Top 5 Best ADCs to Synergy With Sett Support in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Synergy With Sett Support in League of Legends

Sett may primarily be known as a top laner due to his melee combat style and relatively weak early-game mobility. However, his potential as a support in the bot lane shouldn't be underestimated, thanks to his robust crowd control and strong trading abilities.

While Sett lacks a strong gap closer before level 6, his gameplay shifts dramatically when equipped with the Hex Flash keystone. This adaptation makes him a formidable support, capable of dominating the bot lane. The strategy revolves around gaining control of the bot lane brush in coordination with his ADC, allowing them to dictate the flow of the lane.

With Hex Flash, Sett can engage aggressively and unexpectedly on the enemy ADC. Initiating with a flash and a follow-up all-in, especially if you've leveled up his W (Haymaker) first, can catch opponents off guard and tilt the lane in your favor.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into how Sett's support role can be maximized and explore the top 5 ADCs that synergize exceptionally well with his playstyle, enhancing both your lane dominance and game impact.

#1: Draven

Draven, paired with Sett, can become an unstoppable force in the bot lane due to Sett’s exceptional engagement capabilities. If your jungler can manage their buffs without assistance, you can deploy an aggressive strategy to propel Draven towards a significant early advantage.

Strategic Lane Control: 

Start by positioning yourselves in the furthest bush in the bot lane with Draven. As the enemy duo and their minion wave arrive, surprise them by moving forward and using Sett’s Facebreaker to initiate. This sudden engagement allows you to trade effectively, potentially bringing the enemy laners to critically low health. This intense pressure often forces them to use their flash defensively. If they don’t, Sett can use his own flash to get ahead, ensuring they must use theirs to escape.

Leveraging Hexflash: 

With Sett equipped with Hexflash, trading your flash isn’t a setback. Executing this strategy successfully could lead to Draven securing two early kills or forcing the enemy duo to retreat and expend their summoner spells. Upon their return, Draven would dominate minion control, and both of you can maintain aggressive bush dominance.

Mid-Game Strategy: 

As the game progresses into mid-game, Sett’s likely acquisition of items like Turbo Chemtank enhances his ability to close gaps and engage at high speeds. Use this to create pick opportunities for Draven, enabling him to rapidly snowball by securing more kills with his Spinning Axes.

Teamfight Synergy:

In team fights, Sett’s ultimate, The Showstopper, combined with Facebreaker, can potentially stun multiple opponents. Draven’s Whirling Death, when cast across this disrupted group, can deal substantial damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. This combo not only chips away significant portions of the enemy team’s health but also tilts team fights in your favor through massive area-of-effect damage.

By effectively utilizing Sett’s initiation tools and maintaining lane pressure, you can set the stage for Draven to excel and carry through both the laning phase and into the late game.

#2: Kai’Sa

Sett's ability to isolate enemies makes him a formidable partner for Kai'Sa, whose Q, Icathian Rain, deals maximum damage when her targets are alone. This pairing not only capitalizes on early game aggression but also scales impressively into late-game team fights.

Early Game Strategy: 

A proactive tactic involves positioning in the enemy's tri-brush on the blue side of the map. As the enemy support finishes leashing for their jungler and passes through the tri-brush, Kai'Sa and Sett can unleash a devastating ambush. Initiate with Kai'Sa’s Q and Sett’s E just as the support approaches, catching them off-guard and quickly reducing their health. The typical response from the ambushed support is to use their summoner spells to escape. Sett can counter this by flashing in and pulling them back with Facebreaker, allowing Kai'Sa to secure the kill with her passive’s burst and another round of Icathian Rain, now dealing increased damage due to isolation.

Gaining Lane Dominance:

Successfully executing this early ambush grants Kai'Sa a significant gold and experience advantage, setting her up for dominance in lane and facilitating smoother transitions into the mid and late game.

Late Game Execution: 

In later phases, Sett and Kai’Sa become even more potent. Sett’s ultimate, Showstopper, allows him to penetrate the enemy backline and cluster opponents together, setting up a perfect scenario for Kai’Sa. This not only disrupts the enemy formation but also applies a stack of Kai’Sa’s passive to all affected enemies. Kai’Sa can then capitalize on this setup by using her ultimate to swiftly assassinate high-value targets in the backline and then retreating with her enhanced E.

Team Fight Impact:

Following Kai’Sa’s engagement, her team can engage fully, with Kai’Sa using her mobility and damage output to clean up the remaining opponents. This duo’s ability to break enemy lines and target isolated champions makes them a terror in team fights, turning them into a formidable force that can sway the tide of battle in their favor.

This strategic synergy between Sett and Kai'Sa not only enhances their lane presence but also makes them a dynamic duo capable of controlling and concluding skirmishes and team fights with precision and power.

#3: Aphelios

Aphelios, known for his complexity and gradual power curve, thrives in the bot lane with a support like Sett, who offers both protection and aggressive engagement capabilities. This duo capitalizes on Sett’s early-game strength to compensate for Aphelios’s slower start.

