Top 10 Best Ares Skins in valorant


Top 10 Best Ares Skins in valorant

Valorant is celebrated for its eclectic array of firearms, each offering a unique tactical experience. Among these is the Ares, a formidable machine gun favored for its high bullet output, making it a preferred choice during light-buy rounds. Often utilized by Cypher or Sova mains, the Ares excels in laying down suppressive fire and controlling enemy movement.

As Valorant has evolved, Riot Games has introduced a variety of Ares skins, each enhancing the weapon’s aesthetics and sometimes incorporating special effects to enrich gameplay. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top 10 Ares skins that stand out for their design and value, helping you decide which skin best suits your style.

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#1: Minima Ares

The Minima Ares, true to its name, embraces a minimalist design that offers a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic. This skin is part of the Minima collection, which has polarized the Valorant community—while some players love its simplicity, others may find it too understated.

For those who appreciate a cleaner, more refined look for their weapon, the Minima Ares can be acquired for 1,275 Valorant Points (VP). Keep an eye on your in-game store or try your luck at the Night Market, where you might snag this skin at a discount. Its availability varies, so catching it in the market could be a serendipitous addition to your collection.

#2: Infantry Ares

The Infantry Ares stands out as an affordable choice for those looking to enhance their Ares without breaking the bank. Priced at just 875 Valorant Points (VP), this skin is significantly cheaper compared to the premium offerings available.

Adopting a classic, old-school aesthetic, the Infantry Ares harkens back to the traditional weaponry used during the World War era, providing a nostalgic touch to your arsenal. While this skin doesn’t feature flashy effects or dramatic upgrades, its cost-effectiveness and vintage design make it an appealing option for players who appreciate a more understated look.

#3: Valorant Go! Vol.2 Ares

The Valorant Go! Vol.2 Ares is a standout skin from the Valorant Go! Vol.2 collection, which also featured the notable Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb melee. This skin is dedicated to Raze, featuring vibrant artwork of the agent that embodies her dynamic and explosive character.

While the Valorant Go! Vol.2 Ares doesn’t come with special effects, the design itself is the main draw, particularly for fans of Raze. Priced at 1,775 Valorant Points (VP), this skin falls into the premium category, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to showcase their allegiance to Raze while wielding a visually striking weapon.

#4: Valiant Hero Ares

Introduced in Valorant’s 7.09 update alongside the Iso agent, the Valiant Hero collection brings a powerful ensemble of skins including the Ares, along with offerings for the Ghost, Vandal, Operator, and a melee weapon.

The Valiant Hero Ares is especially notable for its impressive sound effects, which enhance the experience of mowing down opponents across various maps. This skin also features engaging animations and a dramatic finisher that can be unlocked through upgrades. To fully enjoy its capabilities, be sure to elevate the skin to its maximum potential by investing Radianite Points. This investment enriches the weapon’s performance and visual flair, making it a thrilling choice for any arsenal.

#5: Oni Ares

The Oni Ares is a notable addition from one of Valorant’s most celebrated skin collections, introduced during the collection’s second release. This skin has quickly become a favorite among players for its distinct design and the prestige associated with the Oni series.

This skin offers several customization options beyond its base appearance, including three alternative color schemes: Kumo, Hana, and Tsubame. Enhancements such as improved sound effects, visual effects (VFX), and an exclusive finisher can also be unlocked. As a premium offering, the Oni Ares is available in the in-game store for 1,775 Valorant Points (VP), a price that reflects its high quality and the detailed artistry of the Oni design.

#6: Magepunk Ares

The Magepunk Ares, part of Valorant’s steampunk-inspired Magepunk skin collection, stands out for its exceptional sound effects and clean design, earning it a top spot on our list of the best Ares skins. This skin captures the essence of steampunk aesthetics, marrying vintage influences with futuristic details.

While the Magepunk Ares offers four color variants, the differences are subtle, primarily affecting the color of the lights on the weapon. Each variant maintains the signature Magepunk style. Priced at 1,775 Valorant Points (VP), this skin is a solid investment for those seeking a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing option that enhances the auditory and visual experience of gameplay.

#7: Gaia's Vengeance Ares

The Gaia’s Vengeance Ares, introduced to Valorant in October 2023, offers a refreshing and captivating option for Ares enthusiasts. This skin is notable for its unique tree-themed finisher, which not only looks stunning but also adds a satisfying flourish to securing the final kill of the round.

Beyond the eye-catching finisher, the Gaia’s Vengeance Ares features a range of other effects that enhance the weapon’s usage, making every encounter in-game more engaging. Available in four color options—red, blue, green, and orange—the additional colors can be unlocked with Radianite, allowing for further customization. This skin combines both visual allure and tactical functionality, making it a top-tier choice for those looking to upgrade their Ares arsenal.

#8: Sentinels Of Light Ares

The Sentinels of Light Ares is often hailed as one of the finest Ares skins available in Valorant, celebrated for its sophisticated and luxurious design. Since its introduction in patch 3.02, this skin has garnered a significant following thanks to its premium aesthetics and enhanced gameplay feel.

Sporting the skin while unloading rounds not only enhances the player’s experience but also adds a stylish edge to the battle. The default variant of the Sentinels of Light Ares showcases an elegant mix of gold and black, while the additional color options—Pink, Red/Green, and Blue/Purple—provide further visual diversity. This skin’s blend of beauty and functionality makes it a standout choice for players looking to elevate their game visually and competitively.

#9: Ion Ares

The Ion Ares, a part of the esteemed Ion skin series, brings a sleek and futuristic aesthetic to the battlefield. Introduced during Episode 5: Act 3 in Valorant, this skin was included in the much-anticipated second release of the Ion collection, alongside other favorites like the Frenzy, Spectre, Vandal, and Karambit.

Setting it apart from the original Ion offerings, the Ion Ares comes with an array of color options—white, green, yellow, and blue—each adding a distinct flair to the weapon’s ultra-modern look. While all the color variants are visually striking, the white and yellow options tend to be particularly popular for their crisp and clean appearances, making them standout choices for players looking to combine high-tech style with top-tier functionality.

#10: Singularity Ares

Rounding out our list is the Singularity Ares, notable for being the first Ares skin in Valorant to feature special effects. It has firmly established itself as one of the most iconic and desirable skins for the weapon, thanks to its sophisticated animations, sound effects, and overall elegance.

The Singularity Ares comes in various striking color options, with the base version often heralded as the most visually appealing. As an exclusive category skin, acquiring the Singularity Ares comes at a premium cost of 2,175 Valorant Points (VP). This investment reflects the skin’s high quality and the luxurious experience it offers, making it a must-have for those who value both performance enhancement and standout aesthetics.


The Ares machine gun in Valorant boasts an impressive selection of skins, each bringing a unique blend of style and functionality to your gameplay. From the minimalist appeal of the Minima Ares to the futuristic elegance of the Ion Ares, and the iconic effects of the Singularity Ares, there is a skin for every taste and preference. Whether you’re looking for something cost-effective like the Infantry Ares or ready to invest in the more exclusive Singularity, these skins enhance the visual appeal and can even boost the enjoyment of your gaming sessions. Choosing the right Ares skin can redefine your experience, adding a personal touch to your playstyle while providing the satisfaction of wielding a visually stunning weapon. Remember, while the skin might not change the gun’s mechanics, it certainly can change how you feel about every shot fired.

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