Top 5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Season 14
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Top 5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Season 14

To excel in the bot lane of League of Legends, especially as an ADC or Support, selecting champions that have strong synergy with each other can significantly boost your performance. The ideal bot lane duo should share similar objectives—whether it's scaling into the late game, securing early kills, or maintaining a steady lane phase. Choosing partners with aligned strategies enhances your ability to dominate the lane and influence the game.

In this guide, we'll unveil the top five bot lane duos for Season 14, renowned for their formidable synergy and high win rates. These combinations are currently among the strongest in the meta, giving players a distinct advantage.

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#1: Kog’Maw and Lulu

Kicking off our list of top bot lane duos in League of Legends is the classic combination of Kog’Maw and Lulu. While this duo might start off slower in the early game, their power escalates dramatically as the game progresses. Kog'Maw, with his high damage output potential, becomes a formidable force in mid to late-game team fights.

Lulu's array of shields and utility skills provides Kog'Maw with the necessary protection to unleash his full damage potential safely. Together, this duo creates a synergistic effect that significantly enhances their ability to control team fights and push advantages. Currently, Kog'Maw and Lulu boast an impressive win rate of 54.5%, making them a top choice for players aiming to dominate the late game.

#2: Jinx and Leona

If you're aiming for dominance right from the early game, then the duo of Jinx and Leona, our second pick, is an excellent choice. This pair grows significantly stronger as they level up and can effectively immobilize opponents for extended periods.

Leona's aggressive initiation and crowd control capabilities pair perfectly with Jinx's high damage output. Once Leona engages, Jinx can follow up with her explosive arsenal to secure kills during the laning phase, setting the stage for a potential snowball. In team fights, Jinx's ability to rapidly increase her attack speed allows her to capitalize on targets that Leona has locked down, often leading to chain kills through her reset mechanic. At the time of writing, Jinx and Leona have a formidable win rate of 55.6%, making them a powerhouse duo for players looking to make an early impact and maintain pressure throughout the game.

#3: Ashe and Milio

The dynamic duo of Ashe and Milio claims the third spot on our list of top bot lane pairings in League of Legends. Ashe, a staple in the ADC role, offers excellent poke potential with her W and significant kill pressure when her ultimate is ready. This duo becomes particularly formidable post-level six.

Milio enhances Ashe's capabilities during trades by providing vital heals and shields. The synergy between Milio's support abilities and Ashe's empowered Q allows them to aggressively pursue enemies and secure favorable trades. This combination of range, healing, and shielding makes them a formidable force throughout all phases of the game. With a current win rate of 55.8%, Ashe and Milio are a versatile and powerful duo, capable of dominating their lane and influencing the wider game.

#4: Nilah and Pyke

For those who favor an aggressive playstyle, the duo of Nilah and Pyke presents a thrilling option. This pairing thrives on high-risk, high-reward strategies, deviating from the traditional scaling and cautious early game to embrace constant engagement and all-ins.

Throughout the laning phase, Nilah and Pyke are proactive in seeking opportunities to catch their opponents off-guard. Their ability to capitalize on even a single kill can rapidly turn the tide of the lane, allowing them to snowball effectively into a substantial lead. In team fights, their synergy shines brightly—Nilah delivers substantial damage while Pyke's finishing moves can secure kills with his execution abilities. Currently boasting a win rate of 56.3%, this duo is perfect for players looking to dominate early and maintain that momentum throughout the game.

#5: Twitch and Janna

Rounding out our list of top bot lane duos is the classic combination of Twitch and Janna. This duo may start off more vulnerable in the early game, especially against aggressive all-ins, but their potential to excel as the game progresses is substantial. Once Twitch acquires a few key items, the duo becomes formidable, particularly when Janna's protective shields enable Twitch to engage in extended trades.

In team fights, Twitch's ability to unleash devastating area-of-effect damage with his auto-attacks becomes a major asset, while Janna excels in her role as his guardian, using her crowd control and defensive abilities to keep him safe from harm. The key to success with this duo lies in balancing aggression with caution; Twitch must avoid overextending to maximize the protective benefits Janna offers. At the time of writing, Twitch and Janna boast an impressive win rate of 56.4%, making them a powerful choice for players who can effectively manage their early-game vulnerabilities and capitalize on their mid to late-game strengths.


Mastering the bot lane in League of Legends Season 14 involves more than just individual skill—it requires picking the right duo that synergizes well to dominate the lane and influence the game. From the scaling power of Kog’Maw and Lulu to the aggressive lane control of Nilah and Pyke, each of these top duos offers unique advantages that can cater to different playstyles and strategies. Whether you prefer to play it safe and scale towards late-game dominance or take risks with early all-ins, there is a duo here to suit your approach. By understanding and utilizing the strengths of these powerful combinations, you can enhance your chances of climbing the ranks and achieving success in your League of Legends matches.

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