Top 10 Best Agents To Play On Ascent in Valorant


Top 10 Best Agents To Play On Ascent in Valorant

Ascent, one of Valorant’s inaugural maps released in June 2020, remains a staple in the game’s map rotation. Known for its balanced design and a favorite arena for many iconic competitive plays, mastering Ascent can significantly enhance your gameplay and tournament outcomes.

To truly excel on Ascent, choosing the right agents is crucial. While personal preference and comfort with your main are important, selecting agents that thrive on Ascent’s specific layout can offer a strategic edge to your team. This guide will introduce you to the top 10 agents whose abilities align perfectly with Ascent’s challenges, helping you climb the ranked ladder more effectively.

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#10: Sage

Sage continues to shine as a pivotal Sentinel across all Valorant maps, thanks to her versatile abilities that support both offensive and defensive plays. Her role is especially crucial on Ascent, where strategic positioning and team survival can turn the tide of matches.

Sage’s Barrier Orb is a game-changer on Ascent, particularly effective at controlling critical map points. On defense, the wall can seal off Mid to delay or redirect enemy advances. During offensive plays, deploying it at Defender Spawn or Heaven can block sight lines and safeguard your team during site takes. Mastering advanced placements, known as “Grim Walls,” can further enhance your strategic impact, creating unexpected advantages.

Her Slow Orbs add another layer of tactical depth, effectively stalling enemy pushes into either site, which allows your team more time to rotate or set up defenses. Additionally, Sage’s ultimate, Resurrection, holds the power to alter the momentum of the game significantly. By reviving a fallen teammate, Sage can effectively shift numerical advantages back in your team’s favor, potentially clinching crucial rounds on Ascent.

#9: Fade

If you thrive in the Initiator role in Valorant, Fade stands out as a particularly strong choice for Ascent. Her toolkit is well-suited for this map’s dynamics, but to maximize her effectiveness, mastering her Haunt ability’s lineups is crucial. Proper deployment allows you to consistently reveal enemy positions, which is pivotal for both setting up attacks and bolstering defenses.

Fade’s Prowler ability is invaluable for flushing out opponents from entrenched positions such as Cubby, ensuring your team can advance without unexpected hindrances. Additionally, her Seize ability can synergize effectively with other agents’ grenades, creating lethal traps that can incapacitate enemies caught in the combined effects.

Fade’s ultimate, Nightfall, serves as a powerful tool for both site executions and retakes. It disrupts enemy vision and movements, giving your team a significant tactical advantage during crucial moments. Integrating Fade into your Ascent strategy can significantly enhance your team’s control over engagements, making her an indispensable asset for navigating and dominating this map.

#8: Reyna

Reyna proves to be a formidable Duelist on Ascent, especially suitable for players with sharp aim in regular matchmaking, despite her less frequent appearance in professional play. Her abilities cater perfectly to Ascent’s layout, which features narrow site entries that can benefit from her unique skill set.

Her Leer ability is particularly effective at blinding enemies at crucial choke points like B Main or A Main, creating opportunities for aggressive site entries. Following up with a kill, Reyna can choose to heal herself or dismiss to reposition, enhancing her survivability and impact during engagements.

Moreover, activating Reyna’s ultimate, Empress, can turn the tide of tight situations or bolster her ability to secure entry frags. The enhanced fire rate, automatic healing on kills, and improved dismiss offered by Empress make Reyna a terror on the battlefield, capable of single-handedly breaking through defenses and sustaining herself in prolonged fights. Reyna’s adaptability and self-sufficiency make her a strong pick for those looking to dominate on Ascent through aggressive play and tactical engagements.

#7: Astra

Astra stands out as a top-tier Controller on Valorant’s Ascent map, where her cosmic abilities can dictate the flow of the game. Mastering Astra requires precision and strategic foresight, but those who can adeptly manage her stars will find her incredibly effective in controlling the battlefield.

Astra’s Gravity Well and Nova Pulse provide essential utility for both offensive pushes and defensive stands. By strategically placing her stars, Astra can deploy smokes to obscure crucial sightlines like Defender Spawn and Market on B, facilitating safer entries and site takes. These smokes can be pivotal in blocking enemy vision and disrupting their defensive setups.

