Teamfight Tactics: How to get Star Shards
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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics: How to get Star Shards

Star Shards are a coveted currency in Teamfight Tactics, crucial not for gameplay tactics but for customizing the appearance of your Little Legends with various skins and enhancements. Today, we're diving deep into how you can obtain Star Shards, detailing their primary uses and the main methods available for acquiring them.

We'll explore everything from what Star Shards can do for your Little Legends to how you can effectively collect this currency. Plus, we’ll provide insights into the best ways to utilize these shards for maximizing your in-game aesthetics.

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What do Star Shards do?

Star Shards in Teamfight Tactics are a premium currency used exclusively for aesthetic enhancements, enabling players to customize their Little Legends with unique skins, special effects, animations, and distinct sound effects. These cosmetic upgrades do not impact gameplay but allow players to distinguish themselves on the battlefield with visually striking and personalized characters.

While acquiring Star Shards typically involves a purchase, players can also earn them through non-purchasable means such as progressing through the game's battle pass. This method provides a cost-free way to collect Star Shards, although it requires dedication and gameplay effort to unlock the rewards.

How to get Star Shards

To acquire Star Shards in Teamfight Tactics, players have two ways:

Purchasing Star Shards Directly:

To buy Star Shards directly, follow these steps:

1. Launch Teamfight Tactics and navigate to the TFT tab within the game client.

2. Look for your current Star Shard balance at the top right of the screen and click the '+' sign next to it.

3. A menu will appear displaying various purchasing options for Star Shards. Select the desired amount you wish to purchase.

4. If sufficient Riot Points (RP) are available in your account, the transaction will proceed, and the Star Shards will be added to your balance. If not, you will be prompted to purchase additional RP.

Earning Through the Battle Pass:

Alternatively, you can earn Star Shards by advancing through the Battle Pass in Teamfight Tactics:

1. Open Teamfight Tactics and access the TFT tab.

2. Locate and select the option to view or purchase the Battle Pass.

3. Once you have the Battle Pass, progress through its levels by playing games and completing challenges.

4. Star Shards are distributed at specific intervals within the Battle Pass, alongside other rewards like cosmetic items for your Little Legends.

Choosing the Battle Pass method not only yields Star Shards but also provides a variety of other rewards that enhance your collection of cosmetics, offering more value as you engage with the game.

How to upgrade your Little Legends using Star Shards

Once you've gathered enough Star Shards, upgrading your Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics is straightforward. Here’s how to enhance your companion:

1. Access the TFT Lobby: Start by launching the game and navigating to the Teamfight Tactics lobby.

2. Enter Your Inventory: Find the inventory section within the interface.

3. Select Your Little Legend: Browse through your collection and choose the Little Legend you wish to upgrade.

4. Upgrade: Click on the selected Little Legend and use your Star Shards to upgrade it to the next tier.

Keep in mind that each upgrade level will require a specific number of Star Shards, so make sure you have accumulated enough to achieve your desired level. Opting for the Battle Pass route can provide additional rewards and cosmetics alongside Star Shards, enriching your overall game experience, though it may require more time compared to direct purchases.


Is it possible to obtain Star Shards without purchasing them?

Star Shards are considered a premium currency in Teamfight Tactics, primarily obtained through purchase. As such, there isn't a direct way to earn Star Shards without spending real money. However, players can indirectly acquire Star Shards by purchasing and leveling up the Battle Pass, which includes them among its rewards.

Are Star Shards a good investment in Teamfight Tactics?

Whether Star Shards are a good investment in Teamfight Tactics depends largely on what you value in the game. Star Shards are used exclusively for cosmetic upgrades, particularly for enhancing your Little Legends. These enhancements do not affect gameplay or provide any competitive advantage; they're purely aesthetic.

If you're someone who enjoys personalizing your game experience and taking pride in how your characters look on the battlefield, then investing in Star Shards can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game. For players who value self-expression and the social aspects of gaming, these cosmetic items can make the game feel more engaging and personalized.

However, if your focus is solely on gameplay and strategy, without much care for cosmetic elements, then Star Shards may not represent a worthwhile investment for you. In this case, your money might be better spent elsewhere, perhaps saving for new games or investing in equipment that enhances your overall gaming experience.


Acquiring and using Star Shards in Teamfight Tactics offers players a unique way to enhance their gaming experience through cosmetic upgrades. While these upgrades don't impact gameplay, they allow for a deeper personalization of your Little Legends, making each match visually appealing and enjoyable. Whether you choose to purchase Star Shards directly or earn them through the Battle Pass, the decision should align with your interests in cosmetic customization and how much you value these aesthetic enhancements in your gaming experience. Remember, while Star Shards can add fun and flair to your matches, they're a premium investment focused purely on the cosmetic side of the game.

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