends community. Razer's commitment to pushing the envelope in gaming equipment innovation is evident in the Blackwidow, which has earned its reputation as one of the premier gaming keyboards on the market.

Robust Design with Exceptional Durability
Despite its plastic foundation, the Razer Blackwidow doesn't compromise on durability or performance. It's a mechanical keyboard designed for precision and stability, featuring switches with added side walls to prevent key wobble and ensure every keystroke is solid and satisfying. The keyboard's legendary durability, with a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes, guarantees it will be a long-lasting addition to any gaming setup.

Advanced Customization Features
The Razer Blackwidow goes above and beyond with its customization options, offering an array of backlighting effects that can be tailored to your preferences using Razer's Hypershift software. This software not only allows for intricate lighting setups but also offers comprehensive keybind remapping. Whether you're transitioning between games or seeking to optimize your control layout for efficiency, the Blackwidow provides the tools needed to tailor your keyboard to your gaming style.

Ergonomic Design with Double Angle Adjusters
Understanding that comfort is key, the Razer Blackwidow features innovative double angle adjusters on its underside. This design provides gamers with the flexibility to adjust the keyboard's angle to their exact preference, enhancing ergonomic support and reducing strain during prolonged gaming sessions.

The combination of these features makes the Razer Blackwidow a versatile and powerful keyboard choice for gamers seeking to elevate their play in League of Legends and beyond. Its blend of durability, customization, and ergonomic design ensures it remains a favored tool in the arsenal of competitive gamers.

3 Logitech G Pro X – The Future of the LoL Keyboards

The Logitech G Pro X emerges as a cutting-edge contender in the League of Legends gaming keyboard arena, boasting endorsement by renowned pro players like Bjergsen, with numerous members from TSM and G2 Esports also aligning themselves with this model. Its compact design, measuring 14.2 x 1.4 x 6 inches, and a sleek black base color, encapsulates both form and function, making it the most compact yet resilient keyboard featured on our list.

Versatile Switch Customization
A standout feature of the Logitech G Pro X is its customizable switch options, offering users the choice between clicky, tactile, and linear switches. This flexibility allows gamers to tailor each key to their specific preferences, adapting the keyboard to various gaming scenarios. The inclusion of a keycap puller ensures that personalizing or replacing switches is straightforward, enhancing the keyboard's adaptability and longevity.

Exceptional Backlighting Flexibility
Logitech's renowned software unlocks the full potential of the G Pro X's backlighting, granting access to an extensive range of presets and animations. Users are also encouraged to experiment and create their own lighting configurations, offering limitless possibilities to personalize their gaming environment. The high-quality LED lighting not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves to illuminate your gaming space with Logitech's signature brilliance.

Responsive and Comfortable Keycaps
The keycaps of the Logitech G Pro X deserve special mention for their softness and immediate responsiveness. With a 1ms response rate, this keyboard is optimized for high-stakes gaming, ensuring that every keystroke is registered instantly and accurately. This feature is particularly crucial for League of Legends, where timing and precision play pivotal roles in gameplay success.

4) Wooting 60HE

The Wooting keyboard distinguishes itself in the gaming keyboard market through its innovative use of analog input technology, a feature that sets it apart from traditional digital keyboards. This unique capability allows it to function similarly to a game controller's joystick, where the degree to which a key is pressed can determine the in-game action's intensity or speed. This analog input is particularly beneficial for gamers seeking more nuanced control over their movements in games, offering a level of precision that digital keys cannot match.

Analog Input for Precise Control: The primary advantage of the Wooting keyboard is its analog input functionality. Unlike standard keyboards that register a key press as a single input (on or off), the Wooting keyboard can detect varying levels of pressure. This allows for gradual inputs, much like pressing a gas pedal in a racing game or sneaking up on an opponent in a stealth game, providing gamers with a richer, more immersive experience.

Customizable Actuation Points: Wooting keyboards enable users to customize the actuation point of each key. This means gamers can adjust how far down a key needs to be pressed before it registers an input, allowing for faster reaction times and more tailored gaming experiences. This level of customization is particularly appealing to competitive gamers who demand precise control over their gear.

Durability and Build Quality: Beyond its innovative features, the Wooting keyboard is also known for its high-quality construction. With durable materials and robust switches designed to withstand extensive use, it's built to last through countless gaming sessions.

Enhanced Gaming Experience: The analog input capability fundamentally changes how games can be played, offering enhanced control in a wide variety of gaming genres. For instance, in racing games, players can control their speed more precisely; in adventure games, they can manage movement speeds with greater finesse; and in competitive gaming, the ability to fine-tune actuation points can provide a tangible edge over opponents.

Software and Customization: The Wooting keyboard is supported by powerful software that allows for deep customization. Users can configure the analog sensitivity, set up different profiles for various games, and adjust the RGB lighting to their preference, making the keyboard not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

5) SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

The Apex Pro TKL (TenKeyLess) by SteelSeries is highly regarded in the gaming community, particularly among League of Legends players, for its cutting-edge technology, exceptional build quality, and unparalleled customization options. Its standout features cater specifically to the needs of competitive gamers, making it a top choice for those looking to optimize their gaming setup.