Moreover, her Gravity Well excels during post-plant scenarios or retakes by pulling enemies out of cover, making them easy targets for your teammates. Her Nova Pulse delivers a stunning concussive blast that can disorient opponents, further tipping engagements in your favor.

Astra’s ultimate, Cosmic Divide, offers game-changing potential by erecting a massive wall that slices through any part of the map. This barrier not only blocks bullets but also significantly dampens sound, allowing for stealthy movements or solid defenses against enemy advances. When used judiciously, Cosmic Divide can alter the tactical landscape of Ascent, providing your team with substantial advantages in holding or retaking sites. Astra’s intricate yet powerful kit makes her an essential asset for teams looking to leverage full spatial control on Ascent.

#6: Cypher

Cypher excels as a Sentinel on Valorant’s Ascent map, making full use of his surveillance capabilities to frustrate opponents and control the flow of the game. His kit is particularly well-suited to Ascent’s layout, allowing for effective area denial and information gathering.

Strategically placed, Cypher’s Spycam can oversee crucial areas such as A Main, Mid, or B, providing real-time intel on enemy movements and tactics. This allows your team to make informed decisions and react swiftly to threats or opportunities.

Additionally, Cypher’s Tripwires can be deployed at key site entrances to alert your team the moment enemies commit to a push, setting traps that can stall or even halt their progress. His Cyber Cages serve dual purposes: not only do they obscure vision like traditional smokes, but they can also be set up for one-way views that give you an edge in engagements without revealing your position.

Cypher’s ultimate, Neural Theft, adds another layer of strategic depth, enabling you to instantly know the positions of all living opponents when activated on a fallen enemy. This can decisively influence round outcomes, particularly in clutch situations or when trying to secure site control. Cypher’s comprehensive surveillance tools make him a formidable presence on Ascent, turning him into a key asset for any team aiming to dominate through superior information warfare.

#5: Killjoy

Killjoy is widely recognized as one of the most effective Sentinels in Valorant, cherished for her versatile utility that excels in control and area denial. Her toolkit is especially beneficial on any map, including Ascent, where her devices can secure and monitor critical areas.

Killjoy’s Alarmbot is ideal for guarding flanks during offensive maneuvers, often serving as an early warning system by detecting and weakening enemies attempting backstabs. This allows your team to focus on the frontal assault without worrying about surprise attacks.

Her Turret, meanwhile, not only deals damage but also serves as an excellent tool for information gathering and enemy distraction. Placing the turret in strategic locations such as the Defender Spawn Boxes on B or near the Generator can create crossfires that disrupt enemy movements and protect key positions.

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades are crucial for post-plant defense. Mastering specific lineups can enable you to activate them remotely, denying defuse attempts and securing round wins. These grenades can be strategically placed at spike sites to catch enemies off-guard and inflict maximum damage.

Furthermore, Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, is tremendously impactful on both attack and defense. It can clear out fortified positions, detain enemies within its radius, and create opportunities for your team to capture or retake sites. This ultimate can decisively swing the momentum in your favor, making Killjoy a top-tier agent for controlling the battlefield on Ascent.

#4: KAY/O

KAY/O is an exemplary Initiator for Ascent, particularly effective in the current meta that favors deploying two Initiators. His abilities are designed to disrupt enemy strategies and facilitate aggressive team maneuvers, making him an indispensable choice for this map.

His ZERO/POINT is invaluable for both revealing and suppressing enemies within its radius, providing a dual advantage by both informing your team of enemy locations and temporarily disabling their abilities. This creates a perfect opportunity for your team to initiate an attack with a significant advantage.

KAY/O’s FLASH/DRIVE is another crucial tool in his arsenal, capable of blinding opponents and setting them up for swift eliminations by your teammates. This ability is particularly effective in Ascent’s tight corridors and entry points, such as Under Heaven or Pizza, where enemies often congregate.

Additionally, his FRAG/MENT grenade can be strategically deployed to flush out enemies from common hiding spots, forcing them into the open where they can be more easily targeted.

KAY/O’s ultimate, NULL/CMD, amplifies his ability to disrupt by emitting a pulse that neutralizes enemy abilities in a wide radius. This can decisively tilt site engagements in your favor, especially during critical pushes or retakes, as enemies are left without their abilities, giving your team a clear tactical upper hand.

