Top 7 Best ADCs To Pair With Morgana in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs To Pair With Morgana in League of Legends

Morgana, known for her binding capabilities and protective spells, stands out as an exceptional support champion in League of Legends. Famous for her Q, Dark Binding, Morgana can immobilize an enemy for an excruciatingly long duration, setting up perfect kill opportunities. Her Black Shield is pivotal in negating crowd control, making her invaluable in protecting her ADC and turning the tide in team fights.

Morgana's playstyle revolves around control and sustain. Whether she's locking down opponents with her Dark Binding or using her Tormented Shadow to whittle down enemies and sustain through Spell Vamp, she enhances any ADC's ability to dominate the lane. This blog will explore the top 7 ADCs that synergize exceptionally well with Morgana, enhancing both her protective and offensive capabilities.

We'll delve into each ADC's strengths and how they complement Morgana's kit to create a formidable duo in the bot lane, aiming to provide you with insights that could help you elevate your game and effectively control the pace of the match.

#1: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Morgana form a formidable bot lane duo, renowned for their oppressive laning phase and excellent siege capabilities. This combination excels at controlling minion waves and pressuring opponents under their turret, making it difficult for them to farm or position safely. When Morgana lands her Dark Binding, Caitlyn can capitalize on the long root duration to place her Yordle Snap Trap directly beneath the immobilized enemy, setting up for devastating follow-up damage.

Together, they create a no-escape zone with Morgana’s Tormented Shadow and Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker, continuously whittling down their adversaries' health. As they both reach level six, their kill potential spikes dramatically. Morgana's Soul Shackles adds another layer of crowd control, perfectly synergizing with Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole, allowing them to secure kills with ease from a safe distance.

#2: Ezreal

Ezreal offers a unique blend of mobility and range that makes him a less conventional but equally effective partner for Morgana. Unlike Caitlyn, who thrives on sieging and lane dominance, Ezreal brings versatility and self-sufficiency to the duo. His Arcane Shift (E) provides excellent escapability, which, when paired with Morgana’s Black Shield, makes him nearly untouchable by enemy crowd control.

During the laning phase, Morgana complements Ezreal's poke-heavy playstyle with her own harass tools. While Morgana’s Dark Binding isn’t as crucial for securing kills with Ezreal, it serves as a formidable deterrent, keeping enemies at bay while Ezreal scales into the late game. Her Tormented Shadow and his Mystic Shot can harass opponents relentlessly, ensuring lane control.

This pairing doesn’t demand aggressive play from Morgana; instead, she adopts a more protective role, focusing on safeguarding Ezreal and facilitating his poke and farm. This dynamic allows Ezreal to navigate the early game safely, gradually building into a powerful late-game force, making the duo highly effective in both laning and team fights.

#3: Varus

Varus, often overshadowed in the meta, becomes a formidable force when teamed up with Morgana. Unlike his counterpart Ashe, Varus transforms under Morgana's support from a secondary choice to a primary threat due to the synergistic overlap in their abilities.

Varus, much like Morgana, brings a suite of abilities that excel in crowd control and damage. His Piercing Arrow provides long-range poke that complements Morgana’s own harassment capabilities, while his Blighted Quiver and Hail of Arrows contribute sustained damage and debuffing. His ultimate, Chain of Corruption, mirrors Morgana’s Soul Shackles with its ability to root multiple opponents, amplifying their team fight presence significantly.

Together, Varus and Morgana dominate the bot lane with a relentless assault of roots and snares, making it nearly impossible for opponents to escape unscathed. Their combined ultimates ensure that once team fights begin, their control over the battlefield can decisively turn tides, often securing victory before the late game even unfolds. This pairing excels not just in lane but as a pivotal part of their team’s strategy, locking down enemies and securing kills with precision and ease.

#4: Jhin

Jhin, with his meticulous burst damage, pairs exquisitely with Morgana, forming a duo that capitalizes on precision and punishment. Morgana's Dark Binding sets the stage for Jhin, allowing him to unleash his full arsenal effortlessly. A notable synergy between these two is Morgana's Tormented Soil enabling Jhin’s Deadly Flourish, as the former’s damage application quickly marks enemies for Jhin's follow-up root.