OmniPoint Adjustable Switches: The cornerstone of the Apex Pro TKL's appeal is its OmniPoint adjustable switches, which allow users to customize the actuation distance of each key from 0.4mm to 3.6mm. This level of customization enables players to tailor their keyboard's responsiveness to their specific gaming style, ensuring that abilities are cast with minimal delay. In a game like League of Legends, where split-second decisions can determine the outcome of a match, the ability to fine-tune actuation points can provide a significant competitive edge.

Durable and High-Quality Build: The Apex Pro TKL is designed with durability in mind, featuring an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. This solid construction ensures that the keyboard remains stable and reliable, even under the most demanding conditions.

Compact and Portable Design: The TKL (TenKeyLess) design removes the number pad, resulting in a more compact keyboard that takes up less desk space and is easier to transport. This is particularly beneficial for gamers who attend tournaments or enjoy gaming in different locations, as it allows for a more flexible and comfortable setup.

Per-Key RGB Illumination: With customizable per-key RGB lighting, the Apex Pro TKL offers extensive personalization options, not just in terms of aesthetics but also for functionality. Players can assign different colors to specific keys, making it easier to locate crucial abilities in the heat of battle. The SteelSeries Engine software facilitates detailed customization, allowing players to create unique profiles for individual games.

Fast and Responsive: Beyond its customizable actuation, the Apex Pro TKL is known for its overall speed and responsiveness. The keyboard's high-performance OmniPoint switches ensure that every key press is registered accurately and instantly, which is essential for executing complex in-game maneuvers and combos in League of Legends.

The Finalmouse Centerpiece

The Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard marks a revolutionary stride in the fusion of technology and design within the world of keyboards. Its array of features not only sets a new benchmark for innovation but also caters to a wide spectrum of users, from hardcore gamers to design enthusiasts and everyday users looking for an extraordinary typing experience.

Integrated Full-Color Display Powered by Unreal Engine 5: At the heart of the Centerpiece's innovation is its full-color display screen beneath the keys, leveraging Unreal Engine 5 for rendering. This feature transforms the keyboard into a canvas for stunning visuals, allowing users to display anything from animated GIFs to intricate landscapes directly under the keys. This level of customization introduces a new dimension of personalization and interaction, elevating the aesthetic appeal and functional utility of the keyboard.

Independent CPU and GPU for Enhanced Performance: The inclusion of a built-in CPU and GPU is a game-changer, allowing the Centerpiece to operate autonomously from the computer's hardware. This independence ensures that the keyboard's visual displays and interactive features run smoothly, without taxing the computer's resources or causing lag. This standalone capability is especially beneficial for users engaged in resource-intensive tasks on their computers, as it ensures uninterrupted performance across the board.

Compact and Efficient 65% Layout: The Centerpiece embraces a 65% layout, striking a balance between compactness and essential functionality. This design choice preserves the keyboard's minimalist appeal while ensuring that all necessary keys are accessible. The low-profile keycaps with side-printed legends contribute to a modern, uncluttered aesthetic, making the keyboard a fitting choice for users who value both space efficiency and style.

Advanced Switch Options for Customized Typing: With the choice between Gateron switches known for their reliability and smooth action, and Hall Effect switches that offer analog inputs and adjustable actuation points, the Centerpiece provides unparalleled typing customization. The latter, in particular, allows users to fine-tune their typing experience to match their speed and precision, a feature that gamers and professionals alike will find invaluable.

Durability and Build Quality for Intensive Use: Constructed with a rugged, anodized aluminum case, the Centerpiece is built to endure the demands of intense gaming sessions and prolonged use. Its durable materials and thoughtful design ensure longevity and reliability, making it a wise investment for anyone seeking a high-performance keyboard.


The Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard is not just an input device but a statement piece that blends cutting-edge technology with innovative design. Its unique features, from the Unreal Engine 5 powered display to the independent processing unit and customizable switches, offer users a level of interaction and personalization previously unseen in keyboards. Whether for gaming, creative work, or daily use, the Centerpiece is poised to redefine expectations and set new standards for what keyboards can offer.

Here at 1v9, we champion companies that dare to innovate and push the boundaries, those who are willing to invest significant resources to bring the best possible products to market. It's this spirit of innovation and risk-taking that we see embodied in the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard. By introducing groundbreaking features such as a full-color display screen powered by Unreal Engine 5, built-in CPU and GPU, customizable switches, and a robust design, Finalmouse is not just advancing technology but also reimagining the very essence of what a keyboard can be.

We believe that the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard, with its unparalleled blend of style, functionality, and innovation, will not only meet the high standards of keyboard enthusiasts and gamers but also set a new benchmark for excellence. It's this commitment to pushing the envelope and delivering the best product possible that leads us to support Finalmouse's vision and to confidently say that the Centerpiece keyboard could very well be the best keyboard of all time.

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