Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Zilean in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Zilean in League of Legends

Zilean, a timeless enchanter in League of Legends, excels in supporting roles thanks to his unique abilities. Renowned for his capability to manipulate cooldowns with his W, Zilean can repeatedly use his skills to control the battlefield. His speed buffs make him an ideal partner for ADCs who thrive on mobility, enhancing their positioning and escape potential.

Furthermore, Zilean’s ultimate acts as a safeguard, reviving fallen allies during critical moments in battle, much like a built-in Guardian Angel. This ability makes him exceptionally valuable in protecting key teammates, especially during intense team fights.

As a champion whose strength lies not just in damage but in strategic play, Zilean pairs well with ADCs that can leverage his speed boosts and revival for aggressive positioning and sustained combat. This guide explores the top five ADCs whose skills synergize perfectly with Zilean’s, enhancing both their survivability and killing potential. Let’s delve into which marksmen are best suited to capitalize on Zilean’s temporal tricks.

#1: Draven

Draven ranks highly among ADCs who synergize with Zilean, largely due to his reliance on positioning to catch his spinning axes. With Zilean's ability to boost speed, Draven can effortlessly juggle multiple axes, enhancing his already formidable chasing and kiting capabilities.

Draven excels throughout the game, making him a perfect match for Zilean, whose support remains consistently valuable from early skirmishes to late-game team fights. Together, they form a dynamic duo capable of aggressive plays and sustained damage output. Let's explore the tactics and strategies that make the Driven-Zilean pairing not just viable but often dominant on the battlefield.

#2: Jhin

Jhin, renowned for his dramatic flair and precise shots, finds an excellent partner in Zilean. The synergy between Jhin's need for precise positioning and Zilean's ability to manipulate speed creates a formidable duo. With Zilean's enhancements, Jhin can more effectively position himself to land devastating shots, especially during his critical fourth shot.

The combination of Jhin's trapping capabilities and Zilean's crowd control can set the stage for deadly ambushes. Zilean’s timely speed boosts significantly aid Jhin not just in repositioning but also in retreating swiftly when reloading. This partnership thrives in both lane harassment and team fights, where Jhin's calculated shots and Zilean's strategic use of his abilities can control and dismantle opposing teams.

#3: Jinx

Jinx, with her explosive damage output but vulnerability due to lack of escape abilities, pairs well with Zilean’s protective and enhancing capabilities. Zilean’s ultimate, which can resurrect Jinx if she falls in battle, is a game-changer, providing her a second chance to unleash havoc with her rocket launcher. Moreover, Zilean's ability to speed up Jinx or slow down approaching threats complements her need to position safely during fights.

This duo excels in both offensive and defensive postures, with Zilean enabling Jinx to safely poke from a distance or retreat under threat. His crowd control through time bombs adds an additional layer of security, deterring enemies from diving too deeply into their backline. Together, they form a lane that can adapt to aggressive pushes or hold steadfast under pressure, making them a versatile and formidable pairing.

#4: Vayne

Vayne, known for her vulnerability yet tremendous outplay potential, benefits immensely from Zilean's support capabilities. Zilean's time-bending skills are perfectly suited to amplify Vayne's strengths and mitigate her weaknesses. When Vayne decides to engage, Zilean can supercharge her movement with his Time Warp, allowing her to dart around the battlefield with ease.

Zilean's capability to reset his own cooldowns with Rewind means he can repeatedly offer these boosts, ensuring Vayne can maintain her aggressive positioning. Additionally, his Time Bomb stuns can serve as the perfect setup for Vayne to pin an enemy against a wall with her Condemn. This synergy not only secures kills but also protects Vayne in critical moments, making the duo exceptionally deadly in both skirmishes and extended team fights.

#5: Varus

Varus synergizes seamlessly with Zilean, forming a duo that excels in long-range harassment and secure damage delivery. When Zilean successfully lands his double Time Bombs to stun an opponent, Varus can capitalize on the moment by unleashing his Piercing Arrow, charged to deal maximum damage. This partnership allows them to effectively poke and whittle down enemies from a safe distance, maintaining control over the lane without taking significant return fire.

However, their vulnerability lies in handling opponents that can bypass their frontline or disrupt their positioning. To counteract this, Zilean can adopt a more AP-centric item build to enhance his bombs' threat while maintaining his pivotal support utilities like Chronoshift to rescue Varus or himself from deadly situations. This strategic flexibility ensures that Varus can continue to output high damage from afar while relying on Zilean's temporal tricks to keep threats at bay.


We've explored the top five ADCs that pair exceptionally well with Zilean, highlighting how his unique abilities can amplify the strengths of each ADC. From Draven's relentless axe catching to Varus's precise bursting, Zilean's skill set—especially his ability to manipulate time with speed boosts, stuns, and revives—makes him a versatile and powerful ally in the bot lane. Each ADC discussed benefits significantly from Zilean's support, either through enhanced mobility, increased survivability, or the ability to lock down targets for easy takedowns. Mastering these pairings can significantly enhance your gameplay, turning the tide of battles and leading your team to victory.

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