Early Game Strategy: 

In the early phases, Aphelios should prioritize farming to quickly accumulate his core items, while Sett takes on a more active role in lane control. Sett’s use of Hex Flash and his level 3 power spike enable him to effectively intimidate the enemy duo, often forcing them to use their flashes and retreat from minion waves. This strategy not only secures Aphelios the space he needs to farm but also gradually asserts lane dominance.

Lane Dynamics with Sett: 

Sett should utilize his Relic Shield occasionally for gold but focus primarily on feigning engagements. These fake charges help keep the enemies at bay, further allowing Aphelios to farm undisturbed. If the enemy ADC lacks mobility, Sett should seize every opportunity to engage and chip down their health, setting the stage for later kills.

Capitalizing on Power Spikes: 

Once Aphelios reaches his item power spikes and has access to Gravitum, the duo should look to initiate kills. Gravitum’s root capability makes it easier for Sett to apply his crowd control and secure kills, enhancing their lane pressure.

Ultimate Synergy in Team Fights:

In team fights, the combination of Sett and Aphelios’s ultimates can be devastating. Sett can initiate with Showstopper, gathering multiple enemies together, followed by a Facebreaker for added crowd control. Aphelios, equipped with Infernum, can then unleash his ultimate across the grouped enemies, leveraging his exceptional area-of-effect damage to potentially wipe out the opposition.

This strategic pairing between Sett and Aphelios not only supports Aphelios’s need for a strong early-game presence but also harnesses their combined strengths for formidable late-game team fight executions, making them a dynamic and potent duo on the bot lane.

#4: Kalista

Kalista, though her popularity has waned since Season 11, synergizes remarkably well with Sett, creating a duo with exceptional engagement and tower-diving capabilities. Their collaboration becomes particularly potent once both champions reach level 6 and unlock their ultimate abilities.

Strategic Engagement:

For optimal engagement, Kalista should initiate her ultimate while concealed in a brush, preventing the enemy duo from anticipating the imminent attack. This allows Sett to capitalize on the element of surprise, launching forward to secure a knock-up on both opponents, followed by a stunning Facebreaker.

Coordinated Assault: 

After the initial engagement, Sett can use his ultimate to seize the squishier of the two enemies—typically the ADC or support—and pull them back towards Kalista for a concentrated attack. This maneuver positions the enemy perfectly for Kalista to execute her high-damage rend, amplified further by the passive damage boost from her W.

Securing Kills: 

This duo's ability to chain crowd control effectively—potentially immobilizing their targets for up to four seconds—ensures that they can not only disrupt the enemy lane but also secure kills with relative ease. The combined crowd control and amplified damage from both Sett and Kalista's abilities make them a lethal pair against isolated targets, particularly under their own tower.

Together, Kalista and Sett offer a dynamic and aggressive playstyle that can dominate the bot lane, turning their coordinated ultimates into devastatingly effective tools for controlling and closing out skirmishes.

#5: Ashe

Ashe, with her ability to continuously slow opponents, complements Sett’s gameplay exceptionally well, allowing him more flexibility in his itemization. Sett can forgo mobility-enhancing items in favor of those that increase his tankiness, benefiting from the consistent crowd control provided by Ashe.

Effective Engagement Strategy: 

The engagement process with this duo is straightforward yet effective. Ashe initiates by striking the enemy with her W (Volley), followed by several basic attacks to apply her slow passive. This setup allows Sett to quickly close the distance thanks to the bonus movement speed from his Q, making it easy for him to land a Facebreaker (E) for additional crowd control.

Peeling and Protection: 

This duo excels in peeling capabilities. Ashe can effectively self-peel using her W and the slow from her Frost Shot passive, and she can also utilize her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, for long-range stuns. Sett supports Ashe’s defensive needs by using his ultimate, The Showstopper, or his Facebreaker to disrupt any enemies attempting to close in on her.

Together, Ashe and Sett create a formidable bot lane duo that excels in controlling the pace of the lane and protecting each other. Their combined abilities ensure they can engage effectively, maintain positional advantages, and protect one another from threats, making them particularly tough to overcome in extended trades and team fights.


Throughout this exploration of the top ADCs to pair with Sett, it's clear that Sett's versatility as a support extends beyond traditional expectations. Each ADC discussed—Draven, Kai’Sa, Aphelios, Kalista, and Ashe—brings unique synergies that leverage Sett’s strengths, from aggressive engagements to strategic crowd control. These pairings highlight Sett's ability to adapt his playstyle to complement his lane partner’s capabilities, enhancing both their effectiveness in lane and their impact in team fights.

Whether you're looking to dominate the early game, control the mid-game transitions, or secure late-game objectives, these ADC-Sett combinations offer dynamic strategies and powerful synergies to exploit. Understanding and utilizing these pairings will not only improve your bot lane dominance but also increase your overall contribution to your team's success in matches.

By integrating the insights from this guide, players can maximize Sett's support potential, turning the bot lane into a formidable front capable of shaping the outcome of the game. Remember, the key to mastering these combinations lies not just in individual skill, but in the ability to synchronize and execute strategies that play to both Sett's and the ADC’s strengths.

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