Top 6 Best ADCs to pair with Pyke
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Top 6 Best ADCs to pair with Pyke

Pairing the right ADC with Pyke can transform your bot lane into a formidable force in League of Legends. In this guide, we'll explore the top six ADCs that synergize exceptionally well with Pyke, enhancing both your gameplay and your chances of dominating the lane. These champions include Seraphine, Karthus, Tristana, Jinx, Corki, and Draven. Each of these ADCs brings unique strengths that complement Pyke's aggressive playstyle and roaming capabilities, making them ideal partners for securing kills and controlling the game's pace.

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#1: Seraphine

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, emerges as the top ADC to synergize with Pyke, boasting a remarkable 58.49% win rate. Her versatile kit enhances Pyke's aggressive tactics perfectly. Seraphine's array of crowd control, protective shields, and consistent damage output complement Pyke's bursty nature, creating a devastating duo in the bot lane.

Her ability "Beat Drop" (E) skillfully restricts enemy movement, perfectly priming targets for Pyke's executes. "Surround Sound" (W) not only shields Pyke, enhancing his durability during dives, but the added haste also boosts his mobility, crucial for positioning and escaping tight spots.

Furthermore, Seraphine's ultimate, "Encore" (R), orchestrates the battlefield by charming foes, setting the stage for Pyke to safely deploy his full damage potential. Together, Seraphine and Pyke can control the flow of the game, making aggressive plays, locking down opponents, and efficiently turning early leads into victories. This synergy not only makes them a powerful pair but also a dominant force in competitive play.

#2: Karthus

Karthus, known as the Deathsinger, forms a lethal partnership with Pyke, boasting an impressive 56.21% win rate together. This pair thrives in the bot lane, blending their abilities to orchestrate a devastating assault that few can withstand.

Karthus's distinct skillset superbly enhances Pyke’s aggressive dives, particularly with his "Wall of Pain" (W). This ability not only slows enemies but also reduces their magic resistance, making them vulnerable targets for Pyke's sharp executes. This setup is crucial for maximizing Pyke's damage potential and securing lane dominance.

Moreover, Karthus’s "Death Defied" passive allows him to cast spells post-mortem, providing continuous support in skirmishes. This ensures that even in death, Karthus can contribute to the fight, allowing Pyke to capitalize on weakened foes or retreat if needed.

Karthus’s ultimate, "Requiem" (R), synergizes exquisitely with Pyke's kit. This global strike softens up the entire enemy team, priming them for Pyke's deadly finishers. Together, Karthus and Pyke not only dominate their lane but also exert pressure across the map, making them a formidable duo in any match.

#3: Tristana

Tristana, known as the Yordle Gunner, pairs formidably with Pyke, showcasing a robust 53.23% win rate together. This duo leverages Tristana's explosive abilities alongside Pyke’s aggressive tactics to dominate the bot lane effectively.

Tristana's "Explosive Charge" (E) sets the stage for Pyke's deadly strikes by placing a bomb on the enemy that explodes after a short duration, dealing damage to surrounding units. This ability synergizes well with Pyke's burst-heavy approach, amplifying their combined offensive potential.

Her "Rocket Jump" (W) enhances this pairing by offering both mobility and a slow effect upon landing, which disrupts enemy positioning and sets them up for Pyke’s precision strikes. The dynamic mobility of Tristana allows her to reposition quickly, either to engage or escape, making their lane presence unpredictable and dangerous.

The pinnacle of their teamwork is seen with Tristana’s "Buster Shot" (R), which not only inflicts substantial damage but also knocks back the target. This displacement is perfect for Pyke, setting him up to execute his ultimate on disoriented foes efficiently. Together, Tristana and Pyke create relentless pressure in lane, capitalizing on each other’s strengths to control and conquer their adversaries.

#4: Jinx

Jinx, affectionately known as the Loose Cannon, forms an explosive duo with Pyke, boasting a 53.07% win rate together. Her unpredictable playstyle pairs seamlessly with Pyke's aggression, turning them into a dynamic force in the bot lane.

Jinx's "Flame Chompers!" (E) provides crucial crowd control, deploying a series of grenades that root enemies, setting the stage for Pyke's decisive strikes. Her "Zap!" (W) complements this by firing a long-range shock blast that not only damages but also slows and reveals the first enemy hit, perfectly priming targets for Pyke’s follow-up.

Together, Jinx and Pyke create a relentless offensive force. Their ability to lock down opponents and initiate swift, aggressive maneuvers makes them a top choice for players aiming to dominate the lane and influence the broader game. Their synergy unlocks new levels of strategic play, combining Jinx’s area control with Pyke’s mobility and finishing power to great effect.

#5: Draven

Draven and Pyke make for an aggressive and high-impact duo, perfectly suited for players who disdain passive play. This combination thrives on early game dominance, often forcing opponents to retreat rather than face their combined onslaught.

Pyke's role as an aggressive initiator is a perfect match for Draven’s damage potential. When Pyke lands a hook and follows up with his E and a quick Hail of Blades activation, he can drastically reduce an enemy ADC's health. Draven, equipped with his spinning axes and the speed boost from Blood Rush, capitalizes on this setup with ease.

If Draven is positioned too far to engage directly, his ultimate, Whirling Death, can be cast from a distance to slash through enemies, reducing their health further. This positions enemies perfectly for Pyke's Death from Below, allowing for swift executions that not only secure kills but also activate Draven’s passive, generating bonus gold. Together, Draven and Pyke don’t just win their lane—they dominate it, making this duo a terror in the bot lane.

#6: Corki

Rounding out the list, Corki stands as an exceptional ADC pairing with Pyke, boasting a 52.27% win rate. Recent enhancements to Corki’s kit have elevated his synergy with Pyke, making them a formidable force in lane.

Corki’s Gatling Gun (E) shreds through enemy defenses by decreasing armor and magic resistance, setting the stage perfectly for Pyke’s aggressive plays. This synergistic interaction allows Pyke to capitalize on weakened opponents with his powerful burst potential. Additionally, Corki's Valkyrie (W) offers both an escape mechanism and an offensive tool, carpeting the battlefield with bombs that deal continuous damage, disrupting enemy positioning and softening them up for Pyke’s deadly finish.

Together, Corki and Pyke combine high mobility, substantial burst damage, and tactical positioning, making them a top choice for players looking to dominate the bot lane.


Pairing the right ADC with Pyke can dramatically enhance your gameplay in League of Legends. Each of the six ADCs listed—Seraphine, Karthus, Tristana, Jinx, Draven, and Corki—brings unique strengths that synergize well with Pyke’s aggressive, playmaking style. Whether it’s through crowd control, burst damage, or utility, these combinations can dominate the bot lane and control the pace of the game. Experiment with these pairings to leverage their strengths and create dynamic and effective strategies to climb the ranks in your matches. Remember, the key to success is not just individual skill but the ability to work seamlessly with your lane partner.

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