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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Addons Designed for 1v9ers

Priority Order

Select "Priority Order" for the fastest league boosting. Our booster will ensure your order is completed fast and efficiently.


Select "Livestream" addon to watch your account being boosted live. Our booster will stream every game to you during the boosting process.

Instant Start

Your Boost will start instantly after your payment is completed.

3-6% Cashback

Earn cashback on all purchases, Use it to open lootboxes for free Accounts, Skins, and more!

Top 0.1%

We choose each booster carefully, only partnering with the top 0.1% from the ranked ladder.

VPN Encryption

Your account remains safe with our advanced VPN system.

Secure & Safe

After the order is completed. All your account details will be permanently removed from our databases.

24/7 Support

We are available at all hours of the day to help you with any questions you may have and issues.

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What is TFT Win Boost?

TFT Win Boost is a service that pairs you with a highly skilled Teamfight Tactics player who will log into your account to secure wins for you. Our TFT Boosters are seasoned professionals adept at navigating the complexities of the game to achieve consecutive victories, which helps elevate your rank and improve your matchmaking rating.

100% TFT Wins Guaranteed

Choose our TFT Ranked Wins Boost from 1v9, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our expert boosters are committed to securing the precise number of wins you purchase, whether you're looking for a slight edge with a single win or aiming for a substantial rank climb with 10 consecutive victories. We exclusively employ Elo boost pros who have consistently demonstrated their ability to secure wins across various levels and divisions, ensuring your account achieves the wins you expect by the end of your order.

Hire Challenger Boosters To Win For You

In the TFT Wins Boost process, we connect you with top-tier Challenger players who log into your account and stack up wins on your behalf. Being at the pinnacle of TFT ranks, these professionals possess unmatched strategic prowess, deep understanding of synergies, and extensive game knowledge, allowing your account to gain LP and ascend through the ranks much quicker than you might on your own.

Watch Your TFT Ranked Wins Live

We also offer you the option to watch a live video stream of our expert Elo boosters playing on your Teamfight Tactics account. By choosing the "Stream Games" option when placing your order, you can observe a top-tier Challenger player win matches in real time. This allows you to witness their elite strategies and decision-making processes firsthand, gaining insights into advanced gameplay mechanics which you can implement in your own strategy. This feature is particularly beneficial for newer players looking to familiarize themselves with higher-level play.

Benefits of TFT Win Boosting Service

Our TFT Win Boost service enhances your win rate and matchmaking rating (MMR). As our boosters secure wins on your account, your win rate percentage increases, improving your hidden MMR used in ranked matchmaking. A higher MMR translates to matching with and against more skilled players, facilitating easier climbs through the game’s tiers and divisions. Our service efficiently boosts these crucial stats for your account.

TFT Win Boost (Netwins) Formula

The formula for our TFT Win Boost is simple: net wins = wins - losses. This means that for every loss recorded during the boost, our booster compensates with an additional win, ensuring a net increase in your win count with each session.

Advantages of TFT Win Boost

With our TFT Win Boost, you control how many games you want to win, tailoring the boost to improve your win ratio modestly or significantly, depending on your goals. This customization makes TFT Win Boost an ideal solution for enhancing your gameplay experience.

The Best Way to Improve Your MMR and Win Ratio

Designed specifically to enhance your win ratio, the TFT Win Boost leads to an improved MMR. If you’re experiencing more LP losses than gains from your victories, this service provides the perfect remedy. By ensuring positive LP gains, TFT Win Boost helps you climb the ranks faster and more efficiently.

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