#3: Omen

Omen stands as an outstanding Controller for Ascent in Valorant, bringing a unique blend of stealth, mobility, and area control to the table. His Dark Cover smokes provide long-lasting visual obstructions that are ideal for setting ambushes or safely crossing sightlines. These smokes are perfect for shotgun plays close to entry points where you can catch enemies off-guard.

Omen’s Paranoia is especially effective on Ascent, where its ability to blind opponents across the map’s narrow pathways can facilitate crucial picks and disrupt enemy formations. This makes it a powerful tool for initiating team pushes or defending against aggressive plays.

Additionally, Omen’s Shrouded Step offers remarkable versatility and mobility, allowing for unexpected positioning or repositioning. This ability is particularly useful for accessing strategic areas like Tree or controlling mid, providing Omen with opportunities to flank or escape pinch situations.

Omen’s ultimate, From the Shadows, expands his strategic options even further, enabling him to teleport across the map to critical locations like Boathouse. This can be used for sudden site takes, quick rotations, or to save rounds by relocating in clutch situations. Altogether, Omen’s toolkit makes him an indispensable agent on Ascent, where his abilities can capitalize on the map’s structural nuances to dominate the play effectively.

#2: Sova

Sova is an exemplary Initiator for Ascent, providing unparalleled reconnaissance and damage potential that can decisively influence the course of a match. His toolkit is exceptionally well-suited to Ascent’s layout, which is rich in wallbang spots and strategic areas that benefit from precise information gathering.

Sova’s Recon Bolt is indispensable on Ascent, particularly effective on B Site where its revelations can uncover enemies hidden behind common cover spots, allowing for strategic wallbangs and coordinated team assaults. This ability becomes crucial for planning your team’s approach and defending against site takes.

Moreover, Sova’s Owl Drone extends his scouting capabilities, offering a mobile viewpoint that can safely clear corners and gather intel as your team advances. This is particularly valuable for checking areas before committing to a push or a site take.

Sova’s Shock Darts are another critical aspect of his arsenal, allowing for indirect damage that can soften up enemies or clear out tightly held positions. With numerous lineups available on Ascent, mastering these can allow Sova to support his team from a distance effectively.

Lastly, Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, is a game-changer, capable of securing kills across the map or denying spike defusals post-plant. Its long-range, penetrating capability makes it one of the most impactful ultimates on Ascent, providing both offensive and defensive value. Overall, Sova’s comprehensive ability to gather intel and deal damage makes him a top-tier agent on Ascent, where information and area denial are key to victory.

#1: Jett

Jett’s agility and evasive prowess make her an exceptional choice for the Duelist role on nearly any Valorant map, with Ascent being a particularly strong showcase for her capabilities. If you’re inclined towards an aggressive playstyle, Jett should undoubtedly be your go-to agent on this map.

Her Tailwind dash is perfect for bold, assertive maneuvers; for instance, you can take a quick shot at mid, then immediately dash back to safety, minimizing your exposure while still applying pressure. This ability not only allows for aggressive peeking but also provides a reliable escape mechanism, enhancing her survivability during intense firefights.

In addition, Jett’s Cloudburst smokes offer quick, effective visual cover, enabling you or your teammates to reposition or safely cross exposed areas. Her Updraft ability further expands her mobility, allowing her to reach elevated positions such as the boxes on A site, creating unexpected angles and opportunities for picks.

Furthermore, Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate is incredibly versatile and valuable, especially during eco rounds. It provides a potent, cost-free means to challenge armed opponents, potentially turning resource disadvantages into winnable engagements.

Overall, Jett’s combination of high mobility, evasive tactics, and potent killing potential makes her a top-tier agent for Ascent, where she can fully leverage the verticality and long sightlines to dominate the opposition.

Mastering Ascent in Valorant hinges on effectively utilizing agents whose abilities align with the map’s strategic demands. From Jett’s unrivaled mobility and aggressive potential to Sova’s invaluable reconnaissance capabilities, each agent on this list brings a unique set of tools that can significantly enhance your team’s performance. Whether you’re controlling sightlines, gathering critical information, or executing fast-paced maneuvers, these agents are key to exploiting Ascent’s layout to its fullest. Embracing these recommendations and integrating them into your gameplay can lead to more consistent victories and a deeper understanding of tactical play on one of Valorant’s most iconic maps.

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