League of Legends Season 14: Top 10 Most Played Champions in Ranked
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League of Legends Season 14: Top 10 Most Played Champions in Ranked

With a roster exceeding 160 unique champions, League of Legends presents a vast array of choices for players, yet some champions consistently rise to the top in popularity. This list delves into the top 10 champions that dominate the Ranked Solo/Duo scene.

Since its inception in 2009, Riot Games' League of Legends has continually evolved, introducing new champions to captivate and engage its player base. Given the extensive selection and the limited spots available in each match, certain champions have emerged as favorites among the crowd.

10 – Senna

Securing the 10th spot on the list of most popular champions in League of Legends is the support markswoman, Senna. She distinguishes herself with an infinitely scaling passive that enhances her range and damage, empowering her to dispatch targets efficiently without the typical reliance on gold and minion kills.

Moreover, Senna's remarkable synergy with Bloodsong amplifies her prowess on the battlefield, enabling her to activate the item's effect instantly with her Q ability. This interaction, coupled with the substantial damage boost provided by lethality items, makes Senna a formidable force in the support role, adept at both aiding allies and eliminating adversaries.

9 – Brand

Brand ascends to the 9th position among the most-played champions in League of Legends, following significant enhancements to his jungle clearing capabilities. These adjustments have catapulted him to the forefront as one of the premier junglers in the game. His surge in popularity can be directly attributed to these buffs, solidifying his status as a dominant AP jungle mage chosen by players seeking to leverage his newfound strengths.

8 – Yasuo

Yasuo, the samurai known for his deft Wind Wall maneuvers, claims the 8th spot on the roster of League of Legends' most popular champions. Characterized by his limitless dashes and a comprehensive kit that sets a high skill ceiling, Yasuo offers a formidable challenge to master. Players who adeptly harness his capabilities can single-handedly navigate through enemy lines, making him a favored choice for those looking to dominate the battlefield with precision and flair.

7 – Jhin

Jhin, the enigmatic Ionian virtuoso, occupies the seventh place in the lineup of League of Legends' most favored champions. Mirroring Miss Fortune, Jhin currently enjoys the enhanced potency provided by lethality items such as The Collector and Youmuu's Ghostblade. This ADC excels in lane dominance and boasts an impressive ability to scale into the late game, complemented by potent critical strike options and a considerable degree of utility within his arsenal.

Even in scenarios devoid of item advantages, Jhin's popularity remains undiminished, making him an ideal choice for players drawn to bursty sniper ADCs that offer a distinct and unconventional approach to gameplay.

6 – Annie

Annie secures the sixth spot among the most popular champions in League of Legends, and her appeal can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, Annie's simplicity and ease of use make her an accessible choice for players of all skill levels. Her straightforward kit, centered around powerful burst damage, offers new players an opportunity to grasp fundamental gameplay mechanics while providing seasoned players with reliable damage output.

Her signature ability to stun multiple enemies with her passive, Pyromania, combined with Tibbers' summoning ultimate, allows for game-changing plays in team fights. This control and area-of-effect damage capability make Annie a constant threat on the battlefield.

Additionally, Annie's versatility in roles, functioning effectively as both a mid-laner and a support, enhances her popularity. Players appreciate the flexibility to adapt to team compositions without sacrificing impact.

5 – Lux

Lux, renowned as the Lady of Luminosity, shines brightly as the fifth most popular champion in League of Legends. Her straightforward and user-friendly kit, combined with formidable combo potential, empowers players to secure takedowns from a safe distance. This makes her exceptionally skilled at engaging or harassing opponents.

Originally dominating the mid lane, Lux has seen a shift towards a more prevalent presence in the support role. Her capabilities for long-range poke, reliable snaring with her Light Binding, and protective shields enable her to offer substantial assistance to her ADC, facilitating a smoother and more successful laning phase. Lux's versatility and effectiveness in both damage output and team support solidify her as a favored choice among players looking for a champion that excels in utility and engagement from afar.

4 – Amumu

Amumu, the Sad Mummy, secures the fourth spot on the list of League of Legends' most popular champions, a testament to his enduring appeal across the game's diverse player base. His popularity stems from a combination of factors that make him a standout choice in the jungle role.

Firstly, Amumu's straightforward and impactful kit offers a mix of tankiness and crowd control capabilities, making him accessible to players of all skill levels while still allowing for mastery and tactical depth. His Bandage Toss (Q) and ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, provide exceptional engage tools, enabling Amumu to initiate fights and lock down opponents effectively.

