Top 6 Best ADCs to Pair With Ashe Support in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best ADCs to Pair With Ashe Support in League of Legends

Over recent years, Ashe has evolved from a traditional ADC to a formidable support in League of Title="Legends. What began as an unconventional pick has now solidified into a potent option capable of significantly influencing the outcome of games. To truly excel with Ashe in the support role, pairing her with the ideal ADC is crucial.

Ashe's support play is particularly effective when paired with bot lane mages like Karthus and Ziggs, who benefit immensely from her ability to slow enemies, making it easier to land their skill shots and maximize damage output. Additionally, ADCs with high burst potential, such as Varus and Miss Fortune, also have strong synergy with Ashe, leveraging her crowd control to land devastating combos.

Although Ashe can be paired successfully with nearly any marksman, there are specific champions whose abilities mesh exceptionally well with her kit, allowing them to dominate the lane together.

In this guide, we will explore the top six bot lane champions that are most compatible with Ashe support, focusing on their synergy and proven effectiveness across various servers and skill levels. Each pairing will be detailed with insights into their strengths and weaknesses, helping you make an informed decision on the best ADC to complement Ashe’s support capabilities.

#1: Caitlyn

Caitlyn remains a powerhouse ADC in any meta, known for her dominant early game and exceptional laning prowess, characterized by relentless poking. Paired with Ashe’s similar playstyle, this duo excels at controlling the bot lane, pushing opponents out and securing crucial experience leads early on.

Their synergy is particularly potent due to their ability to exploit enemy weaknesses. If opponents underestimate their combined damage, Ashe and Caitlyn can quickly capitalize, potentially securing kills on foes below half health.

The synergy escalates once both champions reach level 6. Initiating with Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow, they can immobilize a target long enough for Caitlyn to set a precision trap right beneath them, unleashing devastating follow-up damage. Should their target narrowly escape, Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole serves as the perfect finishing move, while Ashe’s permafrost provides persistent slows, hindering any escape attempts.

This combination not only grants them formidable engage capabilities but also robust disengage options. Ashe’s volley and ultimate make retreating safe and controlled, allowing them to dictate the pace of the lane. Together, Caitlyn and Ashe form an oppressive duo, capable of initiating or disengaging at will, keeping them consistently at an advantage.

#2: Ziggs

Ziggs emerges as an exceptionally compatible partner for Ashe due to the synergistic potential of their kits. Ziggs, an artillery mage, often struggles in high-elo play due to his susceptibility to mobility; however, paired with Ashe, his chances of thriving increase significantly. Ashe’s abundant crowd control capabilities complement Ziggs’s need for setups to land his area-of-effect magic damage effectively.

In the laning phase, Ziggs excels at wave clear and siege, rapidly demolishing turrets, especially when bolstered by Ashe’s ability to pressure and control the lane. His proficiency in dealing sustained AoE damage makes him a formidable opponent against both squishy targets and tankier champions.

Strategically, Ziggs shines in scenarios like sieges or contesting objectives. His long-range artillery can deter or disrupt enemy junglers, and his Mega Inferno Bomb is notorious for its ability to secure—or steal—crucial objectives like Dragon or Baron.

In team fights, initiating with Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow provides the perfect setup for Ziggs. A well-timed arrow that stuns an opponent allows Ziggs to unleash his full barrage of explosive abilities, decimating his immobilized target.

This dynamic also plays out effectively in the bot lane during 2v2 skirmishes. With Ashe’s ultimate ready, the duo can consistently look to eliminate the squishier of their adversaries, whether it be the enemy ADC or support.

Itemization for this duo doesn’t require anything out of the ordinary but should focus on enhancing their strengths. Ziggs benefits greatly from Liandry’s Anguish for its tank-shredding capabilities, while Ashe might consider Imperial Mandate to augment Ziggs’s damage output, maximizing the impact of their combined assault. Together, Ashe and Ziggs not only control the flow of the game but also dictate the pace and outcome of engagements with precise and devastating efficiency.

#3: Jhin

As Ashe has embraced her role as a support, Jhin players have found a natural ally in her, creating a duo with exceptional synergy and the ability to carry games independently. Their combined capabilities, particularly through their W abilities, create a seamless interplay that sets up kills and controls the bot lane.

The synergy begins with Ashe’s Volley, which consistently marks enemies, making them vulnerable to Jhin’s Deadly Flourish. This coordination allows them to chain their crowd control effectively; a slow from Ashe can lead to a root from Jhin, which Ashe can then capitalize on with her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Following up, Jhin’s Curtain Call can be devastating. As Ashe continues to slow opponents, Jhin can precisely target and execute his four shots, with each hit magnified by the persistent slows.

However, this duo does face challenges, particularly in terms of survivability. Lacking heals, shields, or strong mobility options, they are susceptible to aggressive enemy tactics early in the game. Thus, strategic, cautious play during the laning phase is essential to avoid being outmaneuvered.

For optimal effectiveness, Ashe should consider building Imperial Mandate to enhance both her and Jhin’s offensive capabilities. Meanwhile, Jhin is advised to equip Galeforce, compensating for their lack of defensive spells and providing an escape mechanism when needed. Together, Ashe and Jhin not only synchronize their offensive operations but also craft a formidable presence in lane that can dictate the pace and control of the game.

