League of Legends: Top 6 Easiest Junglers Champions
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League of Legends: Top 6 Easiest Junglers Champions

Starting to play in the Jungle role in League of Legends? Picking an easy champion can really help. Here’s a guide from 1v9 that lists 5 simple champions to use in the jungle. These champs are great for beginners because they're not too complicated. This way, you can focus on learning how to be a good jungler instead of getting stuck on tricky skills.

Some junglers in the game are harder to play than others. Choosing one of these easier champions can help you get better at the jungle role and start climbing the ranks!

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#1: Amumu

Amumu stands out as an ideal choice for those venturing into the jungle role, thanks to his straightforward and effective kit. His arsenal includes area-of-effect (AOE) abilities that facilitate rapid jungle clears, enhancing his efficiency in traversing the jungle. A standout feature of Amumu's toolkit is his dual Q abilities, granting players not one, but two opportunities to ensnare opponents with his bandage toss.

Moreover, Amumu's ultimate ability is a game-changer in team fights. Its wide-reaching impact can immobilize multiple adversaries, setting the stage for decisive victories. The flexibility of his Q also means engaging doesn't solely rely on direct champion hits; it serves as a tool for closing distances, allowing Amumu to then unleash his ultimate for maximum effect. This combination of crowd control and mobility solidifies Amumu as a top-tier jungler, especially for those learning the ropes of jungle gameplay.

#2: Master Yi

Master Yi emerges as a formidable force in lower ELO brackets, boasting a kit that's both powerful and accessible to newcomers. The absence of skill shots in his repertoire simplifies his playstyle, focusing the player's learning curve primarily on mastering the timing of his Q ability. This ability, Alpha Strike, not only deals damage but also offers a unique mechanic for evading incoming attacks and skill shots when timed perfectly.

The challenge, and art, of playing Master Yi lies in the strategic use of Alpha Strike to avoid damage, a skill that distinguishes seasoned Yi players. Beyond his technical aspects, Master Yi's potential to rapidly gain momentum with just a handful of early kills positions him as a prime candidate for carrying games in solo queue. His capacity to snowball into an unstoppable force makes him a highly sought-after choice for players aiming to climb the ranks with sheer offensive power.

#3: Rammus

Rammus secures his place as a quintessential tank in the jungle, renowned for his straightforward, point-and-click abilities. His ultimate ability stands out as his sole skill shot, yet it boasts a substantial area of effect, making it fairly simple to execute effectively. This makes Rammus an exceptionally valuable asset against teams heavy on AD compositions, as he thrives on stacking armor, bypassing the need for diversified defensive builds.

Dubbed the League's version of Sonic the Hedgehog for his swift ganking style, Rammus excels in initiating ganks. By activating his Q, he swiftly rolls into action, skillfully maneuvering around minions to collide with his target, followed by a taunt to secure the engagement. Furthermore, his ultimate grants him the ability to leap over minion obstacles, ensuring he can reliably reach his intended target. This combination of mobility and crowd control capabilities solidifies Rammus as an easy-to-learn yet impactful jungle pick, particularly effective in countering attack damage-centric teams.

#4: Warwick

Warwick shares a common trait with other champions like Master Yi, highlighted by their ability to rapidly gain momentum and dominate the game through early kills. His capability for a robust jungle clear is largely attributed to his Q, ensuring he remains healthy throughout his jungle route. Moreover, Warwick's typical itemization strategy focuses on enhancing his durability in skirmishes and team fights, significantly boosting his survivability on the battlefield.

Warwick's ultimate serves as an exceptional tool for securing picks, with its ability to nearly assure kills on targeted enemies. Executing successful ganks with Warwick involves simply approaching a lane and deploying his ultimate on an unsuspecting opponent. This straightforward yet effective technique positions Warwick as a formidable jungler, capable of turning the tides of the game with well-timed interventions and sustained presence in fights.

#5: Sejuani

Sejuani takes the fifth spot as an excellent choice for those new to the Jungle role. Her durability and strong survival skills make her a forgiving pick for beginners. She boasts straightforward and efficient jungle clears, allowing you to pick up the basics of jungling with ease.

After reaching level 6, Sejuani's ultimate becomes a game-changer. It's not only impactful but also user-friendly, making it a crucial asset in tipping the scales of a match. Remember, your ultimate is a key playmaking tool; use it to support your teammates with ganks, securing those valuable kills.

#6: Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump secure the top spot on our list as an outstanding champion duo for beginners venturing into the jungle. Their kit is tailor-made for newcomers, emphasizing straightforward gameplay without compromising impact. One of the duo's greatest strengths lies in their exceptional ability to secure objectives, such as dragons and barons, thanks to Nunu's Q, Consume, which deals significant damage to monsters.

Moreover, their snowball ability, the W, offers both a fun and effective way to gank lanes, rolling across the map to surprise opponents. This not only introduces beginners to the importance of ganking but does so in a forgiving and engaging manner.

Nunu & Willump's resilience in the jungle ensures that beginners can focus more on learning the ropes of the game rather than worrying about survival. This combination of secure objective control, effective ganking, and high survivability makes Nunu & Willump an ideal choice for those looking to get a solid start in the jungle role.


diving into the jungle role in League of Legends doesn’t have to be daunting, especially with champions like Amumu, Master Yi, Rammus, Warwick and Nunu & Willump at your disposal. Each of these champions offers a unique entry point into the complexities of jungling, from Amumu’s crowd-control capabilities to Master Yi’s snowballing prowess, Rammus's armor stacking against AD-heavy teams, and Warwick's sustainable clear and lethal ganks. These champions are not only forgiving for newcomers but also hold the potential to significantly impact the game through their ability to control the map, secure kills, and influence team fights. Whether you’re new to jungling or looking to master the basics, starting with these champions can provide a solid foundation on which to build your jungling skills and game strategy.

Posted On: April 11th, 2024

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