Best Augments in LoL Arena | 1v9

December 20th, 2023

Best Augments in LoL Arena | 1v9

What is Augments in LoL Arena

In the vibrant chaos of LoL Arena, Riot Games shook up the meta by introducing Augments—a dynamic twist to the 2v2v2v2 game mode. These special power-ups bestow unique buffs and effects upon champions, elevating their prowess in the arena. Augments range from bolstering stats to unleashing specific interactions, adding an extra layer of strategic depth. While the efficacy of Augments often hinges on champion selection and situational factors, some consistently stand out as superior.
Let's delve into the tiers of Augments, spotlighting those that shine the brightest in LoL Arena. Additionally, we'll explore examples of champions that seamlessly synergize with these game-changing effects, offering you valuable insights as you navigate through the chaos of your next matches.

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  • Sonic Boom
  • Contract Killer
  • Witchful Thinking
  • Erosion
  • Shadow Runner
  • Slap Around
  • Blunt Force

1# Sonic Boom:

  • Empowering your ally with a buff, heal, or shield not only aids your support role but also delivers a punch to foes within a 450-unit radius. Dealing 30 to 150 true damage (based on level) and applying a 30% slow for 2 seconds (2-second cooldown) makes this augment tailor-made for enchanters, turning them into formidable damage dealers with crowd control.

2# Contract Killer:

  • Kickstarting each combat round by marking an enemy champion, Contract Killer transforms your team into efficient bounty hunters. The marked target takes 20% increased damage, and upon their demise, you and your ally reap the rewards with a generous 350 gold. A valuable choice for those aiming to amass wealth in the early stages.

3# Witchful Thinking:

  • Unleashing a surge of 70 Ability Power, Witchful Thinking, despite its silver classification, rivals gold augments in its impact. Particularly potent for control mages and AP-heavy champions, this augment can turn the tide of battles, providing a significant damage boost early in the game.

4# Erosion:

  • Tailored for champions with sustained damage output like Swain, Erosion gradually chips away at enemies' armor and magic resistance. Each instance of damage dealt results in a 1.5% reduction, stacking up to 20 times for an impressive total of 30% resistances reduction.

5# Shadow Runner:

  • Ideal for nimble champions and marksmen such as Vayne, Shadow Runner bestows a burst of 300 bonus movement speed for 2 seconds upon ability casting, dashing, blinking, or exiting stealth. A strategic choice for ADCs looking to kite or champions with multiple evasive maneuvers.

6# Slap Around:

  • Transforming immobilization into raw power, Slap Around rewards you with 12 bonus Attack Damage or 20 Ability Power (Adaptive) for each immobilized enemy champion. With infinite stacking potential, this augment shines on tanky champions with crowd control, turning the likes of Leona and Nautilus into formidable threats by the end of each round.

 7# Blunt Force
. Increases attack damage by 15%.
Pretty self-explanatory. Powerful on all heavy AD-stacking champions.

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  • Blood Brother
  • Holy Fire
  • All For You
  • The Brutalizer
  • Outlaw’s Grit
  • Critical Healing
  • Angel of Retribution
  • Lighting Strikes
  • Thread the Needle
  • Magic Missile
  • Phenomenal Evil
  • It’s Killing Time
  • Scopier Weapons
  • Bread and Butter
  • Recursion

1# Blood Brother:

  • In the midst of skirmishes, Darius enthusiasts will find solace in Blood Brother, a passive dream-come-true for a combat-heavy game mode. Basic attacks and abilities stack Hemorrhage on enemies, dealing escalating physical damage based on level and bonus AD—a relentless onslaught that can wreak havoc.

2# Holy Fire:

  • Transforming healing into a fiery spectacle, Holy Fire turns your benevolent acts into missiles that ignite enemies. This augment delivers magic damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health over time, adding an incendiary twist to your support capabilities.

3# All For You:

  • Elevating your supportive prowess, All For You bestows a 40% increase in the effectiveness of heals and shields on allied champions. A simple yet impactful augment that magnifies your healing capabilities, ensuring your teammates stand strong in the heat of battle.

4# The Brutalizer:

  • For champions seeking a straightforward power boost, The Brutalizer offers a package of 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 15 Lethality. While it may seem basic, these increments prove invaluable, appealing to a wide array of champions hungry for enhanced combat stats.

5# Outlaw’s Grit:

  • Mobile champions rejoice with Outlaw's Grit, an augment that rewards dashing or blinking with bonus armor and magic resistance. Stacking up to 60 bonus resistances, this effect persists until the round's end, fortifying your champion's defenses and making them a formidable force.

