How to Check your MMR in League of Legends - 1v9 MMR Checker
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How to Check your MMR in League of Legends - 1v9 MMR Checker


Matchmaking Rating (MMR) stands as a pivotal element in League of Legends (LoL), wielding considerable influence in gauging players' skill levels. Functioning as a concealed rating system, MMR operates surreptitiously, consistently assessing and adjusting each player's standing based on their performance in matches.
This system calculates a player's skill level by considering factors such as individual performance, win-loss ratio, and the proficiency of opponents faced. Enhanced personal performances, a superior win-loss ratio, and victories against seasoned adversaries contribute to an elevation in a player's MMR, whereas subpar performances and losses to less skilled opponents lead to a decrease in this crucial rating.


Let's look at the various ways to determine your MMR in League of Legends.

Use 1v9.GG MMR checker

Our MMR Checker is an excelent choice and accurate to check your average MMR. It checks that last 10 matches you have played in the given game mode. It then checks if you are playing against people above your rank or below your rank. The advice is based on the average rank of the players of the last 10 games you have played.

Other websites like and can provide accurate, detailed analysis of your gaming history and offer additional features like win rates, champion statistics, and tier leaderboards.

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LP Profit and Loss Analysis

Pay attention to the LP (League Points) gains and losses after each ranked match. If you gain more LP than you lose, it means your MMR is higher than your current rank. Conversely, if you lose more LP than you gain, it means your MMR is lower than your current rank.

Rank Comparison in Matches

Examine the ranks of players in your matches. If you consistently find yourself alongside players of a higher rank, it indicates that your MMR surpasses your current rank. Conversely, if you frequently encounter lower-ranked players, it suggests that your MMR is beneath your current rank.

Refer to the illustration above, where certain Silver-level players are participating in a lobby alongside Gold and Platinum players. In this scenario, either the Silver players boast an MMR exceeding their rank, or the Gold and Platinum players possess an MMR below their respective ranks.

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6 Proven Strategies to Boost Your League of Legends Ranked MMR

For those deeply immersed in the world of League of Legends, the significance of your Ranked MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is undeniable. It can either pave the way for a smooth gaming experience or throw you into the tumultuous waters of uncooperative teammates or formidable opponents. Fret not, as we've compiled five potent strategies to boost your MMR, ensuring an elevated gaming journey and heightened enjoyment.

1. Dodging Unwinnable Games

Although frowned upon, strategically dodging games can be a savior for your precious MMR. When faced with a lobby featuring trolling teammates or an imminent unwinnable scenario, consider the judicious use of dodging. While it may cost you some LP (League Points), the silver lining is that your MMR remains unscathed. This tactic safeguards your MMR and sets the stage for a more favorable future gaming experience.

2. Duoing with High MMR players

If you find yourself in Platinum IV but consistently facing off against Gold players, it's a telltale sign of a subpar MMR. Engaging in Duo Queue with a partner boasting a superior MMR to yours serves to elevate the average MMR for your team. This adjustment not only results in more LP gains when you secure victories but also mitigates LP losses when faced with defeats. Opting for a Duo partner with a stronger MMR becomes a strategic move to improve your overall ranked experience.

3.Build a high winning streak

Fostering a winning streak stands as a crucial step to uplift your MMR. The more consecutive victories you achieve, the higher the likelihood of MMR improvement. It's advisable to continue playing on days when everything is going well and victories are stacking up. However, if losses start to outnumber wins, it's wise to call it a day. Maintain a winning mentality, persisting even when faced with feeding teammates. Consistently choosing your optimal roles and champions ensures peak performance, contributing to the continuous improvement of your MMR.

4. Buying a Smurf account

For individuals yearning for a significant transformation, establishing a smurf account represents the most extreme choice. Resetting your in-game journey provides an opportunity for a renewed MMR experience. Although it entails amassing champions and reaching level 30 once more, buying a LoL Smurf account will save you time for it. 

5. Invest in Coaching Services

For those aiming to enhance their MMR and secure more consistent victories, exploring platforms offering coaching and boosting services is a viable option. Engaging with such services can elevate your skills and simplify the gaming experience, as seasoned experts guide you in rectifying mistakes and identifying the pitfalls leading to losses. Opting for professional assistance ensures a more nuanced understanding of the game and facilitates continuous improvement in your gameplay.

6. Draw inspiration from the Pro-Players

Observing skilled players engage in the game at an elevated level provides valuable insights that can be directly applied to your own matches. Numerous League of Legends streamers, including Jankos, TFBlade, and Faker, showcase their expertise. Cultivate a genuine desire for learning and advancement while immersing yourself in these streams, as the wealth of knowledge and experience you can glean is truly remarkable. The act of watching unfolds as a powerful tool for acquiring expertise and refining your gameplay.

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The Importance of Ranked MMR

Ranked MMR often slips under the radar for newer players, yet it acts as the hidden key to unlocking higher ranks. Your MMR shapes your in-game journey, determining the caliber of opponents you're pitted against. If progress beyond your current division is your aim, enhancing your MMR is an indispensable step.


What is Queue Dodging, and does it impact my MMR?

Queue dodging occurs when you exit a game before it commences. While it doesn't diminish your MMR, you will lose LP, widening the disparity between your rank and MMR. Consistent dodging also results in additional matchmaking penalties.

Do Normal Games and ARAM have MMR?

Certainly, aside from your ranked MMR, there exists MMR for normal games and ARAM. Normal MMR is influenced by your performance in regular matches, while ARAM MMR is shaped by your gameplay in the All-Random All-Mid game mode.

What constitutes a commendable MMR?

The spectrum of MMRs in League of Legends exhibits considerable diversity. Generally, an MMR is deemed high if it surpasses 2000, average if hovering around 1500, and low if falling below 1000.

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