League of Legends Season 14: All Clash Dates for 2024
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League of Legends Season 14: All Clash Dates for 2024

League of Legends Clash returns in 2024, sparking excitement with the possibility of another ARAM Clash event reminiscent of 2022's thrilling variation. Clash, the beloved game mode that unites friends in pursuit of both grand and modest rewards, is set for a comeback in LoL Season 14. This guide will cover everything essential for dominating Clash and making the most out of the competitive fun it offers. For those looking to amplify their Clash victories and secure those coveted rewards, 1v9 stands ready with top-tier teammates and coaches. Leverage their expertise to your advantage, and don't forget to use the promo code "1v9er" for a 20% discount on your journey to triumph.

League of Legends Clash 2024: When Is The Next Tournament?

The 2024 League of Legends season is in full swing, and it's not just the fresh items and revamped map that are stirring excitement—Riot Games is rekindling the competitive spirit with the return of Clash. These 5v5 tournaments offer players the chance to forge their teams and vie for not only rewards but the exhilarating experience of pursuing victory together.

Adjusting from last year's schedule, Riot has opted for a less frequent organization of Clash tournaments, transitioning to a monthly event as opposed to the former biweekly occurrence. This adjustment sets the stage for 11 distinct Clash tournaments throughout 2024: seven will be hosted on Summoners’ Rift, catering to the classic 5v5 format, while four special editions will delight ARAM enthusiasts on the Howling Abyss.

Here's the complete lineup of Clash tournaments scheduled for LoL in 2024:

  • Noxus Cup: January 27-28
  • Shurima Cup: February 24-25
  • ARAM Cup 1: March 23-24
  • Piltover Cup: April 13-14
  • MSI Clash: May 4-5
  • ARAM Cup 2: June 15-16
  • Demacia Cup: July 20-21
  • Shadow Isle Cup: August 10-11
  • ARAM Cup 3: August 31-September 1
  • Zaun Cup: November 16-17
  • ARAM Cup 4: December 14-15

This schedule promises a year filled with strategic battles, team camaraderie, and the pursuit of glory across the varied landscapes of Runeterra.

What is Clash in League of Legends?

Clash in League of Legends represents an exhilarating opportunity for players to dive into a structured, competitive tournament environment, meticulously crafted by Riot Games. This feature allows groups of friends or teammates to form cohesive units of five, matching skills and wits against equally matched opponents. It’s an avenue for everyday players to immerse themselves in the thrill of teamwork and competition, vying for victory in a setting that mirrors professional play.

Scheduled exclusively on weekends, Clash tournaments offer a rewarding experience, with prizes allocated based on teams' achievements within the tournament brackets. Victorious teams can look forward to exclusive rewards, including an orb filled with a skin shard and a coveted “champie” icon, celebrating their triumph.

After anticipation and patience, Riot Games has earmarked an eagerly awaited return for Clash, setting the stage for early March 2023. Barring unforeseen circumstances, players are encouraged to gear up for the resurgence of this beloved 5v5 mode, ready to claim glory and rewards in the competitive arena.

New Updated Clash Rewards

Riot Games has revamped the rewards for Clash to address feedback from the community regarding previous rewards being less motivating, often leading to early exits and a less enjoyable experience for many teams. In response, Riot has overhauled the reward system for Clash Capsules and Orbs, now basing them on the total number of wins a team accumulates during the tournament rather than their final standing. This shift aims to bolster the incentive for teams to stay engaged and compete throughout the event. Here's a breakdown of the updated rewards structure:

Updated Clash Rewards:

Basic Ticket Orb:

  • 0 Wins, 3 Losses: Includes 3 Win XP Boost, 1 Mastery Icon, 1 Clash Logo.
  • 1 Win, 2 Losses: Features 1 Mystery Emote, a 640 Ward Skin, and 1 Clash Logo.
  • 2 Wins, 1 Loss: Comes with a 640 Ward Skin, a 975 Skin Shard, 1 Mystery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Clash Logo, plus 1 Basic Ticket.
  • 3 Wins, 0 Losses: Boasts a 640 Ward Skin, a 975 Skin Shard, a 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Mastery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Clash Logo, and 1 Basic Ticket.

Premium Ticket Capsule:

  • 0 Wins, 3 Losses: Contains 1 Basic Ticket, 500 Orange Essence, a 750 Skin Shard, and 1 Logo.
  • 1 Win, 2 Losses: Offers 1 Basic Ticket, 500 Orange Essence, a 750 Skin Shard, a 975 Skin Shard, a 1350 Skin Shard, and 1 Logo.
  • 2 Wins, 1 Loss: Includes 3x 1 Basic Ticket, 750 Orange Essence, a 750 Skin Shard, a 975 Skin Shard, a 1350 Skin Shard, an 1820 Skin Shard, and 1 Logo.
  • 3 Wins, 0 Losses: Features 1 Basic Ticket, 750 Orange Essence, a 750 Skin Shard, a 975 Skin Shard, a 1350 Skin Shard, an 1820 Skin Shard, 1 Chibi Icon, 10 Mythic Essence, a 1350 Skin, and 1 Logo.

In light of the reduced frequency of Clash tournaments, Riot is also adjusting the Victory Points (VP) system. Players will now earn double the VP for each win, although the VP required for rewards remains unchanged. Below is a refresher on the VP rewards:

  • Banner Level 1: Requires 400 VP.
  • Theme Logo 1: Needs 600 VP.
  • Banner Level 2: Set at 1000 VP.
  • Banner Level 3: Demands 1400 VP.
  • Theme Logo 2: Calls for 2000 VP.

This updated rewards approach and the VP adjustments are designed to make participating in Clash more rewarding and to encourage continuous play throughout the tournament.

Requirements to participate in clash
To participate in a Clash tournament, players must meet several prerequisites to ensure they're ready for the competitive environment Clash offers:

  • Attain Level 30: This milestone ensures you have sufficient gameplay experience.
  • Complete Placements in a Summoner's Rift Ranked Queue: Demonstrates your competitive readiness.
  • SMS Verification of Your League Account: A Clash-specific requirement to enhance account security and integrity.

After fulfilling these criteria, you're set to team up and dive into the tournament, selecting the squad you wish to compete with.


In wrapping up our exploration of League of Legends Clash in 2024, it's clear that Riot Games is continually refining this beloved competitive mode to enhance player experience and engagement. From the introduction of new rewards based on total wins to adjustments in the Clash tournament schedule, each change is meticulously designed to keep the competitive spirit alive and rewarding. With updated rewards incentivizing continued play and strategic adjustments encouraging team cohesion, Clash remains a cornerstone of the League of Legends competitive scene.

Participation in Clash not only tests your skills and teamwork but also offers a unique blend of excitement and camaraderie found in few other aspects of the game. As players gear up to meet the eligibility criteria, the anticipation of competing alongside teammates for glory and rewards adds a thrilling dimension to the League experience.

As we look forward to the Clash tournaments of 2024, let's embrace the spirit of competition, the joy of teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of victory. Whether you're aiming for the top of the ladder or just looking to have fun with friends, Clash promises to be a battleground where legends are made, strategies are tested, and memories are forged. So, gather your team, strategize your path to victory, and dive into the heart of League of Legends' most engaging team-based competition.

Posted On: February 28th, 2024

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