Top 7 Best ADCs to Duo With Blitzcrank in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs to Duo With Blitzcrank in League of Legends

Blitzcrank has been around for a very long time in league of legends, is known for his game-changing hooks that can spell instant doom for anyone snagged by his metallic grasp. This formidable support excels at manipulating battlefield positions, using his presence to zone opponents effectively, especially during the laning phase. He lurks in the brush, a constant threat that forces the enemy to cautiously approach the minion line.

Despite his impactful grab, Blitzcrank’s primary challenge is the downtime after using his hook, during which his threat level diminishes significantly. However, when paired with the right ADC, his ability to disrupt and control space shines even brighter. In this blog, we will explore the top 7 ADC champions whose abilities complement Blitzcrank's playstyle perfectly, enhancing his strengths and mitigating his weaknesses. Let’s dive into these dynamic duos and discover why they excel with Blitzcrank at their side.

#1: Caitlyn

Caitlyn pairs exceptionally well with Blitzcrank, transforming the bot lane into a dangerous trap zone. Known for her ability to control space with her Yordle Snap Traps, Caitlyn can capitalize on the disruptive force of Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab. When Blitz lands a hook and follows up with a Power Fist to knock up the target, Caitlyn can strategically place a trap under the suspended enemy. This setup allows her to unleash her full combo, significantly amplifying her damage output.

Should the hooked enemy somehow survive and attempt to flee, Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole serves as the perfect finisher, sniping escaping foes with precision. This synergistic interaction between Caitlyn’s traps and Blitzcrank’s crowd control creates a formidable duo that dominates lane presence and secures kills effectively, making each of Blitzcrank’s successful grabs a potential death sentence for their opponents.

#2: Miss Fortune

Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune form an effective bot lane duo that excels in controlling the lane and securing kills. Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain (E) can significantly slow enemies, setting up Blitzcrank for easier Rocket Grab opportunities. This synergy is not just about landing hooks; it’s about creating openings and punishing positioning mistakes. Miss Fortune can thin out minion waves with her Double Up (Q) and Bullet Time (R), opening clear lines for Blitzcrank’s grabs.

Additionally, Blitzcrank offers formidable protection for Miss Fortune, who lacks mobility. His defensive capabilities and crowd control can deter assassins and peel for MF during team fights. Building items like Zeke’s Convergence enhances their synergy further, boosting Blitzcrank’s ability to tank and amplify Miss Fortune’s damage post-engagement. With Frozen Heart, Blitzcrank gains additional mana and armor, plus an aura that reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies, making him even more resilient during dives and extended fights. This duo thrives on mutual support and strategic play, turning Blitzcrank’s hooks into deadly setups for Miss Fortune’s powerful ultimates.

#3: Draven

Draven and Blitzcrank form a formidable bot lane combo, capitalizing on aggression and control to dominate their opponents. Draven, with his high damage output from Spinning Axes, becomes lethal when paired with Blitzcrank’s reliable crowd control. Once Blitz lands a Rocket Grab, Draven can unleash devastating blows with his axes, further enhanced by his W, Blood Rush, which grants him increased attack speed and mobility to chase down foes.

This synergy allows them to exert immense pressure and dictate the pace of the lane. Draven can focus on building damage-centric items such as Infinity Edge or even opt for Lethality builds, enhancing his ability to execute enemies quickly. Blitzcrank’s crowd control—not just his pull but also his knock-up and the silencing ultimate—provides Draven the perfect setup to secure kills without needing to invest early in defensive or sustain items.

Embrace the aggressive playstyle this pair offers, and prioritize engagements where Blitzcrank can disrupt enemy positioning, allowing Draven to capitalize and snowball the lane to victory. This is a duo that thrives on early advantages and can control the game’s tempo from the onset.

#4: Tristana

Tristana and Blitzcrank form a dynamic duo that excels at capitalizing on displacement and burst damage. When Blitzcrank successfully lands a Rocket Grab, it sets the stage for Tristana to unleash her explosive burst potential. Following the hook, she can utilize her Rocket Jump to close the distance, applying her Explosive Charge and quickly ramping up the damage with her rapid-fire attacks.

