Best Fortnite XP Map Codes To Level Up Fast


Best Fortnite XP Map Codes To Level Up Fast

Fortnite’s XP maps are a dynamic element of the game, frequently changing and often short-lived due to patches from Epic Games. While utilizing these XP maps isn’t considered a bannable offense, they are typically patched soon after gaining popularity, as they are not wholly endorsed by Epic.

To maximize your leveling efficiency in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, here are some tested map codes that are currently effective for earning Creative XP. These maps have been verified to assist with boosting your levels, but it’s advisable to act swiftly and use them before they are potentially patched out.

#1: Cool Red vs. Blue 

Map Code: 6065-6015-9293

Creator: Poka

The Cool Red vs. Blue map stands out as one of the top choices for quickly accumulating XP in Fortnite. This map offers a straightforward yet effective method to boost your levels significantly—potentially more than 10 levels in a short period. If you're eager to explore this map and reap its benefits, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Enter the main arena.
  2. Locate the point where the red and yellow areas converge.
  3. Perform any emote of your choice.
  4. Look down at the emoji on the ground.
  5. Find and interact with a hidden button.
  6. Wait for the countdown to complete.
  7. Collect the gold coins that appear.

Follow these steps carefully to maximize your XP gain on this dynamic map.

#2: Ranked Red vs Blue 

Map Code: 8036-8881-9965

Creator: Itrizz

Ranked Red vs Blue is another excellent map for boosting your Battle Pass level while honing your Fortnite skills. This map offers a dual benefit: it’s not only one of the best for earning significant XP but also serves as an excellent practice arena. Whether you want to level up through structured play or just enjoy a fun session with friends, this map is a great pick.

Here’s a quick guide to gaining XP quickly and effortlessly on this map:

  1. Navigate to the area where the red and blue zones meet, in front of a yellow glass.
  2. Perform an emote.
  3. Locate and interact with a hidden button.
  4. Enter the code 1213 on the nearby keyboard.
  5. This action opens a secret tunnel filled with gold coins—collect them for a substantial XP boost.

These steps will help you maximize your XP gains while providing an enjoyable gameplay experience

#3: Default Easy Deathrun 

Map Code: 0079-0155-9164

Creator: Wolfi

While it may appear as a standard deathrun at first glance, the Default Easy Deathrun map offers a unique method for racking up substantial XP. If you're looking to maximize your XP gain, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Start running until you see a wall with the number five on it to your left.
  2. Locate a button in the lower left corner of this wall and interact with it.
  3. Return to the first room and choose an island.
  4. After being teleported, move to the left-hand corner of the room and jump onto the screen.
  5. Look for and activate a timer button to your right, then proceed into the arena.
  6. Engage in some building activities for the next steps.

For a visual and more detailed guide, you can watch the instructional video on the YouTube channel wolfiegonnadab. This will help ensure you perform each action correctly to maximize your XP earnings from this map.

#4: 1V1 FFA Build Fights 

Map Code: 0528-5858-1317

Creator: Gul

The 1V1 FFA Build Fights map is a standout choice among Fortnite XP maps, offering not only a platform for engaging build battles with friends but also a lucrative way to earn massive amounts of XP. By spending sufficient time on this map, you could potentially increase your Battle Pass by at least six levels each day, unlocking all available rewards efficiently.

To optimize your XP gains on this map, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Double Pump area.
  2. Perform an emote.
  3. Look down and find a hidden button to interact with.
  4. Wait out the countdown.
  5. Enter the code 6451.
  6. Press the Confirm button to access a new section.
  7. Collect all the gold coins scattered around.

For an additional XP boost, consider engaging in tasks like eliminating wildlife using the Explosive Goo Gun.
After completing these actions, you can enjoy rapid Battle Pass progression. In our experience, just 30 minutes on the map can yield about 350,000 XP, equivalent to advancing more than four levels.

#5: The Pit – Free for All 

Map Code: 4590-4493-7113

Creator: Geerzy

The Pit – Free for All stands out as one of the most popular maps in Fortnite Creative, drawing a consistent crowd of players. This map features a lively deathmatch setup where participants can select from an arsenal of weapons at will. It’s an excellent arena for honing your aiming skills while also providing an opportunity to accumulate a substantial amount of XP. Engaging in this fast-paced, weapon-rich environment not only sharpens your combat techniques but also enhances your gameplay experience with the potential for significant XP gains. This makes The Pit a perfect choice for players looking to improve their skills and progress their Battle Pass simultaneously.

#6: Tilted Zone Wars 

Map Code: 3729-0643-9775

Tilted Zone Wars remains a perennial favorite in the Fortnite Creative community, captivating players for years with its enduring appeal. This map mimics a condensed version of Fortnite's battle royale experience, pitting 16 players against each other in fast-paced, intense rounds. Its popularity ensures that matches are quick to start, and the rapid succession of rounds means you can accumulate a significant amount of XP in a short period. If you're looking for a dynamic and efficient way to boost your Battle Pass levels, Tilted Zone Wars is an excellent choice.

#7: Go Goated! Zone Wars 

Map Code: 3305-1551-7747

The Go Goated! Zone Wars map offers a unique twist on the traditional Fortnite experience by transforming it into a team-based mini-battle royale. Unlike other maps where individuals compete solo, this map divides players into four teams, facilitating a collaborative approach to combat. It's an excellent choice for leveling up alongside friends, as effective communication and teamwork can lead to quick victories over competing squads.
For solo players, a strategic move is to observe and align with the strongest players. Teaming up with skilled players can increase your chances of winning more frequently, thereby accelerating your XP gains. Whether you're teaming up with friends or forming alliances in-game, Go Goated! Zone Wars is a dynamic way to earn substantial XP while enjoying intense team-based action.

#8: Aim, Edit, Piece Control 

Map Code: 5112-1759-8096

The Aim, Edit, Piece Control map serves as an extensive training ground for honing your Fortnite skills, featuring an impressive suite of 125 drills. These exercises are meticulously designed to improve your aiming, editing, and building techniques. This map not only elevates your gameplay to higher levels but also rewards your training efforts with a substantial amount of XP upon completion of the drills. It’s an ideal resource for players looking to refine their skills comprehensively while gaining the added bonus of rapidly boosting their XP.


Fortnite's Creative mode offers a treasure trove of XP maps that cater to a variety of gaming needs, whether you're looking to enhance your skills or quickly level up your Battle Pass. Each map mentioned in this blog provides a unique way to practice and perfect your gameplay, while also offering significant XP rewards to accelerate your progress. From team-based challenges in Go Goated! Zone Wars to individual skill drills in Aim, Edit, Piece Control, these maps are designed to both challenge and reward players. So, dive into these Creative maps, harness their potential, and watch as your Fortnite skills and Battle Pass level soar to new heights

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