Top 10 Best Marshal Skins in Valorant


Top 10 Best Marshal Skins in Valorant

The Marshal is a versatile sniper rifle in Valorant, perfect for economically constrained rounds. With its capability for a one-shot headshot kill and a powerful 101-damage body shot, the Marshal is both deadly and cost-effective. Enhancing your Marshal with a distinctive skin can elevate not just your weapon's appearance but also your confidence on the battlefield.

This guide showcases the top 10 Marshal skins in Valorant, offering a variety of styles that cater to every aesthetic preference. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or elaborate and stylish, this list will help you find the perfect skin to complement your gameplay.

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#1: Artisan Marshal

The Artisan Marshal stands out as a top-tier skin for the rifle, featuring an intricate floral pattern that captivates at first glance. This skin was introduced in Valorant during Episode 03: Act 2 as part of the battle pass. Players who participated in the battle pass had the opportunity to unlock this elegant skin by progressing through the levels.

Available initially in a pristine white, the Artisan Marshal also offers additional color variations including red, green, and blue, allowing for personal customization. Unfortunately, since this skin was exclusive to a previous battle pass, it's no longer directly obtainable, making it a rare and valued item among collectors and players alike.

#2: Ruin Marshal

The Ruin Marshal is a standout skin that originates from the esteemed Ruin collection, which is best known for the Ruin Dagger—a favorite among melee weapon enthusiasts in Valorant. This skin debuted during Episode 01: Act 3, alongside other items in the Ruin set.

Distinctly different from many other skins, the Ruin Marshal is presented in only one variant, which combines a sleek black base with elegant gold accents. This classic color scheme lends the skin a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, making it highly sought after despite its lack of customization options.

#3: Crimsonbeast Marshal