Here’s a tactical play you can execute: After Blitzcrank secures a grab and uses his Power Fist and Static Field to maximize damage and disorient the target, Tristana can position herself strategically and use her Buster Shot to knock the enemy further back, isolating them from their team and securing the kill.

This pairing also gains a significant advantage from items like Zeke’s Convergence. Blitzcrank’s activation of his ultimate can slow enemies, allowing him to stay in range longer, which synergizes perfectly with Tristana’s need to stay close to continuously deal damage. When played with precise coordination and aggressive tactics, this duo can dominate lane and control team fights, turning engagements in their favor with well-timed skills and effective communication.

#5: Kalista

Kalista and Blitzcrank create a formidable bot lane combo, perfectly suited for aggressive and tactical play. Kalista excels when she can capitalize on early engagements, and her Rend (E) can quickly stack up significant damage. Paired with Blitzcrank, whose signature Rocket Grab can isolate an enemy, this duo can secure early kills and establish lane dominance.

This pairing shines with their ultimate abilities. Blitzcrank’s disruptive power and crowd control are complemented by Kalista’s Fate’s Call, which can be used to reposition Blitzcrank for a surprising initiation or a crucial save. Once Blitz lands his knockup, Kalista can swiftly stack her spears and execute with her E for a devastating finish.

This duo demands precise coordination and quick execution but mastering their synergy can lead to a highly rewarding gameplay experience, dominating the bot lane and exerting pressure across the map.

#6: Samira

Samira pairs exceptionally well with Blitzcrank due to her ability to capitalize on his disruptive playstyle. While Samira may not have the early game dominance of some other ADCs, her synergy with Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab sets her apart. When Blitzcrank lands a hook and subsequent knock-up, Samira can seamlessly extend the crowd control with her own abilities, giving her the upper hand in trades and skirmishes.

Although Samira starts off slower compared to ADCs like Draven or Tristana, her real strength emerges in team fights. With Blitzcrank by her side, Samira can position perfectly to unleash her ultimate, Inferno Trigger, decimating grouped enemies caught by Blitz’s initial grab. This duo excels when they reach their core items, turning team fights into spectacular displays of coordination and destruction. Keep patient in the early game, and prepare for a powerful mid to late-game presence with this dynamic duo.

#7: Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger, typically a mage, makes an intriguing bot lane carry alongside Blitzcrank due to their collective lane control and burst potential. Heimerdinger’s turrets create a hazardous zone that, when coupled with Blitzcrank’s precision Rocket Grab, becomes lethal for any opponent caught out.

When Blitzcrank successfully hooks an enemy, Heimerdinger can capitalize by immediately triggering his stun grenade. This synchronization allows Heimerdinger’s turrets to unleash significant burst damage, further amplified by Blitzcrank’s Power Fist and Heimerdinger’s missile barrage for overwhelming damage output.

This partnership also excels in strategic flexibility. Heimerdinger can hold the lane with his turrets, allowing Blitzcrank to utilize his mobility to roam and impact other parts of the map. Equipping Blitzcrank with mobility-enhancing items and runes like Waterwalking enhances his roaming effectiveness, maximizing their map presence.

In the later stages of the game, both champions present formidable threats. Heimerdinger’s area-of-effect damage combined with Blitzcrank’s ability to isolate key targets with his hook can decisively influence team fights, making this duo not just about lane dominance but also about controlling engagements throughout the game.


We’ve explored the top seven ADCs that synergize exceptionally well with Blitzcrank, highlighting the diverse strategies and dynamic gameplay that each pairing offers. Whether it’s Caitlyn’s trap placement following a Blitzcrank grab, or the chaotic burst damage from a Heimerdinger turret setup, each combination brings its own unique strengths to the bot lane. These pairings are designed to maximize Blitzcrank’s disruptive potential and create opportunities for aggressive plays and lane dominance. Armed with this knowledge, you can now head into your matches with a strategic edge, ready to harness the full potential of Blitzcrank’s game-changing hooks.

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