Top 7 Best ADCs to Duo With Sona in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs to Duo With Sona in League of Legends

Discover the top seven ADCs to pair with Sona in League of Legends, optimizing her supportive abilities for maximum lane dominance and team fight impact. Known for her harmonious blend of healing, damage, and crowd control, Sona shines brightest alongside ADCs who can capitalize on her versatile kit.

Sona's value spikes when she's paired with ADCs that synergize well with her auras and ultimate. Unlike champions that primarily focus on farming, Sona excels with aggressive marksmen who can take immediate advantage of her potent poke and sustain.

In this blog, we delve into the best ADC partnerships for Sona, detailing how their abilities complement hers to control the bot lane and swing team fights in their favor. From lane dominators to late-game scalers, these pairings are crafted to amplify Sona's strengths and cover her vulnerabilities, ensuring your duo has the edge in both skirmishes and sprawling battles. Let’s explore these dynamic duos and how to leverage them effectively in your games.

#1: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune and Sona form a dynamic duo in the bot lane, excelling with their synergistic burst potential and movement speed enhancements. Sona's ultimate, Crescendo, sets the stage perfectly by ensnaring multiple opponents in a stunning musical embrace, allowing Miss Fortune to unleash her Bullet Time, raining devastating damage across the immobilized foes.

Moreover, Sona's Song of Celerity not only enhances Miss Fortune's natural agility but also bolsters her ability to pursue or retreat with enhanced speed. Together, they orchestrate a ballet of bullets and melodies, turning team fights into a choreographed display of aggression and control. This pairing thrives on their shared ability to dictate the pace of engagements, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

#2: Ezreal

Ezreal and Sona form an oppressive lane duo, utilizing their long-range poke to dominate their adversaries from a distance. With Sona's melodic enhancements and Ezreal's arcane shots, they can exert substantial pressure early in the game, making it challenging for opponents to farm safely.

Their relentless poke not only secures lane dominance but also prepares the stage for potential jungle interventions. Should an enemy gank fail, Ezreal and Sona are well-equipped to turn the tide, potentially escalating their lead into a runaway victory.

In the later stages of the game, the synergy between Sona's Crescendo and Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage becomes evident. Sona's ability to catch multiple enemies with her ultimate perfectly sets up Ezreal to unleash his own, ensuring that their combined assault can decisively impact team fights, making them a formidable pair through all phases of the match.

#3: Draven

Draven and Sona are a formidable duo in the bot lane, renowned for their aggressive early-game presence. Draven's spinning axes deal massive damage, enhanced by Sona's Hymn of Valor, which amplifies his attacks. Additionally, Sona's Tempo boosts Draven’s mobility, allowing him to relentlessly pursue and pressure opponents, securing early kills or summoner spells.

This pairing excels at initiating swift, decisive strikes. Draven, wielding two spinning axes, signals Sona to boost their aggressive engagement. In team fights, Draven's Stand Aside can effectively position enemies to be ensnared by Sona's Crescendo, setting the stage for a devastating follow-up. Draven can then capitalize on the immobilized foes with his whirlwind of axes, picking off targets one after another. Together, Draven and Sina orchestrate a symphony of destruction that can dominate the lane and influence the game’s outcome from the onset.

#4: Lucian

Lucian, with his early game prowess, pairs exceptionally with Sona to control the bot lane from the get-go. When Lucian hits level 3, unlocking his full basic ability set, he becomes a powerhouse, especially when enhanced by Sona's Hymn of Valor (Q). This duo can assert dominance early, with Lucian's quick burst potential combined with Sona's ability to augment his damage and sustain him through trades.

As the game progresses, their synergy only strengthens. Sona's array of supportive abilities—her E's speed boost, her W's heal, and her power chord-enhanced auto-attacks—can turn Lucian into a relentless force in skirmishes and team fights. Crucially, during critical moments, Sona's Crescendo (R) can serve as the perfect setup for Lucian's The Culling, ensuring maximum hit rates and devastating impact on targets, solidifying their dominance from early trades to late-game team fights.

#5: Jinx

Jinx and Sona form a vibrant and dynamic pair in the bot lane, with Jinx’s rocket launcher and chompers combining flawlessly with Sona’s array of supportive melodies. In lane, Jinx leverages her range to harass opponents, while Sona bolsters their staying power with her healing and timely speed boosts, facilitating slick dodges or aggressive pursuits.

The crescendo of their collaboration comes during larger skirmishes. Sona’s Crescendo (R) not only disrupts the battlefield with its sweeping stun but perfectly sets the stage for Jinx to launch her Super Mega Death Rocket. This combination can swing fights in their favor, making them a terror in both laning and team fights, orchestrating destruction with every note and bullet.

#6: Vayne

Sona pairs wonderfully with Vayne, offering the tools to shore up the Night Hunter's weaker early game. With Sona's harmonious support, Vayne gains the confidence to poke aggressively in lane. Sona's Hymn of Valor (Q) enhances Vayne's Tumble-enhanced auto-attacks, allowing them to deal significantly more damage.

Sona's versatile abilities provide excellent peel and initiate capabilities, crucial for a champion like Vayne who thrives in sustained skirmishes. The speed boost from Sona's Song of Celerity (E) enhances Vayne's agility, enabling swift engages or retreats, while Aria of Perseverance (W) offers timely heals. When Sona launches her Crescendo (R), it creates the perfect opening for Vayne to activate her Final Hour (R), diving into the fray with increased stealth and damage potential, making them a formidable duo from lane to late-game team fights.

#7: Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a prime candidate for pairing with Sona due to her exceptional attack range, allowing her to capitalize on poke opportunities without having to get too close to the fray. With Sona by her side, Caitlyn's ability to control the lane becomes even more pronounced.

Sona's ultimate, Crescendo, perfectly complements Caitlyn's kit by immobilizing enemies, setting them up perfectly for Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap. This synergy not only secures kills but also fortifies lane dominance. Additionally, Sona's array of supportive melodies enhances Caitlyn's survivability and lane sustain, allowing her to safely reach her critical power spikes.

Once Caitlyn acquires key items like Stormrazor, their combined force becomes nearly unstoppable. Caitlyn can extend her dominance into mid and late game, where her range and Sona's speed boosts make retreating difficult for any foe. Sona's consistent heals and buffs ensure Caitlyn remains a persistent threat, while her ultimate can decisively turn team fights in their favor. Together, they create a duo that not only excels in lane but also scales seamlessly into late-game team battles.


Pairing champions with Sona can significantly enhance their performance in both the laning phase and team fights. Sona's versatile kit, which includes potent poke, sustain, and crowd control, complements a wide range of ADCs, empowering them to dominate their lane and scale effectively into the late game. Whether you're looking to capitalize on early game aggression with Lucian, extend your reach with Caitlyn, or synchronize devastating ultimates with Miss Fortune, Sona is the support that can turn these pairings into formidable bot lane duos. Choosing the right ADC to match with Sona's abilities is crucial for maximizing your impact on the game and securing victories in your League of Legends matches.

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