#4: Karthus

Karthus stands out as the quintessential mage to pair with Ashe support, renowned for his tremendous late-game impact and ability to swing games in his favor, even from behind.

The synergy between Karthur and Ashe is rooted not in flashy plays but in consistent, reliable damage output. While many pairs focus on Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow for setup, Karthus benefits more broadly from her ability to apply continuous slows. This is crucial because Karthus’ primary damage dealer, his Q ability - Lay Waste, requires precise targeting. The ability’s short delay and small area of effect make it challenging to land, but Ashe’s slows drastically increase its accuracy, allowing Karthus to bombard a slowed target with repeated hits that can quickly whittle down their health.

Moreover, Ashe’s slowing effects enhance Karthus’ E ability, Defile, enabling him to stay in range longer and inflict maximum damage. Even in death, Karthus remains a threat as Defile continues to drain the health of all nearby enemies, making the duo formidable in sustained fights.

A strategic aspect of their pairing involves their ultimates. Both champions possess global-range ultimates that, when used in conjunction, can turn the tide of distant skirmishes across Summoner’s Rift. This global pressure allows them to influence the game’s outcome significantly without ever leaving their lane.

Together, Karthus and Ashe form a duo that not only secures the late game with high scaling and global presence but also controls the battlefield with relentless slows and area-denial capabilities, making them a force to be reckoned with throughout all phases of the game.

#5: Miss Fortune

The pairing of Miss Fortune and Ashe is a classic combination, echoing back to when Ashe was a premier ADC and Miss Time occasionally took on a supportive role. Their synergy is rooted in complementary playstyles that focus on harassment and zone control during the laning phase.

Miss Fortune and Ashe both excel at poking and slowing their adversaries, making it difficult for the opposing duo to engage without sustaining significant damage. This constant pressure can lead to lane dominance and control, setting the stage for more aggressive plays.

The real magic of this duo, however, unfolds at level 6. When Ashe lands her Enchanted Crystal Arrow on an enemy champion, it serves as the perfect setup for Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time. The stun from Ashe’s arrow ensures that enemies remain within the full brunt of Miss Fortune’s ultimate, often resulting in devastating damage or outright kills, particularly against less durable targets.

This combination is particularly forgiving; even if Miss Fortune and Ashe find themselves behind early on, the raw power of Bullet Time can turn fights in their favor. The ultimate doesn’t heavily rely on itemization to be effective, as its base damage alone can be significant, especially when targets are immobilized by Ashe’s crowd control.

In larger team fights, the duo remains just as potent. Both champions contribute valuable AOE damage and control, making them assets in any team composition.

Beyond the strategic benefits, playing Miss Fortune and Ashe together is immensely enjoyable. Experimenting with alternative builds like full AP configurations can add a fun twist to their gameplay, making use of items and runes like Arcane Comet to maximize poke and annoyance, adding a playful yet effective element to their collaboration. This not only makes them a threat in lane but also a delight to play.

#6: Varus

Rounding out the list is Varus, arguably the most effective ADC to partner with Ashe support. Varus’s versatile kit offers several synergy points with Ashe, making them formidable across all matchups.

Varus can be adapted to various playstyles and builds. While the traditional ADC build remains popular, a lethality-focused Varus emphasizes long-range poking, complementing Ashe’s ability to control the battlefield from a distance. However, an AP Varus build, which allows for explosive one-shot capabilities on a variety of targets—from squishy ADCs to robust top laners—truly shines when paired with Ashe.

The synergy is most evident in their ultimate abilities. When Ashe lands her Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun an enemy, Varus can capitalize on this with his Chain of Corruption, following up with a deadly W + Q combo to maximize damage. Conversely, Varus can initiate with his ultimate, holding enemies in place for Ashe to follow up with her own crowd control, creating a seamless interplay of stuns and slows.

Furthermore, Ashe’s constant slows facilitate Varus’s gameplay by allowing him to easily apply three stacks of Blight before precisely unleashing his abilities. This interaction not only increases their combined damage output but also keeps enemies perpetually on the defensive.

A strategic advantage of pairing Varus with Ashe lies in their ability to choose engagements wisely. The duo doesn’t need to commit to full-scale team fights; instead, they can focus on picking off key targets using their combined ultimates, often swinging the momentum of the game with a single, well-coordinated attack. This strategic flexibility makes playing Varus and Ashe not just a tactically sound choice but also a thoroughly enjoyable one, allowing players to dictate the terms of engagement and capitalize on their strengths as sharpshooters.


Ashe’s evolution into a support role within League of Legends has opened up numerous strategic partnerships that can dominate the bot lane. This guide highlights six ADCs—Caitlyn, Ziggs, Jhin, Karthus, Miss Fortune, and Varus—each offering unique synergies that capitalize on Ashe’s ability to control, slow, and initiate. Whether through the precise chaining of crowd control abilities or leveraging devastating long-range damage, these partnerships allow for dynamic and potent gameplay. Players looking to maximize Ashe’s support capabilities will find that pairing her with any of these champions not only enhances her strengths but also creates opportunities for controlling and ultimately winning games. From traditional ADCs to versatile mages, the right partner for Ashe can truly transform how the game is played, making every match an opportunity for strategic execution and victory.

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