Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Karma in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Karma in League of Legends

Karma shines as a support champion in League of Legends, boasting a formidable kit ideal for an aggressive lane presence. Known for her impactful poke with a low-mana Q, Karma excels at harassment and can even enhance her abilities from level one due to her unique Mantra ultimate. This ability makes her a formidable opponent in the bot lane, where she consistently wears down adversaries with powerful, ranged attacks.

Besides her poking prowess, Karma offers excellent mobility and defensive options. Her shield and speed boost from E make her adept at both engaging and disengaging, providing invaluable flexibility during skirmishes. However, her ability to peel is somewhat limited, making her best paired with ADCs who can handle themselves in the fray.

As a support, Karma dictates the flow of the lane, making aggressive play and lane control her forte. With this in mind, let’s explore the top 5 ADC champions who synergize exceptionally well with Karma, enhancing both her strengths and compensating for her weaknesses.

#1: Draven

Draven thrives when he can maximize his mobility to catch his spinning axes, a key component of his playstyle that boosts his damage output. Pairing with Karma is particularly beneficial due to her ability to augment his movement speed and provide essential defensive buffs. Karma’s E not only shields Draven but also gives him the speed boost needed to position effectively for his attacks and to retrieve axes smoothly.

Together, Draven and Karma form a lane with formidable poke potential. Karma’s Mantra-enhanced Q allows for high-damage, long-range assaults, while Draven can utilize his Blood Rush to enhance his positioning and engage with quick, powerful basic attacks. This synergy enables them to control the lane tempo aggressively.

However, since Karma lacks healing capabilities and focuses mainly on shields for protection, it’s crucial for Draven to incorporate life-steal items into his build early on. This setup ensures that he maintains lane presence and durability during exchanges, maximizing the aggressive potential of both champions.

#2: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Karma form a duo that excels in lane control through their complementary range and poke capabilities. Karma’s potent poke with her Mantra-enhanced Q sets the stage, while Caitlyn can capitalize on rooted targets from Karma’s W with her own Yordle Snap Trap. This chain of crowd control allows Caitlyn to unleash her full damage potential with her Piltover Peacemaker and follow through with an Ace in the Hole for any fleeing targets.

Their synergy doesn’t just stop at engaging; it also includes disengaging, thanks to Karma’s shield (E). This ability grants Caitlyn enhanced movement speed, making it easier for her to reposition, either to escape incoming threats or to chase down weakened opponents.

Additionally, this pair shines in wave clear and siege situations. Both possess AOE capabilities that can rapidly clear minion waves and pressure turrets from a safe distance, maintaining a constant threat to the enemy team throughout the game. Together, Caitlyn and Karma not only dominate their lane but also contribute significantly to team fights and objective control.

#3: Ezreal

Ezreal and Karma form an exceptional pairing in the bot lane, excelling at long-range harassment and maintaining safe positioning. This duo’s synergy revolves around their potent poke capabilities and escape mechanisms, making them formidable in both lane control and disengaging from unfavorable engagements.

From the outset, Karma’s empowered Q provides substantial poke and zoning potential, allowing Ezreal to capitalize on softened targets with his Mystic Shot. Together, they can effectively keep opponents at bay and secure lane dominance by denying enemy farm and poking them out of experience range.

As the game progresses and both champions reach level 6, their combined ultimates offer significant kill potential. Karma’s tether can set up perfectly for Ezreal’s Trueshot Barrage, ensuring that no enemy escapes unscathed. Additionally, their mobility—Karma’s shield for speed boosts and Ezreal’s Arcane Shift for repositioning—ensures they can engage or retreat at a moment’s notice, making them not only difficult to catch but also adept at closing out kills. This dynamic duo leverages consistent poke, mobility, and burst to dictate the pace of the lane and contribute effectively to team fights.

#4: Jhin

Jhin and Karma are a formidable bot lane pairing, especially effective for their synergistic poke and crowd control capabilities. Jhin’s meticulous playstyle, relying heavily on positioning for his powerful fourth shot, is complemented superbly by Karma’s speed boosts and protective shields.

In lane, the duo thrives on a combination of harassment and control. Karma’s Inner Flame (Q) can slow opponents, setting Jhin up for an easy Deadly Flourish (W) to root the slowed enemy. This synergy not only secures easy poke but also opens opportunities for aggressive follow-ups.

Furthermore, Karma’s focused root with her Focused Resolve (W) can chain beautifully with Jhin’s Captive Audience (E) traps, creating a zone of denial that punishes any misstep with significant damage and crowd control.

As the game progresses into the late phase, Karma’s Inspire (E) becomes a crucial tool for Jhin, enhancing his mobility and allowing him to reposition quickly for perfect Curtain Call (R) setups or to deliver devastating fourth shots safely. This dynamic ensures that Jhin can continue to impact team fights from a distance while remaining shielded and swift, thanks to Karma’s supportive prowess.

#5: Jinx

Jinx thrives when paired with a support that can enhance her early game farming and escalate her late-game team fight presence. Karma, with her versatile kit, is the ideal companion for Jinx in the bot lane. Karma’s potent poke capabilities allow her to soften up targets for Jinx, setting the stage for aggressive plays and potential takedowns.

In lane, Jinx can initiate skirmishes with her Zap! (W), to which Karma can promptly add her Inner Flame (Q) for additional slow, compounding the impairments on the enemy. Should the enemy try to disengage, Karma’s Inspire (E) boosts Jinx’s speed, enabling her to maintain pressure or secure a kill with her long-range Super Mega Death Rocket! (R).

This duo excels in creating a zone of control where Jinx is free to farm safely early on, thanks to Karma’s shields and disengage tools. Together, they form a duo that can transition seamlessly from passive laning to explosive team fights, where Jinx’s rockets and Karma’s crowd control dictate the pace and flow of engagements.


Pairing the right ADC with Karma can significantly enhance both the laning phase and teamfight dynamics in League of Legends. With her ability to poke, shield, and empower her allies, Karma is a formidable support that complements aggressive ADCs who can capitalize on her setup. Champions like Draven, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Jhin, and Jinx each bring unique strengths that synergize well with Karma’s kit, allowing for diverse strategies and playstyles. Whether you’re looking to dominate the lane early or scale into a late-game powerhouse, choosing the right ADC to pair with Karma can lead to rewarding gameplay and increased chances of victory. So, consider these pairings to maximize your impact in the bot lane and climb the ranks in your next League of Legends matches.

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