Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Rakan in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Rakan in League of Legends

Rakan is an insane playmaker among League of Legends supports, known for his exceptional mobility and crowd control capabilities. His ability to engage and disengage with ease, thanks to his dazzling combination of The Quickness (R), Grand Entrance (W), and Battle Dance (E), makes him a formidable ally in the bot lane. Equipped with items like Zeke’s Convergence, Rakan can single-handedly turn the tide of battles, providing not only initiation but also substantial peel and protection for his teammates.

This guide will highlight the top five ADCs that synergize incredibly well with Rakan’s dynamic playstyle. From his sudden, high-impact crowd control to his swift protective measures, Rakan sets the stage for these ADCs to capitalize on his setups and dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re looking to engage in rapid skirmishes or sustain through prolonged engagements, pairing Rakan with the right ADC can elevate your game to new heights, ensuring a victorious climb in your ranked endeavors.

#1: Xayah

Xayah and Rakan are not just partners in the lore of League of Legends, but they are also a formidable pair on the battlefield. Known affectionately as the Lovers’ Duo, their synergy transcends typical gameplay mechanics, offering unique enhancements when paired together. Their coordinated recall allows them to escape peril swiftly, enabling Rakan to initiate a recall that Xayah can join at the last moment, ensuring both escape to safety simultaneously.

Rakan’s abilities, particularly his E - Battle Dance, receive a significant range boost when linked with Xayah, facilitating rapid engages and retreats that keep the duo in perfect harmony during skirmishes. This extended range allows Rakan to dive deep with his Grand Entrance and quickly snap back to Xayah, providing her with shields and positioning advantages.

A masterful tactic they can employ is Rakan launching a multi-target CC chain with his Quickness and Grand Entrance, followed by Xayah preparing her Featherstorm. As Rakan’s CC wanes, Xayah pulls back her feathers, slicing through the opposition with a devastating root and burst of damage. This synchronization not only secures kills but also turns the tide of team fights in their favor.

To maximize their battlefield control, Rakan can leverage items like Zeke’s Convergence to enhance his slowing capabilities, allowing Xayah more opportunities to land precise feather strikes. Together, Xayah and Rakan are not just a couple but a powerhouse that dictates the flow of the game, from laning phase to the climactic team fights of late game.

#2: Tristana

Tristana excels as an all-in ADC who thrives on jumping into the fray, making her an ideal partner for Rakan’s dive-heavy style. Known for her Rocket Jump that propels her into the heart of battles, Tristana can leverage Rakan’s engaging abilities to maximize her aggressive playstyle.

When Tristana commits with her Rocket Jump, Rakan can swiftly respond by converging on her position, using his Grand Entrance to lock down opponents caught in her blast radius. This initial synergy allows Tristana to unload her rapid shots, ideally setting up a reset on her Rocket Jump for continued assault.

Rakan enhances this duo’s synergy with his ultimate, The Quickness, which extends crowd control effects and creates a prolonged window for Tristana to deal damage. If enemies attempt to retaliate, Tristana’s Buster Shot serves as a perfect disengage tool, knocking back threats and securing the space she needs to continue her assault.

Furthermore, Tristana’s ability to reset her Rocket Jump with kills or assists aligns seamlessly with Rakan’s Battle Dance, enabling him to dart back to her side and reinforce her as she hops from one target to the next. This dynamic makes them a formidable duo, capable of turning aggressive initiations into multi-kill opportunities.

#3: Yasuo

Yasuo’s synergy with Rakan in the bot lane forms a dynamic and aggressive duo capable of decisive, fight-winning plays. Yasuo, increasingly popular in bot lane roles, thrives alongside champions who can provide reliable airborne effects to trigger his Last Breath ultimate. Rakan, with his quick and far-reaching Grand Entrance, offers exactly this, setting up Yasuo for high-impact ultimates.

The interaction between Yasuo’s Wind Wall and Rakan’s protective abilities adds a layer of strategic depth to their partnership. Yasuo’s dashes through enemy minions combined with Rakan’s mobility allows them to weave in and out of combat, harassing opponents and controlling the flow of the lane.

The real power of this pairing shines during team fights: Rakan’s ability to engage with The Quickness and catch multiple opponents with his knock-up creates the perfect setup for Yasuo to unleash his Last Breath. As enemies descend from Yasuo’s ultimate, Rakan can continue to disrupt the battlefield, granting Yasuo ample time to slice through adversaries with his Steel Tempest and charged tornadoes.

Together, Yasuo and Rakan can dominate the bot lane through a combination of high mobility, sustained crowd control, and burst damage, making them a fearsome duo against any opposition.

#4: Samira

Combining Samira with Rakan creates a spectacularly explosive bot lane duo, capable of unleashing devastating teamfight damage. Rakan’s ability to engage and control multiple opponents with his Grand Entrance and The Quickness sets the stage perfectly for Samira’s aggressive, all-in style.

Samira thrives in the chaos of clumped enemies, utilizing her Daredevil Impulse to quickly stack her Style meter. Rakan’s knack for gathering foes with his widespread crowd control ensures Samira can capitalize effectively, often setting her up for a show-stopping Inferno Trigger.

This duo excels in coordinated strikes. Rakan initiates with his charm and knock-up, allowing Samira to dive into the fray with Wild Rush, spreading damage rapidly across the battlefield. As enemies are momentarily disabled by Rakan, Samira can slice through them, securing kills and potentially resetting her dash for sustained assaults.

Both champions share a synergy that revolves around mobility and the ability to peel for one another, enhancing their survival and effectiveness in skirmishes. Together, Rakan and Samira not only dominate lane engagements but also transition powerfully into late-game team fights, making them a formidable pair against any lineup.

#5: Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa, while not traditionally an all-in champion, can evolve into a formidable aggressive attacker with the right support and itemization. With Rakan as her lane partner, Kai’Sa’s late-game potential as a high-burst damage dealer is significantly enhanced.

Kai’Sa’s innate ability to execute burst damage, especially when her Killer Instinct is paired with items like The Collector, allows her to assassinate targets swiftly. In the later stages of the game, Rakan’s ability to engage with his R-The Quickness and W-Grand Entrance combo provides the perfect setup for Kai’Sa. He can engage on isolated targets or initiate on groups, creating opportunities for Kai’Sa to dive in with her ultimate, Supercharge, and decimate opponents with her explosive burst.

Furthermore, Rakan’s protective capabilities through his Guardian rune, Battle Dance (E), and Gleaming Quill (Q) ensure that Kai’Sa can safely navigate through skirmishes and team fights. Rakan can shield and heal Kai’Sa, allowing her to sustain longer in fights and retreat safely if necessary.

This pairing excels when Rakan sets the stage with his crowd control, allowing Kai’Sa to capitalize on compromised positions. Together, they can dominate not only lane phases but also exert substantial pressure during critical late-game team fights, making them a dynamic and lethal duo.


Rakan’s exceptional versatility as a support in League of Legends allows him to enhance the capabilities of a variety of ADCs, from aggressive front-liners to late-game hypercarries. Each ADC brings unique strengths that, when paired with Rakan’s crowd control and mobility, can dominate the bot lane and impact broader team strategies. Whether it’s the synchronized dance of destruction with Xayah or enabling hard-hitting all-ins with Samira, Rakan’s ability to initiate and peel makes him an invaluable partner in the climb through ranked games. Harnessing the full potential of these pairings requires understanding their synergies and mastering the timing of their combined abilities, promising thrilling gameplay and strategic depth in every match.

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