Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair with Nami in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair with Nami in League of Legends

Nami might not catch your eye at first with her seemingly simple set of skills, but don’t be fooled—her potential as a support in League of Legends is profound. Boasting a versatile toolkit, Nami can switch between offensive and defensive play seamlessly, making her an invaluable partner in the bot lane. Her Q, Aqua Prison, is a crucial skill that encapsulates enemies in a bubble, disrupting their movement and setting up potential kills or escapes.

Capable of playing both aggressively and defensively, Nami excels in poking and healing. Her W, Ebb and Flow, damages opponents and bounces back to heal both her and her ADC, facilitating advantageous trades that can dominate the lane early on. This dual ability to harass and sustain makes Nami a formidable support that can dictate the pace of the lane.

As we delve into this guide, we will explore the five best ADC champions to synergize with Nami’s unique abilities. These pairings can leverage her balanced skill set for both aggressive engagements and sustained lane presence, ensuring your path to victory is as fluid as the tides. Whether you're looking to enhance your aggressive plays or need a stalwart ally to secure your lane, Nami's versatility will be your greatest asset.

#1: Lucian

Lucian and Nami form a dynamic duo known for their strong early game presence. Lucian's mobility and burst potential, combined with Nami's crowd control and sustain, create a powerful synergy that can take control of the lane from the outset. This pairing excels in aggressive engagements, utilizing Lucian's quick-hitting abilities alongside Nami's buffs and heals to secure advantages. Together, they can effectively zone opponents away from crucial farm and establish dominance in the bot lane, setting the pace for the rest of the match.

#2: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Nami are a formidable bot lane pairing, particularly due to their complementary crowd control abilities and Caitlyn's superior range. Caitlyn's long-range attacks allow her to capitalize on Nami's aggressive playstyle without exposing herself to danger. As Nami engages with her crowd control and harass, Caitlyn can use her traps and Peacemaker to maximize damage from a distance. This strategic synergy not only keeps Caitlyn safe but also pressures opponents effectively, allowing them to control the lane and punish opponents consistently.

#3: Draven

Draven, with his remarkable damage capabilities and inherent lane dominance, pairs exceptionally well with Nami. Unlike many ADCs, Draven's aggressive playstyle and substantial damage output allow him to assert control in the bot lane without extensive support. However, Nami's enchanting abilities significantly amplify this dominance. As Nami, all you need to do is enhance Draven with her empowering spells right before an engagement, land a crucial Aqua Prison to immobilize opponents, and watch as Draven decimates the opposition with his spinning axes. This combination leverages Draven’s strengths and Nami’s supportive capabilities for a dynamic and formidable duo.

#4: Vayne

Nami shines not just with her poking abilities but even more so with her all-in potential. Her W skill, which simultaneously heals allies and damages enemies, tilts trades in her favor without a direct return of health from the opponent. However, it's in the thick of battle where Nami's value is truly unmatched, making her an excellent partner for Vayne, who thrives in all-in engagements. When Vayne activates her ultimate, it's a decisive moment where her offensive prowess peaks. With Nami by her side, these moments become crucial turning points, amplifying Vayne’s threat level and securing their dominance in skirmishes.

#5: Samira

Samira thrives in the heart of battle, diving into enemy lines to unleash area-of-effect devastation. Paired with Nami, this synergy is amplified, thanks to Nami's array of AoE abilities. Nami’s Aquaprison can immobilize multiple foes, setting up Samira for high-impact maneuvers. Additionally, Nami's Ebb and Flow heals both her and Samira while damaging opponents, enhancing their sustain in skirmishes. This synchronization of AoE skills enables Samira to maximize the effectiveness of her daring assaults, often securing crucial eliminations for the team.


Nami's versatile kit makes her an exceptional support for a wide range of ADCs in League of Legends. Whether you're teaming up with an aggressive laner like Lucian, a sniper like Caitlyn, or a daring fighter like Samira, Nami’s abilities to heal, buff, and control the battlefield amplify the strengths of these champions. By understanding the synergies between Nami and these top ADC picks, players can maximize their lane dominance and impact throughout the game. So, choose your partner wisely and harness the powerful combination of Nami's supportive prowess with the unique capabilities of these ADCs to dominate your way to victory.

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