Top 10 Best Valorant Teams Of All Time in 2024


Top 10 Best Valorant Teams Of All Time in 2024

Since Valorant’s launch, hundreds of professional players have aspired to dominate the competitive scene, though only a select few teams have truly risen to the top. As of 2024, ten teams have distinguished themselves as the elite powerhouses of Valorant esports.

These top teams include Sentinels, Fnatic, G2 Esports, Vision Strikers, Team SoloMid (TSM), NUTURN Gaming, Acend, Oxygen Esports, and Sharks Esports. Each has consistently demonstrated skill, strategy, and prowess, securing their spots as the leading forces in Valorant competitions.

In this blog, we’ll count down the ten best Valorant teams of 2024, exploring what makes each team unique and highlighting their journey to becoming the best in the world, culminating with the premier Valorant team of the year. Join us as we analyze the success stories and standout moments from these top-tier teams.

#10: Sharks Esports

Securing the tenth spot is Sharks Esports from Brazil, a relatively new entrant to the Valorant professional scene that has quickly made waves with its aggressive and unpredictable playstyle. This team excels at catching their opponents off-guard, leveraging a fast-paced approach that often leads to chaos from which they can capitalize.

Sharks Esports’ knack for unsettling well-established teams and consistently delivering strong performances has earned them a place among the top 10 Valorant teams of 2024. Their dynamic strategy and the ability to turn games around have not only made them fan favorites but also a formidable force on the global stage.

#9: Acend

Ranked ninth, Acend is a formidable force emerging from Europe, distinguished by its youthful yet exceptionally talented roster. Despite their relative newness and youth, they have proven their mettle by consistently competing against and overcoming some of the most seasoned teams in the Valorant arena.

At the forefront of Acend’s success is their standout player, Mehmet Yagiz “cNed” İpek, whose individual skills and mechanical mastery are central to the team’s strategy. Acend’s approach to the game combines innovative tactics with an impressive ability to adapt swiftly to changing metas, positioning them as a strong contender in the international Valorant scene.

#8: Oxygen Esports

Landing at number eight, Oxygen Esports has carved out a solid reputation in the Valorant competitive landscape through their demonstrated skill and adaptability. Renowned for their tactical prowess and exceptional teamwork, they excel in controlling the map and executing strategies that have repeatedly proven effective against some of the top contenders in the scene.

The team’s capability to adjust to varying playstyles and maintain consistent, high-level performances has rightfully secured Oxygen Esports a place among the elite teams of 2024. Their strategic depth and collective coordination continue to set them apart in the competitive arena.

#7: NUTURN Gaming

Ranking seventh, NUTURN Gaming is a standout South Korean team that continues to captivate the Valorant esports community. Renowned for their aggressive tactics and exceptional mechanical skills, the players of NUTURN Gaming excel in individual duels, often outmaneuvering their competitors with superior gameplay.

When observing NUTURN Gaming in major competitions, one can’t help but notice their ability to dominate opponents with precise aiming and assertive strategies. Their prowess in dictating the tempo of the game and leveraging their individual strengths effectively has distinguished them as one of the most formidable teams in 2024, marking them as a significant force in the international Valorant scene.

#6: Team SoloMid (TSM)

Ranking sixth, Team SoloMid (TSM) is a powerhouse in the North American Valorant scene, notable not just for their legacy in esports but also for their current prowess. While they may not be in the top three, their position speaks volumes about the depth of talent in today’s competitive landscape.

TSM brings a blend of rich experience and individual brilliance to each match, characterized by their players’ ability to influence outcomes significantly and their robust team dynamics. Their strategic adaptability and consistent high-level performances continue to affirm their status as a premier team, underscoring their enduring strength in the evolving world of Valorant esports.

#5: G2 Esports

Positioned at number five, G2 Esports has established itself as a formidable force not only in Valorant but across various esports disciplines. Renowned for their creative strategies and assertive gameplay, G2 has regularly taken on and triumphed over some of the top teams in the competitive arena.

Under the strategic guidance of their seasoned in-game leader, Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho, G2 Esports fields a dynamic roster that excels at implementing intricate tactics and catching their opponents off-guard. Their flexibility in adapting to diverse playstyles and consistently delivering standout performances solidifies their reputation as a top-tier competitor in the Valorant scene.

#4: Vision Strikers

Vision Strakers, another South Korean powerhouse, takes a notable spot on this list and is particularly dominant in the Asian Valorant circuit. While they might not be as familiar to some of our Western audience, they are a force to be reckoned with in their region.

Known for their disciplined and systematic approach to the game, Vision Strikers excel through flawless strategic execution and pinpoint accuracy. Their cohesive team play and mastery at dictating the tempo of matches have propelled them to numerous tournament wins. Their tactical prowess and consistent success firmly anchor them as one of the top Valorant teams globally, deserving of their prestigious ranking.

#3: Team Liquid

Securing the third spot on our list, Team Liquid has distinguished itself in the Valorant arena through exemplary teamwork and strategic prowess. Known for their synchronized plays and mastery over map control, they continue to achieve impressive outcomes in competitions.

Boasting a lineup filled with talent, including standout player Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, Team Liquid excels in both individual engagements and team-oriented strategies. Their blend of individual skill and cohesive gameplay ensures they remain a dominant force in the competitive scene, consistently performing at the highest levels.

#2: Fnatic

Fnatic secures the second spot on our list as a powerhouse in the Valorant esports scene, known for their robust combination of seasoned veterans and emerging talent. This team has proven its adaptability and tactical diversity, making them a perennial threat in competitions.

Their strategic depth, paired with outstanding individual performances, enables them to consistently outplay opponents and clinch crucial wins. Fnatic’s ability to maintain high tournament standings and excel under pressure cements their status as a premier team in 2024, consistently demonstrating why they are among the elite in Valorant esports.

#1: Sentinels

Did anyone doubt who would claim the top spot? Sentinels reign supreme in the Valorant competitive scene, known for their unmatched teamwork and exceptional individual skills. With no signs of slowing down, they continue to set the standard for excellence.

Guided by their standout player, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, Sentinels have consistently demonstrated incredible mechanical skill and deep strategic insight. Their precise coordination in launching attacks and executing retakes has solidified their reputation as a formidable opponent. Any team facing Sentinels on the big stage knows they’re up against the best, making them the undisputed leaders in Valorant esports as of 2024.


The landscape of Valorant esports is rich with talent, but the ten teams we’ve highlighted here truly stand out for their exceptional skill, strategic prowess, and consistent performances. From Sentinels at the pinnacle to Sharks Esports marking the top ten, each team brings something unique to the table, showcasing the global appeal and competitive spirit of Valorant. These teams not only inspire fans but also set a high bar for excellence, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in esports. As Valorant continues to evolve, these top teams are sure to keep leading the charge, defining the meta, and thrilling spectators with their high-octane gameplay. Whether you’re a die-hard esports fan or a newcomer to the scene, watching these teams in action is a masterclass in teamwork, strategy, and individual skill.

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