League of Legends: Top 6 Easiest Top Laners Champions
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League of Legends: Top 6 Easiest Top Laners Champions

Starting a new role in League of Legends can be a challenging endeavor, especially when navigating the complexities of Top Lane. To ease this transition, it's advantageous to begin with simpler champions. This approach allows you to concentrate more on understanding the role itself rather than grappling with difficult champion mechanics.

In this guide from Mobalytics, we'll explore six of the easiest champions to play in the Top Lane, providing a solid starting point for newcomers. Keep in mind, this list is subjective—some champions might seem easier to you than others, and there are undoubtedly other simple champions not featured on this list.

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#1: Garen

Garen stands as one of the most straightforward champions in League of Legends, making him an ideal choice for those new to the Top Lane. He is characterized by the absence of skill shots, enhancing his accessibility for beginners. Garen's unique passive grants him significant sustain, allowing him to stay in lane longer and endure tough matchups.

His Q ability boosts his speed, enabling quick engagements or retreats, which is critical for mastering the timing and dynamics of Top Lane confrontations. Garen’s ultimate is a formidable tool that can decisively finish off weakened foes, providing the potential for early kills that can lead to a snowballing advantage.

Additionally, Garen's versatility in itemization is a significant advantage. Depending on the state of the game—whether leading or trailing—Garen can adapt his build to either capitalize on his strength or bolster his defenses by opting for a tankier route. This flexibility allows players to learn the importance of adaptive gameplay based on in-game circumstances, making Garen not just simple to play, but also deeply educational for understanding broader game mechanics.

#2: Dr Mundo

Dr. Mundo is another excellent choice for beginners venturing into the top lane, particularly because he fits into the tank archetype, which is generally easier to manage than fighters or bruisers. His kit offers significant forgiveness thanks to his high sustain, paralleling champions like Garen. This sustain allows him to remain viable in lane even under tough conditions, as he can safely farm from a distance using his Q, which is his only skill shot.

During trades, Dr. Mundo's damage output is surprisingly high for a tank, especially once he starts building components for Sunfire Cape, a common item that enhances both his durability and his area-of-effect damage. This makes him formidable in trades during the laning phase.

In the late game, Dr. Mundo's value continues to climb as he becomes extremely tanky, capable of absorbing a great deal of damage and thus protecting his teammates in team fights. The key to maximizing Dr. Mundo's effectiveness is to adapt his build to counter the enemy team’s composition. By choosing the right items, you can ensure that Dr. Mundo remains a robust and impactful presence throughout the game, making him a steadfast ally and a daunting foe.

#3: Nasus

Nasus is considered one of the more straightforward champions in League of Legends, though he presents a unique challenge compared to others on this list. Mastering Nasus involves more than just excelling in late-game scenarios; it requires a keen focus on early-game survival, effective trading, and crucially, accumulating stacks with his Q, Siphoning Strike, during the laning phase.

For Nasus, wave management is an essential skill. Proper control of minion waves is critical because it affects his ability to safely farm and gather Q stacks. Without good wave management, Nasus players may find themselves vulnerable to ganks or forced to farm in unsafe positions, which can severely hinder their ability to become powerful as the game progresses.

If mastering these elements sounds daunting, consider enhancing your skills with additional resources such as a wave management guide. Understanding and applying these principles can significantly improve your gameplay as Nasus, helping you to transform into the formidable late-game force he is known to be.

#4: Maokai

Maokai claims the fourth spot on our list as a formidable choice for newcomers to the top lane. Known for his strength in the current meta, Maokai truly shines in the mid to late game, once he has had some time to scale. His versatility also stands out, allowing him to be effectively played in the support role, making him a great pick for players who enjoy flexibility in their champion pool.

Maokai's effectiveness largely stems from his strong engage and crowd control abilities. His Twisted Advance (W) and his ultimate provide excellent pick potential, enabling him to initiate fights by catching out-of-position enemies or anchoring team fights. His ability to roam and create flanking opportunities can significantly impact the game's outcome.

In team fights, Maokai excels at absorbing damage thanks to his item builds and his passive, which restores health, making him a durable front-liner. This resilience, combined with his crowd control capabilities, makes him an invaluable asset in prolonged engagements and a reliable guardian for his teammates.

#5: Malphite

Malphite is a standout choice for beginners in the top lane, primarily due to his straightforward kit and impactful playstyle. His simplicity makes him not only easy to pick up but also incredibly effective in a variety of team compositions, making him a solid pick for those new to the role.

One of the main reasons Malphite is recommended for beginners is his Q, Seismic Shard, which allows for easy harassment and kiting of opponents in lane. This ability not only deals damage but also steals speed from the target, providing both offensive and defensive benefits. Furthermore, Malphite's passive, Granite Shield, gives him a layer of rock as a shield that absorbs damage based on his maximum health. This feature significantly boosts his survivability, especially in the early game, allowing beginners more leeway to learn without being heavily penalized for minor positioning mistakes.

Malphite's ultimate, Unstoppable Force, is perhaps the most compelling reason to play him. This powerful area-of-effect (AOE) ability can initiate team fights, disrupt the enemy formation, and set up combo opportunities for his team. The simplicity and high impact of his ultimate make it easy for beginners to understand and execute effective team fight strategies.

Overall, Malphite's ability to be effective with a simple gameplay loop—poke with Q, shield with passive, and engage with ultimate—makes him an excellent choice for those just starting out in the top lane. His robustness, coupled with the ability to dramatically influence team fights, provides a rewarding learning experience for new players.

#6: Tryndamere

Rounding out our list is Tryndamere, a standout among the predominantly tank-oriented champions featured here due to his aggressive, carry-oriented playstyle. Tryndamere's kit is straightforward, making him a great choice for players looking to engage in frequent combat—a common preference in lower ranks where learning through action is key.

Tryndamere thrives on aggression. His gameplay encourages taking advantage of the enemy's missteps, allowing for all-in attacks when an opponent overextends or positions poorly. This makes him particularly suited to players who enjoy an assertive approach to the top lane.

In situations where engagements might not go as planned, Tryndamere has a reliable escape mechanism with his Spinning Slash (E), which can also be used to chase down fleeing enemies. His Bloodlust ability (Q) not only increases his damage output but also provides a critical heal, helping him recover quickly from trades and sustain in lane.

When Tryndamere reaches level 6 and gains access to his ultimate, Undying Rage, his survivability in fights dramatically increases. This ability prevents him from dying for a few seconds, giving him enough time to secure kills or safely retreat from dangerous situations. This unique survival tool, combined with his high damage potential, makes Tryndamere a formidable champion for beginners eager to make an immediate impact in their games.


venturing into the top lane as a beginner in League of Legends can be a more approachable and rewarding experience when starting with the right champions. This guide highlights six of the easiest champions for newcomers, each offering a blend of simplicity, survivability, and impactful gameplay. From the tanky resilience of champions like Maokai and Malphite to the aggressive playstyle of Tryndamere, these selections cater to a variety of learning preferences and play styles. By choosing these champions, new players can focus on mastering the fundamentals of the top lane role without the added complexity of intricate champion mechanics. This solid foundation will not only enhance their current gameplay but also prepare them for more advanced tactics and champions in the future.

Posted On: April 12th, 2024

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