This pairing shines during the laning phase, where they excel in executing brief, impactful trades that exploit even minor positioning errors by opponents. However, they must avoid prolonged engagements, as Jhin’s ammunition mechanic requires periodic reloading, which can limit sustained output.

At level six, their combined ultimates—Morgana’s Soul Shackles and Jhin’s Curtain Call—create devastating kill opportunities. Morgana’s ability to immobilize multiple opponents provides Jhin the perfect setup to finish off foes from afar with his ultimate, making them a formidable pair for controlling and closing out skirmishes. This strategic interplay not only secures lane dominance but also contributes significantly to team fight scenarios, making Jhin and Morgana a terror on the battlefield.

#5: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune complements Morgana seamlessly, offering an approachable yet potent pairing in the bot lane. Unlike Jhin, who requires meticulous shot management, Miss Fortune thrives on the straightforward execution of her abilities, making this duo ideal for players at all skill levels.

Morgana’s Dark Binding acts as the perfect setup for Miss Fortune to unleash her Make It Rain, layering damage and slow, which enhances Morgana’s Tormented Shadow for a devastating area-of-effect. This constant barrage can dominate the laning phase through sheer force and frequency.

The real power of this duo, however, lies in their ultimate synergy. Once Morgana secures a multi-target Soul Shackles, Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time can follow through with catastrophic effect. The chained crowd control ensures enemies remain locked in place, receiving the full brunt of Bullet Time, often resulting in swift and brutal eliminations.

This combo not only excels in ease of execution but also dramatically impacts team fights, making Miss Fortune and Morgana a formidable force capable of turning the tide of battle with well-timed ultimate coordination.

#6: Samira

Samira, often viewed as a contentious addition by Riot Games, blossoms when paired with Morgana, mitigating her vulnerabilities and maximizing her combat potential.

Samira’s passive, which escalates her damage and enables an aerial knock-up on CC'd opponents, synergizes flawlessly with Morgana’s crowd control capabilities. This dynamic transforms their laning phase into a strategic advantage, leveraging hard CC to dominate engagements.

The true prowess of this duo manifests in team fights, particularly when Morgana ensnares opponents with her Soul Shackles. Once enemies are immobilized, Samira can unleash her Inferno Trigger, turning the tide of battle decisively. Attempts by foes to disrupt this deadly combo are futile, as Morgana’s Black Shield ensures Samira’s ultimate remains uninterrupted.

Together, Morgana and Samira deliver a combination of protection and aggression, making them a formidable pairing that can dictate the pace of both lane and late-game team fights.

#7: Jinx

Jinx’s resurgence in the meta pairs beautifully with Morgana’s supportive prowess, creating a duo that can dominate team fights. Morgana’s capacity to safeguard Jinx with her Black Shield and control opponents with her binding and ultimate sets the stage for Jinx to unleash her devastating damage.

This pairing excels in team fights where Morgana’s crowd control can secure the necessary lockdown for Jinx to activate her Get Excited! passive, quickly cleaning up skirmishes. However, during the early game, this duo must tread carefully. Both Jinx and Morgana lack mobility, making them vulnerable to aggressive plays and ganks. Their success hinges on careful positioning and capitalizing on the protective and disruptive abilities Morgana brings to the lane.


Pairing the right ADC with Morgana can significantly enhance your gameplay and strategic impact. Each ADC mentioned—Caitlyn, Ezreal, Varus, Jhin, Miss Fortune, Samira, and Jinx—brings a unique synergy with Morgana, leveraging her powerful crowd control and protective spells. Whether you’re aiming for early lane dominance or scaling into a late-game powerhouse, understanding the strengths of these combinations will help you optimize your performance and climb the ranks. Experiment with these pairings to find the best duo that matches your playstyle and helps you dominate the Summoner’s Rift.

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