6# Critical Healing:

  • Tailored for enchanters, Critical Healing introduces a chance for heals and shields to critically strike, bolstered by a 20% increase in critical strike chance. An enchanting choice that not only enhances healing potential but also grants a touch of critical strike prowess.

7# Lightning Strikes:

  • A boon for ADCs and attack-speed-focused champions, Lightning Strikes grants bonus attack damage based on attack speed. As the game progresses, this augment becomes a potent source of up to 40 additional AD, making it a must-have for champions reliant on swift and deadly strikes.

8# Thread the Needle:

  • Providing a versatile solution for champions with hybrid damage, Thread the Needle bestows 25% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration. A one-stop shop for those looking to cut through enemy defenses, this augment mirrors the Mythic passive of Guinsoo's Rageblade.

9# Magic Missile:

  • A strategic choice for breaking through tanky foes, Magic Missile triggers upon damaging an enemy with an active ability. Unleashing three missiles dealing true damage based on the target's maximum health, this augment is a powerful tool for dismantling resilient champions.

10# Phenomenal Evil:

  • Embracing the power of spamming abilities, Phenomenal Evil grants permanent ability power for each hit, with an additional burst of 40 AP for your second augment. A straightforward yet effective choice for champions keen on unleashing a torrent of devastating abilities.

11# It’s Killing Time:

  • Catering to burst damage aficionados, It's Killing Time places Zed's Death Mark on all enemy champions upon casting your ultimate. With a calculated detonation, this augment turns your ultimate into a lethal time bomb, dealing devastating physical damage based on pre-mitigation damage stored.

12# Scoped Weapons:

  • Bestowing additional attack range, Scoped Weapons cater to the needs of DPS champions. Offering 200 Attack Range (reduced to 100 for ranged characters), this augment is a boon for those relying on potent, ranged assaults to dominate the battlefield.

13# Bread and Butter:

  • For champions with a penchant for ability spamming, Bread and Butter is a game-changer. Granting 150 ability haste to your champion's first basic ability (Q), this augment is a strategic choice for those aiming to unleash a flurry of devastating attacks.

14# Recursion:

  • In the realm of ability spam, Recursion emerges as a basic yet potent augment. Providing a substantial 60 Ability Haste, this augment proves invaluable for champions looking to exploit low cooldowns and maintain a relentless assault. Champions like Sylas, Vladimir, Morgana, and Riven can particularly thrive with this augment.

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  • Center of the Universe
  • Nesting Doll
  • Spellwake
  • Goliath
  • Draw Your Sword
  • Giant Slayer
  • Jeweled Gauntlet

1# Center of the Universe:

  • For champions adept at sticking to enemies, Center of the Universe places three stars in constant orbit, dealing magic damage upon contact. Ideal for those with crowd control abilities or slows, this augment transforms champions into celestial forces, unleashing a steady barrage on their foes.

2# Nesting Doll:

  • Undoubtedly the crown jewel among Prismatic augments, Nesting Doll grants two extra lives upon taking fatal damage. The potential for unexpected victories in critical rounds makes this augment a game-changer, providing resilience and disruption to enemy plans.

3# Spellwake:

  • Tailored for ability-spamming champions, Spellwake leaves a magical trail upon hitting an enemy. After a brief delay, the trail detonates, dealing substantial magic damage to nearby foes. A strategic choice for those with extended crowd control abilities to ensure optimal detonation.

4# Goliath:

  • The epitome of augmentation for tanks and bruisers, Goliath transforms champions into colossal forces. With a 35% health boost and 15% adaptive force, this augment turns tanks into formidable juggernauts, enhancing both survivability and combat prowess.

5# Draw Your Sword:

  • Embrace the melee realm with Draw Your Sword, altering attack range to 200 units. This augment bestows a host of bonuses, including bonus attack damage, attack speed, health, movement speed, and life steal. A versatile choice for champions seeking a well-rounded boost in base stats.

6# Giant Slayer:

  • When faced with a tank-heavy lobby, Giant Slayer shrinks champions down to gain a 30% movement speed boost. Additionally, it inflicts bonus damage against larger enemies. Tailored for ADCs adept at kiting, this augment turns size differentials into a strategic advantage.

7# Jeweled Gauntlet:

  • Unlock the potential for critical strikes with Jeweled Gauntlet, empowering abilities to deal 140% total damage. With a base 20% critical chance and additional scaling based on AP, this augment caters to champions with low cooldowns, ensuring consistent and impactful spell usage throughout the game.


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