Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Brand in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Brand in League of Legends

Brand is an aggressive support known for his potent burst damage and ability to control the lane with his relentless spellcasting. His capacity to dish out continuous burns and bursts makes him an invaluable asset in zoning out enemies, allowing his ADC to farm safely and potentially secure a significant lead. To sustain his mana for continuous ability use, Brand often utilizes runes like Presence of Mind and Manaflow Band.

Moreover, Brand transitions powerfully into the late game, where his itemization options, such as Liandry's Anguish, Demonic Embrace, and Morellonomicon, amplify his damage over time, making him a formidable threat in team fights.

Given Brand's playstyle, pairing him with an ADC who can scale into a late-game powerhouse, focusing on minion farming rather than early kills, can be a game-winning strategy. In this blog, we'll explore the top five ADC champions that synergize exceptionally well with Brand, helping you elevate your gameplay and secure more victories.

#1: Vayne

Brand, known for his strong zoning and poke potential, pairs exceptionally with ADCs who thrive on scaling into late-game threats—enter Vayne. During the laning phase, Vayne's focus is primarily on farming to reach her crucial item spikes, given her relatively weaker early game. Brand facilitates this by using his array of spells to keep opponents at bay, allowing Vayne to safely farm and scale.

This pairing excels in wave control and setting the pace in the bot lane, effectively denying the enemy farm while increasing their susceptibility to ganks. Brand’s ability to build items that enhance his damage output, like Liandry's Anguish and Demonic Embrace, complements his role in contributing significantly to team fights later on.

Moreover, their combined potential for engaging is formidable. Brand's ability to stun an opponent with his Q after applying his passive can seamlessly set up Vayne for a perfect Condemn into the wall, often resulting in a kill. This duo not only starts snowballing early but also maintains that momentum, making them a formidable pair from laning phase through to the game's climax.

#2: Jhin

Jhin, with his long-range and devastating final shot, pairs brilliantly with Brand's fiery assault. Their synergy is not just about aggression; it's about tactical control and punishing missteps. Brand's ability to lock down targets with his stun sets the stage for Jhin to unleash his deadly flourish and Curtain Call, turning skirmishes into favorable executions from a safe distance.

This duo excels in controlling the lane with poke and crowd control, making them a formidable presence. While they can be aggressive, caution is key—overextension against savvy opponents can be costly. Jhin, lacking robust self-peel, relies on Brand's crowd control for protection, making positioning crucial.

Opting for a build on Brand that includes Liandry's Anguish and Demonic Embrace enhances his ability to whittle down even the sturdiest foes, ensuring that enemy tanks must carefully consider their engagements. Together, Jhin and Brand form a duo that can dominate both the laning phase and late-game team fights with their potent combination of damage and control.

#3: Caitlyn

Caitlyn, known for her long-range and strategic trap placement, is an excellent match for Brand's fiery area control. This duo excels at chaining crowd control, creating a no-escape zone for their adversaries. Brand's ability to stun with his spell combinations perfectly complements Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Traps. When Brand catches an opponent with his stun, Caitlyn can immediately lay a trap beneath the immobilized enemy, extending the CC and amplifying their vulnerability to a follow-up assault.

As the game progresses, Caitlyn and Brand become formidable at sieging and controlling space in team fights. Caitlyn's traps and Brand’s potent area damage can effectively zone enemy carries or trap frontline divers. Brand's build, typically including Liandry’s Anguish and Demonic Embrace, allows him to melt through tanks, adding a layer of threat to their team's arsenal.

Their synergy doesn't just shine in lane but scales impressively into the late game. The threat of their combined burst and control requires careful consideration from enemies before initiating team fights, making Caitlyn and Brand a tactical duo capable of dominating both the laning phase and late-game skirmishes.

#4: Ezreal

Ezreal and Brand form an aggressive and self-sufficient duo in the bot lane, making excellent use of their combined range and mobility. Ezreal's inherent self-peel with his Arcane Shift (E) complements Brand's conditional crowd control, allowing Ezreal to maneuver safely even if Brand misses his crucial Q stun. This synergy lets Brand freely roam to assist other lanes, knowing Ezreal can handle solo pressure effectively.

Their poking capabilities are formidable; Brand's ability to lock down opponents with his stun sets up Ezreal to unleash his skillshot barrage. When Brand lands a stun, Ezreal can capitalize with his Mystic Shot and Trueshot Barrage, punishing enemies from a distance.

Moreover, building items that slow—such as Ezreal’s Serylda’s Grudge and Brand's Rylai's Crystal Scepter—enhances their ability to control the battlefield. These items not only make landing subsequent skill shots easier but also cripple the enemy's ability to engage or escape, ensuring that this duo can dominate lane phases and transition their lead into mid and late-game team fights effectively.

#5: Ashe

Ashe, often overlooked due to her mismatch with Season 14's item meta, thrives in the late game, making her dependent on strong lane support to reach her full potential. Brand, with his formidable zoning capabilities and high damage output, is an ideal partner for Ashe. His ability to exert pressure and harass the enemy bot lane allows Ashe to farm safely and scale into her powerful late-game.

Brand's aggressive playstyle keeps enemies at bay, often forcing them to retreat and heal, which in turn allows Ashe to farm uninterrupted. This dynamic transforms the bot lane into a solo mission for Brand, where he controls the pace and flow, much like a mid-laner, except his focus is on supporting Ashe rather than securing last hits.

While Brand excels in damage and zone control, he lacks traditional support traits like healing and shielding, making vision control crucial. Placing strategic wards to monitor potential ganks and maintaining map awareness are essential to safeguarding their lane and ensuring a smooth transition to the late game.

By mastering this partnership, players can leverage Brand's early game dominance to set the stage for Ashe's late-game carry potential. This duo’s strategy revolves around maintaining offensive pressure while being vigilant of the map, paving the way to victory. Ready to test this pairing? Good luck, summoner—see you on the rift!

Brand's compatibility with these top ADCs showcases his versatility as a support in League of Legends. Each pairing, from Vayne's late-game prowess to Ezreal's self-sufficiency, highlights different strategies and strengths that can be maximized with Brand's powerful zoning and crowd control abilities. Whether you're looking to dominate the early game or scale into a late-game threat, pairing Brand with the right ADC can significantly enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of securing victories. So, choose your duo partner wisely, synergize your abilities, and take control of the bot lane to climb the ranks in League of Legends.

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