Additionally, Amumu's AoE damage, particularly from his Despair (W) and Tantrum (E), makes him a formidable presence in team fights and allows for efficient jungle clearing. This blend of utility and damage output, combined with his innate tankiness, ensures that Amumu can contribute significantly to his team's success from the early game through to the late game.

Moreover, Amumu's versatility in build paths allows players to adapt to the needs of their team, whether it requires a more durable frontline tank or a damage-oriented bruiser. This flexibility, paired with his potent initiation and crowd control, solidifies Amumu's status as a highly favored champion, capable of turning the tide of battle with a well-timed ultimate.

3 – Miss Fortune

In the wake of Season 14's item overhaul, Miss Fortune sails into the third spot among League of Legends' most popular champions, riding the wave of lethality item enhancements. This buccaneer has gained tremendous firepower, turning her into a formidable force on the battlefield. The introduction of new lethality items has significantly amplified her burst damage capabilities, enabling her to obliterate squishier adversaries with ease.
Beyond her core abilities, Miss Fortune's ultimate, Bullet Time, holds the potential to decisively swing team fights in her favor when strategically deployed. Her ability to unleash devastating barrages, combined with a kit that harmonizes seamlessly with the prevailing item meta, establishes her as the premier choice for AD carry players aiming for victory in the ranked scene. Miss Fortune's lethal burst and strategic utility underscore her status as a dominant force in the current League of Legends landscape.

2 – Jinx

Jinx rockets into the second most popular champion spot in League of Legends, captivating players with her chaotic energy and explosive playstyle. Her popularity can be attributed to several key aspects that make her both thrilling to play and highly effective on the battlefield.

Firstly, Jinx's dynamic arsenal allows for versatile gameplay, switching between her shock pistols for rapid-fire damage and her rocket launcher for impactful AoE blasts. This adaptability makes her a constant threat, capable of adjusting her approach to match the flow of combat and the needs of her team.

Her passive, Get Excited!, further amplifies her appeal, granting her a significant speed boost upon securing kills or assists, which can turn the tide of team fights and enable daring escapes or aggressive pursuits. Additionally, Jinx's ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket!, offers game-changing potential, capable of sniping low-health enemies across the map and securing crucial takedowns.

Moreover, Jinx's capacity to scale into a late-game powerhouse, coupled with her ability to siege towers and obliterate objectives quickly, makes her a valuable asset in pushing towards victory. Her role as a hyper-carry resonates with players aiming for high impact and the exhilaration of leading their team to triumph.

1 – Ahri

Ahri claims the top spot as the most popular champion in League of Legends, enchanting players with her captivating blend of mobility, charm, and burst damage. Several factors contribute to her widespread appeal across the game's vast player base.

Firstly, Ahri's versatile kit allows her to excel in various aspects of the game, from laning phase dominance to impactful skirmishes and team fights. Her signature ability, Charm, serves as a powerful tool for initiating encounters on her terms, disrupting enemy formations, and securing key picks for her team. This, combined with her mobility from Spirit Rush, gives Ahri unparalleled positioning capabilities, enabling her to navigate the battlefield with ease, dodging threats while positioning herself to strike decisively.

Moreover, Ahri's burst damage potential is formidable, allowing her to swiftly eliminate priority targets and sway the course of engagements. Her ability to weave spells and movement makes her a constant threat that can't be ignored, capable of outmaneuvering opponents and exploiting weaknesses with precision.

Beyond her in-game prowess, Ahri's aesthetic and lore have resonated with the community, adding layers of depth to her character that fans have come to adore. Her visually striking design and captivating backstory enhance her appeal, making her not just a powerful champion on the Rift, but also a beloved figure within the League of Legends universe.

Ahri's combination of gameplay utility, engaging mechanics, and charismatic presence secures her position as the most popular champion in League of Legends, offering players a dynamic and rewarding experience that keeps them coming back for more.


In wrapping up our exploration of the top 10 most-played champions in League of Legends' ranked matches, it's evident that the game's enduring appeal lies in its rich diversity of characters and the myriad of strategies they enable. From the supportive prowess of Senna to the elusive agility of Ahri, these champions not only capture the essence of what makes League of Legends a constantly evolving battlefield but also highlight the community's shifting preferences and meta trends. As players navigate their way through the ranks, these champions stand as beacons of mastery, versatility, and ultimately, the personal expression within the game's competitive landscape. This blog serves not just as a ranking but as a celebration of the characters that have shaped countless battles and stories on the Rift, reminding us of the depth and dynamism that keeps League of Legends at the forefront of the esports world.

Posted On: March 5th, 2024

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